Backfire G2T Review: Budget Board for Beginners

Backfire G2T Review

The backfire G2T is right in between when it comes to electric skateboards being not too overpriced or not too underpriced. It’s one of the most versatile electric skateboards with decent power and motor.

I have tested the electric skateboard for 100 miles with my friends also riding the e-board, so I have plenty of experience with this device and the opinion of others too.

The results are based on these results:

  1. Top speed
  2. Acceleration
  3. Range and performance

Let’s begin with the review!

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Backfire G2T main specs

Motor and Power2*350W
Battery Type30Q Samsung
Battery Capacity216Wh
Weight14.5 lbs
Max Load252 lbs
Wheels83 and 96mm
Waterproof RatingYes
Electronic Speed ControllerHobbywing 
DeckFlexible maple wood layers (8 layers)

Speed and Motor Performance

1. Top speed test

 My top speed in Turbo mode during the 83mm wheel range test was 26.8 mph (43.2 km/h).

I also ran a separate speed test using the 96mm wheels, and in Turbo mode, I reached a top speed of 26 mph (41.9 km/h).

I’m a little surprised that my top speed was higher on the 83mm wheels, but it could just have been the conditions, such as the road, the batteries, or the wind.

However, the skateboard was quite powerful, making it unique because, at such a price range, having this much power is undoubtedly a plus.

2. Braking test

After testing its speed, we also made sure that the braking test was carried out so that we know how much this electric skateboard can reduce its speed after attaining maximum speed.

The results of the braking tests are:

I measured the braking distances in each riding mode, including Turbo, and the findings left me a little dissatisfied.

On that, braking at full force did cause the wheels to lock up slightly and skid around a tiny bit while in Sport or Turbo mode. Not enough to confuse me, but enough to be mindful of when riding quickly.

Like other Meepo boards, I don’t believe the G2 T’s braking power can be altered.

Simply ride at a speed that will allow you to safely apply the brakes. And when you’re on those vast, wide roads, you can accelerate more quickly.

3. Acceleration test

 The board features 3 modes which you can change while riding it. 

  1. Eco mode with a top speed of 12.4mph/20 kph
  2. Standard mode with a top speed of 23.6mph/ 38 kph
  3. Turbo mode with a top speed of 25mph/40 kph

Pressing the Turbo button activates turbo mode, which lasts for 30 seconds before returning to the default mode.

The Hobbywing ESC used by the Backfire G2T was customized to fit the G2T. The outcome is fantastic; simply, the Hobbywing ESC was refined.

4. Hill Climbing Tests

Our subsequent evaluations focused on how well each of these boards performed when climbing hills, accounting for 15% of each board’s overall score.

 To determine scores, we attempted to ride the Backfire up steadily steeper hills, noting when it began to struggle and when it lost the ability to continue. It was successful, earning a 6 out of 10.

The 5% and 10% hills were no problem for this skateboard to climb. Even though it did so slowly and with some resistance, this board could ascend our 15% slope, which pleased us.

We were additionally taken aback by the fact that we were able to begin

climbing the 15% slope from a halted position, as this has shown to be extremely rare for hub motor boards in our tests.

Range and battery performance

Backfire G2T Range

The Backfire range T’s is outstanding compared to other electric skateboards in this price bracket. The G2T can travel up to 15 miles using Samsung 30Q 10S2p batteries on a single charge.

However, the range can be reduced by half when riding at peak speed. The weight of the rider will also affect the range. On flat ground, a rider under 170 pounds may cover more distances and go at a faster rate.

You’ll notice a slight slowdown when the battery life reaches a low point, around 25%. With most electric vehicles, it occurs. It shouldn’t matter because charging the board is an excellent practice to maintain battery health.

The recharge time is 3 hours which is quite impressive because compared with other skateboards, this isn’t too much.

1. Battery Capacity Comparison

When compared with other electric skateboards that are in the same price category, the backfire G2T leads the way ahead of all of them, making it one of the most suitable options if you want to get a skateboard with less charging time and pretty decent battery life if all the other conditions are maintained. 

2. Range tests

After testing each electric skateboard’s top speed and acceleration, we ranked and scored each one’s range and how long it takes to fully recharge.

Although Backfire G2 didn’t perform exceptionally well in range, it still received a 5 out of 10.

We rode the board repeatedly around a vast, flat parking lot at a medium speed to evaluate range. We recorded how far it went before running out of power.

Before giving up, the Backfire went 10.9 miles, though its actual range was closer to 9.4 miles because it slowed down for the last 1.5 miles.

3. Performance Retention

Every electric skateboard has performance retention when it is used beyond its limits or when it overheats. We have seen from the results mentioned above that as the device gets heated, its battery drops faster.

This is common for electric devices, and the drop in performance after the battery drop should also be noted.

Board Design and Ride Quality

The Backfire G2T has a classy appearance. The deck is constructed from solid maple plies, and the general layout appears to have been carefully considered by the designers. The battery case, the motor, and the deck’s general shape demonstrate attention to detail.

The engine’s strength was combined with the deck’s durability and the build’s quality, so the structure could endure its power. When the board was delivered, we observed that it had been expertly wrapped, offering additional protection to the item to prevent damage.

1. Weight

The weight of the backfire G2T is impressive. A board being so powerful with only a weight of 14.5 lbs is a significant perk if you’re looking for a device that

you’ll be carrying with you on trips.

The max load that this device can bear is also significant if your weight falls under the average category.

2. Deck

Backfire G2T Deck

 The all-black grip tape on the 37-inch deck has an attractive design with the Backfire emblem on the right side. The battery and motor are carefully positioned beneath the deck, so there is room for an excellent geometric pattern in the center.

Made entirely of maple, the Superior flex curve deck is sturdy. On this board, carving and turning feel fantastic. Riders may efficiently perform wider turns without worrying about their feet slipping because of the extra flex.

The Backfire G2T is more stable because of its low center of gravity design, especially when riding at top speed.

3. Wheels

This electric skateboard includes two sets of wheels: 96 mm and 83 mm. By default, when it is delivered, it will have 96 mm wheels, but you can quickly swap them out using the included skateboard tool.

The most common and all-purpose wheel for a skateboard is urethane (1), which is the material used to make the Backfire G2T wheels. The board can move quickly and safely thanks to this material’s ability to cling to concrete and asphalt surfaces without losing traction.

The configuration is substantially lighter and accelerates faster thanks to the 83 mm wheels. Although they are a little slower, the 96 mm wheels offer higher shock absorption, which results in a smoother ride.

4. Waterproofing

 The company claims the electric skateboard to be waterproof. Still, you should always be careful, as this doesn’t mean you can wash it down thoroughly. It can survive water splashes, but avoiding taking your electric skateboard in puddles or when it’s raining heavily is always better. 

5. ESC and Remote


Soft-touch rubber gives the Backfire G2T remote its premium feel. It has a decent grip and doesn’t feel fragile or readily breakable. The reverse button is positioned at the bottom, so you won’t mistakenly press it. All the other buttons are situated, so they are simple to reach. 

The board’s speed and battery life are among the vital board information displayed on the OLED screen of this remote. It does not have a Bluetooth app, but that is great because the remote has all the functionality you require.

The ESC in this electric skateboard is Hobbywing which is present in most backfire models.

Final Verdict-Who should buy the Backfire G2T?

Anyone can ride the Backfire G2T. Both novice riders and seasoned cyclists can use it to ride quickly. Due to its impressive range, riders may utilize the Backfire G2T for recreational and leisure activities and commuting.

Kids may also have fun on this electric board, and teens can use it for cruising around the neighborhood with friends.

It is a board for anyone who needs one to go around town, on campus, or to get to work or school. It is a decent and dependable board. Although it falls somewhere in the middle, it is still reasonably priced.

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