Are Electric Skateboards Legal? – Here’s What You Need to Know

Are Electric Skateboards Legal

The popularity of electric skateboards has increased in recent years. There is no doubt that people are adopting new methods of transportation, motorized skateboards being the most famous one. However, the most common question for new or potential buyers is, “Are electric skateboards legal?”

The answer to this question is pretty simple. It depends upon the region you live in or the location where you would ride the electric skateboards. We’ll be discussing different laws in various locations worldwide.

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Laws associated with electric skateboards:

Whether a specific country legalizes the use of electronic skateboards or doesn’t allow them, there are some rules to be followed that are:

  • A speed limit is to be followed.
  • Proper protective gear such as a helmet should be worn.
  • Some regions don’t allow people to ride electronic skateboards on the road. They are limited to sidewalks and bicycle lanes.
  • Traveling on a motorized electronic is only allowed in the daytime in some parts of the World.

These rules vary as we move from one region to another.

Are electric skateboards legal in the UK?

One word to describe the laws regarding motorized skateboards in the United Kingdom is “confusing.” People are not much familiar with the use of e-boards for transport.

This is because electric skateboards are uncommon on the streets. People get confused about associating them with either hoverboards or electric bikes.

To legalize and define specific laws for electric skateboards, the UK government is looking at different ways to normalize the use of e-skates.

Are electric skateboards legal in Europe?

Having discussed the laws in Europe, we will look at different parts of Europe. The European Union has no specific rules, leaving various members to have their regulations.

Spain, Greece, and Sweden are those countries where electric skateboards are legal. However, they are illegal in Switzerland.

Many countries classify them as light electric vehicles like bicycles. Norway is one country that considers motorized skateboards the same as bicycles.

In Finland, users are to register themselves and their electric skateboards as light vehicles and have to follow a specific speed limit.

Denmark, Belgium, and Germany also allow e-skateboards, but users must remain under the speed limit.

France is yet to legalize electric skateboards and is working on its legislation. In other parts of Europe, the rules are unclear.

Are electric skateboards legal in Canada?

Coming to North America, Canada has no set policy to permit or prohibit the use of electric skateboards. It is in the hands of each province to decide the rules and regulations for e-skates.

In British Columbia, it is illegal to ride a motorized skateboard. In contrast, in Vancouver, the authorities don’t interfere as long as the user follows the safety standards and there is no danger to the public.

Some people ride these devices in bicycle areas that are considered gray areas for electric skateboard travel.

Laws regarding electric skateboards in Australia:

Australia treats electric skateboards differently from the rest of the World.

 These are not considered motor vehicles and are termed “recreational devices.” A person riding an e-skateboard is seen as a pedestrian rather than a rider.

It is allowed to use them on roads having a speed limit under 50 kilometers per hour, and traveling on the unmarked streets is not permitted.

However, just like in most countries, it is illegal to ride an electric skateboard at night.

Are electric skateboards legal in the US?

Different states in the USA have different laws regarding electric skateboards. It is up to them to legalize these tech devices. We’ll be discussing the laws in major states:


These are termed “Motor associated scooters,” and people are instructed to ride them under 35 miles per hour.

At night, it is illegal to use them because comparing them to bicycles, an electric board has no lights on it, so it’s difficult for other vehicles to identify them.

Riding them in bicycle lanes is prohibited.


In Florida, the rules are strict, and users cannot ride them on any public property. It better be on private property such as a community or their land if they want to.

Before using a motorized skateboard, it is compulsory to register the devices to be legally operated for using them on sidewalks and bicycle lanes.


Students and youngsters can use these electric skateboards to go to parks or schools in California. However, only those students can ride these who are 16+ and wearing a helmet, and other protective gear is compulsory. The speed limit for these devices is 15 miles per hour.

It is strictly prohibited to use these boards while intoxicated. The authorities take disciplinary action against these people.

Using motorized boards in California is allowed; however, there are special arrangements that need to be made:

  1. Using white light in front of the board
  2. Red light at the back of the electric skateboard
  3. Yellow or white reflectors at the sides of the board

This makes the board visible to other vehicles and passengers.

New York:

There are no laws regarding electric skateboards in New York. For this reason, the users follow the rules that apply to bicycles and e-scooters.

It is not advised to ride them on sidewalks. Using the bicycle lane is the correct method and following the speed limit is also necessary.


In Michigan, laws are passed which are yet to be approved by the Senate.

The law states that motorized skateboards can be used on roads and bicycle lanes. There is a speed limit of 25 miles per hour which needs to be followed.

Are electric skateboards legal in Asia?

These devices are not much popular in most of Asia. However, Singapore is a country that has specific laws regarding electric skateboards.

It is illegal for people to use them on roads, but they can be in bicycle lanes. A speed limit between 15-25 kilometers per hour is followed.

Riding an electric skateboard without any trouble:

The first rule that should be kept in mind is to follow the specific rules instructed by your country or the region you live in.

It should be used by mature people and not by kids as a recreational toy.

Using special care and protective gear is a must and installing lights on your electric skateboard to use it at night is also necessary.

Before riding an electronic skateboard in a specific place, you should discuss or ask the people living there who have been using a motorized skateboard so that you have a better idea of the laws there.

Avoid riding them on sidewalks as you can get yourself involved in an accident with pedestrians.

Be careful when riding near animals or kids.

Final Words – Wrapping it up

The above information indicates that the laws regarding the legalization of electric skateboards vary from one region to another. Still, the safety factors are the same for every place.

The laws must be taken seriously. Before making any decision, a person should go through the rules and regulations defined by that country’s specific country or province.

Suppose the instructions and the rules by which electric skateboards are considered legal in the areas are followed. In that case, a person can enjoy this recreational device.

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