Apollo Phantom Review: Sleek And Powerful Commuter

Apollo Phantom Review

The Apollo phantom electric scooter is arguably one of the best and most hyped scooters on the market. I’ve used the scooter for about 4 months and driven it for around 500 miles. I put it through various tests during this period to benchmark its performance.

Apollo scooter has been a popular name in the industry for several years, but the Phantom is Apollo’s first independently designed scooter.

Apollo set out to create the best-in-class electric scooter in the world by launching the Phantom. Every detail matters, especially when the market is highly competitive and many choices are available for the users.

Using pro-grade GPS data logging gear, we’ve tested:

  1. Top speed
  2. Acceleration
  3. Hill climbing
  4. Range (3 tests at various speeds)
  5. Braking distance
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Apollo Phantom at a Glance

Before we dive right into the minute details of Phantom, let’s have a bird’s eye view of the specs first

Motor & Power: 2x1200W = 2400W (3200W Peak)
Battery Type:52V 23.4Ah Li-ion Dynavolt
Battery Capacity:1216.8 Wh
Weight: 77 lbs (35 kg)
Max Load:300 lbs (135 kg)
Tires:10 x 3.25 inches (pneumatic)
 Suspension:Quadruple springs
 Brakes:Dual discs and re-gen braking

Speed & Motor Performance

Apollo Phantom Motor

The Apollo phantom has a dual motor system that provides an output of 2400W. The max performance they provide is 3200 W, making it the best one in the Apollo lineup.

According to Apollo, the Phantom gives a top speed of 38MPH (61.2KM/H), and I was very excited to put this speed to the test and see if it is true.

1. Top Speed Tests

Weighing 77kgs, I got an impressive 41.5 MPH speed, the fastest top speed I’ve ever reached on an electric scooter.

Phantom takes the first place and beats all well-reputed names like Mantis 10 Pro, Inokim OXO, Zero 10X, and the Apollo Ghost.

The below table summarizes the results

ModelTop Speed (MPH)Top Speed (KMH)
Apollo Phantom41.566.79
Mantis 10 Pro37.560.35
Zero 10X (52V)36.057.94
Apollo Ghost36.358.42
Inokim OXO36.558.74

 2. Acceleration Tests

The acceleration of Apollo ghost I did earlier this year absolutely blew me away, and it set a record.

However, the two 25 amp controllers make the Phantom a beast, and the power delivery here is incredible. So incredible that it broke the previous record by a margin.

Model0-15 MPH0-20 MPH0-25 MPH30 MPH
Apollo Phantom2.62 s3.91 s5.80 s8.70 s
Mantis 10 Pro2.94 s4.05 s5.85 s8.70 s
Zero 10X (52V)3.11 s4.32 s6.10 s9.83 s
Apollo Ghost2.82 s4.00 s5.92 s9.22 s
Inokim OXO3.63 s5.01 s6.92 s9.81 s

As far as acceleration is concerned, Apollo phantom gives tough competition to some of the best dual-motor scooters in the market.

3. Hill Climbing Tests

Like the ghost, Phantom advertises a max incline rate of 25 degrees.

I rode the Phantom at the steepest hill in my area, and it absolutely nailed the climb, even picking up more pace on the way.

The Phantom is truly a beast that knows no boundaries and demonstrates versatility at its best. It doesn’t matter how steeper the hill is; this scooter will demolish it.

Range & Battery Performance

Apollo Phantom Battery

The Apollo phantom has a massive 52V 23.4 Ah battery with an adequate capacity of 1216.8 watthours.

This puts the scooter in between the Zero 10X, Vsett 9+R, and the more expensive Inokim OXO, Kaabo Mantis 10 pro, in terms of capacity.

ModelBattery CapacityRetail Price$/Wh
Apollo Phantom (Mechanical)52V 23.4Ah = 1,216.8 Wh$1,994$1.64
Apollo Phantom (Hydraulic)52V 23.4Ah = 1,216.8 Wh$2,136$1.76
Zero 10X52V 18.2Ah = 946.4 Wh$1,699$1.80
VSett 9+R48V 21Ah = 1,008 Wh$1,749$1.74
Kaabo Mantis 10 Pro60V 24.5Ah = 1,470 Wh$2,184$1.49
Inokim OXO60V 26Ah = 1,560 Wh$2,469$1.58
*Retail Prices can vary according to market condition

The lithium-ion battery pack on the Apollo Phantom uses Dynavolt cells just like the other scooters Apollo makes. These cells offer the Phantom a competitive price without making any compromise on the performance it gives.

1. Range Tests

According to Apollo, the Phantom provides the user with a 40-mile range when driven consecutively, decreasing to 25 miles when the scooter is driven at full throttle.

I’ve run three range benchmarks at various speeds on the Apollo phantom with realistic conditions such as hills and traffic lights on the way, and the results are given below.

Test (#)Avg. Speed(in kph)Range(in km)
#1: Speed Priority27.1 MPH43.6 kph28.1 miles45.1 km
#2: Regular21.5 MPH34.6 kph34.5 miles55.6 km
#3: Range Priority15.8 MPH25.4 kph39.2 miles63.1 km
*Speed & Range can vary according to multiple factors including terrain etc.

 I rode the scooter as fast as possible in the first test and bottomed the throttle wherever possible. This yielded me just above 28.1 miles of range.

In the second test, I rode the scooter normally as most riders do, giving me 34.5 miles of range.

Lastly, I tried my best to preserve as much power as possible in the last test, resulting in a range of 39.2 miles.


Apollo Phantom Portability

Performance and portability are two things that rarely go well together. You might have to compromise on one to get the other. Similar is the case for Apollo Phantom, which weighs 34.1 kg and is not among the lighter scooters on the market.

However, remember that the scooter comes with dual motors; it’s pretty much what you should expect.

The models mentioned above may be lighter than the Phantom. Still, it offers other excellent features like wider tires, a bigger suspension system, and larger brake rotors that add to the scooter’s weight. However, this should not be forgotten that these features give the ride the capability to perform well.

The triple folding mechanism is a great relief as it works perfectly. It is efficient and quick to use with a single latch, locking ring, and a reinforced safety pin. Moreover, look below the display. You’d see a handy hook that allows you to latch to the stem in the cutout on the footrest and eventually allows more accessible transportation of the scooter.

Here’s a quick guide that’ll help you fold your Apollo Phantom in easily:

  1. Slide away the protective plastic locking ring.
  2. Pull out the metal safety pin
  3. Push the lever downwards
  4. Fold the electric scooter down and latch it into the rear footrest opening for easy transportation
  5. Place the metal safety pin back in the hole so that you don’t lose it

Ride Quality

The ride quality on the Apollo Phantom is outstanding. Riding such a unique, comfortable, and efficient gadget is a privilege.

1. Suspension & Tires

Suspension & Tires

The scooter offers a quadruple spring suspension system which is undoubtedly impressive. The springs are large and have a lot of potential in them. Moreover, they can be adjusted so you can customize them according to your weight and preference. The spring system on this scooter is one of the best I’ve ever tried.

The scooter has been fitted with extra wide 10-inch tubed pneumatic tires. The tires are each 3.25 inches wide and offer a bigger contact surface than their competitors.

Both the tires and springs do an excellent job of making the ride comfortable by absorbing the shock and rapid road vibrations. Even the bigger obstacles like small potholes, bumps, and small branches don’t feel while riding this beast.

2. Deck

The deck is 20.1 inches (51 cm) long and 6.9 inches (17.4 cm) wide. The footrest at the back of the deck is something that I’d like to talk about. It is beneficial, especially when you’re accelerating or braking hard. Those users who have larger-sized feet will also enjoy the added space. This is an essential feature, and I think it should be added to all high-end scooters.

3. Stem & Handlebars

The curved handles and rugged grips are very comfortable, and I didn’t experience any wobble or flex in the stem. The wide handlebars are a great feature, and the reasonably high deck-to-handlebar distance also deserves some praise.

Build Quality & Safety

Build Quality and safety of an electric scooter are two of the most critical factors to look at, and the Apollo phantom is excellent here too, just like all the other aspects

Final Thoughts

The Apollo phantom is a scooter that is high on features and offers excellent value to the rider. Everything on the scooter is impressive and top-notch. The result is an eye-watering powerful ride that is as safe as houses.

It’s been completed to perfection, so you’ll have to look long and hard for any loophole in this masterpiece. Without a doubt, this scooter is one of a kind.

Daniel Scott

Daniel Scott

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