Apollo Ghost Review: Is Really worth the hype?

Apollo Ghost Review

We drove the Apollo ghost for more than 130 miles and put it through various tests to benchmark its performance. These tests tell us how good this scooter is. Can this be your next electric scooter? Find out in this detailed hands-on review.

Apollo scooters had a fantastic year in 2020, which was made tremendous, but the anticipated release of its new dual motor electric scooter- the Apollo Ghost.

Apollo scooters have been pushing the electric scooter industry forward in a better direction with their incredible 24-month warranty.

Things look great on paper with the Apollo ghost but let’s see if the scooter meets its expectations in the real world when we put it through our rigorous testing.

What we tested:

  1. Real-world top speed (and performance drop vs. battery level)
  2. Real-world range (at 3 different average speeds)
  3. In-depth acceleration tests (0-15 MPH, 0-20 MPH, 0-25 MPH, 0-30 MPH)
  4. Braking tests

We’ll be comparing the scooter with some of the top-tier names in the scooter industry like the Zero 10X and, more recently, the Kaabo Mantis 8 Pro. Let’s begin!

Not much of a reader? Watch this in-depth video review instead.

Speed, Acceleration & Motors

The Apollo Ghost comes with dual batteries, and scooters with dual motors are often well-known for their blazingly fast speeds, thrilling acceleration, and impressive build quality. The scooter’s BLDC motors are rated 52V 800W.

The Ghost can provide you with a max speed of 34MPH but let’s see how it holds up in our tests.

1. Top Speed Test

We first charged the Apollo Ghost to the maximum and put it in maximum speed settings for optimized performance.

We were surprised that the scooter reached a top speed of 36.3 MPH, which is even greater than what they advertised. Moreover, it beats the $200 more expensive Zero 10X and the $500 more expensive Kaabo Mantis Pro 8.

This undoubtedly makes it the fastest scooter I’ve tested under $2000.

2. Performance Drop-Off Test

Performance is bound to decrease as the battery level on any electric scooter decreases. To showcase the Ghost’s drop in performance, we tested it at various top speeds.

The performance only exhibits minor drops until the battery level exceeds the 20% mark. This is proof of the high-quality Dynavolt cells being used in this scooter, allowing it to perform like this.

Unlike other scooters that show decreased performance levels as soon as the battery level reaches below 40%, the Ghost continues to give its best until the battery runs low.

3. Acceleration Tests

The acceleration tests on the Apollo Ghost completely blew up my expectations. The visual representation below shows the acceleration curve of the scooter from 0 to 30 MPH.

Following is a closer look at the actual data from 0-15 MPH and 0-30 MPH.

   Run (#)Time (s) from 0-15 MPH (0-24 KMH)

We averaged 0-15 MPH in the fastest speed mode in just 2.82 seconds over seven separate runs. The fastest run was 2.66 seconds.

   Run (#)Time (s) from 0-30 MPH (0-48.3 KMH)

  We averaged 0-30 MPH in the fastest speed mode in just 9.22 seconds over five separate runs. The fastest run was 8.8 seconds.

4. Hill Climb Test

I put the Apollo Ghost on hills with various steep inclines to determine its hill climb ability. This scooter has impressed me here too. As officially stated by Apollo, the max incline is 25 degrees, and this claim aligns with my findings in the tests.

I tried almost all the steepest hills in my area (up to 20 degrees), and they were a piece of cake for this beast. It comfortably conquers any hill that comes in its way and, surprisingly, performs better than multiple higher-price models thanks to its powerful initial acceleration.

Battery & Range

Battery & Range

The scooter offers high-quality dual motors, so the battery can quickly drain. This makes it imperative that the battery has a larger capacity if you want some serious range with your powerful ride.

The Apollo ghost comes with a 52V 18.2Ah battery pack fitted with Dynavolt cells, as seen in almost all the scooters in the Apollo lineup. This gives the scooter an adequate battery capacity of 946 Watthours.

Comparing the Apollo Ghost with its closest dual motor competitors, it outperforms them by a solid margin when we compare how much battery capacity you get for your money.

1. Range Test

One of the most important aspects is how efficiently the scooter consumes that battery and what range it offers. I tested the scooter battery dry from a full charge three times at various speeds to see how exactly it performs and what you can expect from it.

Run (#)Avg Speed (mph)Avg Speed (kph)Range (miles)Range (km)
   Speed Priority27.6 mph44.4 kph20.3 miles32.7 km
  Regular Speed21.1 mph34 kph27.3 miles43.9 km
  Range Priority14.6 mph23.5 kph32.2 miles51.8 km

When I rode the scooter aggressively, I could squeeze out a range of 20.3 miles. When I drove it in at a more controlled average speed of 21.1 MPH (which I’d consider the most accurate real-world reading), I got 27.3 miles of range. Lastly, I rode it conservatively, which yielded an impressive 32.2 miles of range.

2. Range vs. Price

When we put the tested range (run#2) up against the two competitors, we realized that the Apollo Ghost offers the most real-world range for your money amongst all three.

The scooter’s range isn’t why it has gained popularity. However, it still gives tough competition to its closely related competitors, which should be appreciated since it isn’t as pricey as the others.

The value for money this scooter offers is hands-down some of the best you’ll have at this price.


Apollo Ghost Portability

One drawback of buying a dual-motor electric scooter is that it is less portable. But obviously, it can’t be perfect. Every decision comes with its pros and cons.

According to Apollo, the scooter weighs 64 pounds, so it can’t be called light, but when you compare it to other dual-motor scooters in the market, it sits at the lower end of the weight spectrum. Here’s how it stands up against its competitor, dual motor scooters.

The scooter can be easily folded and carried in a trunk as it folds at the stem and handlebars. The foldable design is excellent as it doesn’t wobble. However, since so many components are fitted into the handlebars, they cannot be fully folded.

Still, this is an excellent mechanism as it efficiently eliminates loosening due to vibrations and wobbles, which can be commonly seen on the other models in the market.

When buying a dual-motor electric scooter, you shouldn’t buy it because of its portability, but it is still impressive how Ghost fits into a nice size considering its users’ power.

Ride Quality & Suspension

If you want a faster ride, your scooter should have a good suspension that helps shock absorption as you cruise along smoothly at higher speeds.

Poor road conditions make riding hard and uncomfortable; therefore, it is integral that your scooter can absorb these vibrations.

The Apollo ghost, like other scooters, uses pneumatic tires and springs to mitigate shocks and gives a smooth riding experience.

1. Tires

Apollo Ghost Tires

Apollo ghost comes wit1h 10-inch pneumatic rubber tires that significantly improve ride quality. The tires are sizable enough to absorb all the vibrations that come their way.

A remarkable feature is the bonus rims that come with the tires. These allow you to change inner tubes without worry if you ever get a flat tire.

2. Spring Suspension

Tires alone are insufficient to absorb shocks; hence spring suspension helps here. The thick front and rear springs further dampen the ride. These springs are adjustable; hence, you can adjust them according to your size and preference.

Build Quality & Safety

The higher a scooter’s speed, the better it needs to have build quality. Scooter needs greater power and goes through more strain, requiring them to have a build quality that can alleviate that.

1. Mechanical Disc Brakes

Talking about the safety of the Apollo ghost, it comes with two mechanical disc brakes that are very effective. These brakes make the ride safer by decreasing tire slipping.

Some people may find the brakes very responsive and abrupt, but these are needed if you want to control a beast like this.

2. Dust & Waterproofing

The scooter has an IP rating of 54 which means it has been approved after riding in wet and slightly rainy conditions.

Final Thoughts – Who Should Buy the Apollo Ghost?

The Apollo Ghost as a whole is a beast of a device. It offers excellent value for money and outperforms its much pricey competitors. The dual motor drives it and gives it power that cannot be matched at this price range.

The Ghost will be a perfect pick for those searching for a beast that offers them high performance but doesn’t necessarily have the budget to afford a scooter that costs $2000 or more.

Daniel Scott

Daniel Scott

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