Are Electric Skateboards Safe? – 9 Proven Safety Tips

Are Electric Skateboards Safe?

Riding an electric skateboard might seem fun, but it’s not an easy game. The remote control may look as if you can control it with some buttons. However, traveling on an electric skateboard requires skill and focus. Are electric skateboards safe? The answer is yes, but with the condition that you ensure that all the safety requirements are fulfilled.

What are the safety measures or tips that decrease the chance of any mishap and make our electric skateboarding experience fun and secure? We’ll be looking at those things that are necessary to do so.

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Safety Tips for Safe Electric Skateboarding

You might be excited about getting yourself a new skateboard and planning to ride it. Everyone is, but with slight additions and a few safety tips in mind, you can have fun and enjoy all the rides you’re imagining.

If you’re going to speed up without any protection or practice, it can get dangerous. The measures to make an electric skateboard safe will be discussed below.

1. Wearing protective gear

Protective gear that is usually needed includes:

Wearing a helmet

The most fatal injury is to the head. You don’t want to get yourself into an accident leading to a head injury in an accident. Whether you are randomly swerving on your electric skateboard or speeding up, wearing a helmet is necessary.

It is better to look for those helmets of good quality, with a solid exterior and a cushioned interior that prevents any jolts or any severe contact with your skull.


Another protective layer that you can yourself along a helmet is elbow, knee, and wrist padding. This extra cushioned layer prevents road rash because of sliding on pavement or sidewalks.

Usually, when a person falls while riding an electric skateboard, the joints are the most common area to get injured, leading to bone breakage or dislocations. Pads are a way of minimizing the risk of such events.

It’s better to wear padding than to not wear anything.

2. Installing lights on your electric skateboard

Traveling at night on your electric skateboard makes the whole process even riskier. For this purpose, installing multiple color lights on your motorized skateboard is suitable.

This makes you visible to other riders or passengers and provides a clear route for yourself to avoid any hurdles along the way.

3. Wearing neon jackets

You may have seen police and construction workers wearing neon jackets at night. Well, this is because when light touches the jackets, it immediately bounces back off and indicates the presence of people.

The function of these neon jackets isn’t only limited to police or construction workers. Riding your electric skateboard while wearing a neon vest will further increase your visibility to other drivers.

4. Avoid harsh weather conditions

Don’t even think of riding your electric skateboard when it’s raining. The decks of your motorized skateboard aren’t meant to get soaked. The surfaces become slippery, and this can lead to any mishap.

Likewise, riding in snow and when there are strong winds is also a big no.

5. Obey the rules and regulations

Everything’s good if you follow the rules. They are made to create a safer environment, and road laws are not different. The laws are different for every region, but every area looks to maintain a safe environment for people.

Any reckless behavior by the rider may lead to severe consequences, and driving an electric skateboard this way wouldn’t be safe at all.

6. Choose a location to ride

Suppose you’re a beginner and are enthusiastic about riding your motorized skateboard. In that case, it’s better to select a few not crowded spots. You should always choose a flat area with less traffic.

Avoid riding in those areas that may have potholes or uneven surfaces. You should gradually start riding your electric skateboard. When you feel that you’ve gotten command, you can move on to crowded places.

Look out for places having fewer hurdles. Even a tiny stone or rock can unbalance you, so you should always drive aboard as you would drive another vehicle.

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7. Practice often

There’s no doubt that with time, you can get better at everything, and the same is with traveling on a motorized skateboard. Moving at a slow speed first and then eventually having control at high speeds should be your target.

Don’t be surprised if you can’t even adjust while beginning your ride. It’s entirely normal for novice riders to take time to attain balance at the first acceleration.

Going at a slow pace might feel tedious, but it’s the safest way to ride an electric skateboard at the start.

8. Know your limit

Don’t rush to high-speed levels on your electric skateboard. Most accidents occur due to human error, and the rider is at fault. Knowing your level is as essential as it is to walk before running.

Rather than getting yourself into an accident, it’s better to choose the safer way and, after gaining control, speed up whenever you want and have fun.

Safety comes first and thrill second. Crossing your limits has always proven fatal and is the same with electric skateboards. Also, as a beginner, I suggest you should choose a beginner-friendly e-board like the Acton Blink S2.

9. Using the braking system

Having a proper braking mechanism is a big plus for your electric skateboard. Well, only if you use it properly. Electric skateboards have a similar mechanism as used in electric cars and trains. That is known as dynamic braking and is available to you by your remote.

Another system is known as regenerative braking. The purpose of using these systems is to reduce your speed whenever you want. Starting at a slow pace and applying brakes when taking sharp turns saves you from any possible injury and is one of the most effective safety measures available on your electric skateboard.

Changing your posture and leaning backward while applying brakes is also beneficial. This minimizes the chance of any incident and trains you to make sharp turns on a motorized skateboard.

How can riding an electric skateboard be dangerous?

Consider electric skateboards in the same way as electric scooters and motorbikes. These electric devices don’t even have handles for extra control. Riding them on the road in the presence of traffic and people carelessly leads to accidents and injuries.

Having a strong lithium battery inside the motorized skateboard is another reason that makes it dangerous. With time, batteries tend to drain and can catch fire in some specific conditions.

It’s not a lie when someone says that people get serious injuries while riding electric skateboards. Different types of accidents reported are:

  • Head injuries
  • Bruises, cuts, and road rash
  • Fractures, bone breakage
  • Joint dislocation

If safety measures are followed, these injuries can be easily prevented.

Final Words – Wrapping it up

So, are electric skateboards safe? With all the discussion above, it is evident that riding an electric skateboard requires a lot of patience and safety factors to consider. It’s not a task or activity that you can perform solely based on fun and forgetting the necessary measures.

Wear protective gear is a must and keeping an eye on external factors also helps. Also, wear shoes with good grip.

If you want a clear answer to the question “Are electric skateboards safe?” then the answer is yes. Still, the specific requirements are to be taken care of for a safer experience.

Jason Mayfield

Jason Mayfield

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