Best Electric Scooters 2023 – Tested and Reviewed

Electric scooters are all the rage these days. They are fun, convenient, and eco-friendly. But with so many different models on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Here are the best electric scooters based on our findings.
Best Electric Scooters

Best Overall

Turboant X7 Pro

Turboant X7 Pro

Best Value

Apollo Phantom

Apollo Phantom

Best Budget

Hiboy S2

Hiboy S2

Electric scooters act as an easy and efficient source of mobility. They are also really fun to drive and can be used by almost any age group, giving them a massive advantage over conventional ways of mobility. 

With a diverse market of brands and different types of electric scooters being offered in the market that serve different purposes, one may fall prey to confusion when it comes to deciding which electric scooter to buy. 

Worry not; after hours of research, I’ll provide you with a detailed review of the 10 Best Electric Scooters. Without further ado, let’s get right to it!

Compare the Best Electric Scooters

ImageProductAward Read
Turboant X7 Pro
Turboant X7 Pro

Best Overall

Swagtron Swagger 5 Boost
Swagger 5 Boost

Best Portable

Hiboy S2
Hiboy S2

Best for Budget

EMOVE Cruiser
EMOVE Cruiser

Best Long Range

Apollo Phantom
Apollo Phantom

Best Value


Best for Heavy Riders

E-Twow GT SE

Best For Cruising

NAMI Burn-E 2
NAMI Burn-E 2

Best Exotic Performance

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X
Wolf Warrior X

Best Offroad

Dualtron Storm
Dualtron Storm

Best Fast

Reviews of the Best Electric Scooters

Turboant X7 Pro – Best Overall

Turboant X7 Pro


  • Smooth acceleration
  • Understated design
  • Removable battery pack


  • Narrow deck
Speed25.4 Km/h
Weight14 kg
Motor350 W
Size43*17*18 Inches
Warranty1 Year

Why We Recommend It:

To describe it in one line, the Turboand X7 scooter is like an ant: it looks small and light but gives an unbelievable performance. 

The scooter comes with super smooth acceleration, impressive speed, and a solid stem. All this and still it stands as a strong contender in the budget commuter category. 

The scooter offers a stable, smooth and comfortable ride. The scooter’s lightweight gives it a massive advantage over its competitors as it is portable and can be carried easily. 

The scooter comes with useful, user-friendly features that include a lightweight build, a small folded footprint, and a quick folding feature that allows the scooter to lock, thus making it highly convenient for the user to carry it with themselves. 

A high-mounted headlight ensures the road’s visible to the rider in darker riding conditions. 

If you’re someone who often has to travel long distances and struggles with the range your scooter provides you with, Turboant X7 pro will be an excellent pick for you. 

This is so because it offers a removable battery pack that only weighs 2.9kgs. This means that you need not to worry about your scooter’s battery while going out on long rides. 

The removable battery pack will make life easier by giving you those extra miles. Just replace the drained battery with the other one, and you should be good to go. 

Talking about the dimensions, the scooter offers you folded dimensions of 109 cm long by 43 cm wide by 46 cm tall. 

The deck to handlebar height is 99.1 cm tall, and the handlebars are 42 cm wide. These dimensions are mostly suitable for the majority of the users out there.

Swagtron Swagger 5 Boost – Best Portable

Swagtron Swagger 5 Boost


  • It is entertaining to ride
  • Built-in LED display
  • Good design


  • Short range
Speed29 km/h
Range13.8 km
Weight13 kg
Motor250 W
Size41.5*17*45.3 inches
Warranty1 Year

Why We Recommend It:

This scooter was the best scooter being offered by Swagtron back in 2019. This model has now been replaced by a better version, the Swagger 7. 

However, the scooter offers remarkable features and that too, at a very affordable price of under $3oo. 

The scooter offers excellent acceleration and an impressive top speed of 29.0km/h. These stats are much better than other scooters being offered at the same price.

I believe this scooter is excellent for many beginner riders who want to experience the fun that comes with riding an electric scooter. 

The scooter is extremely durable and offers excellent features such as its built-in LED information display and an attractive design that will make heads turn as you flex it while cruising on streets.

Regarding acceleration, the scooter has a powerful 250-watt motor integrated into the front wheel. 

The scooter comes with an impressive 216-watt lithium-ion battery which is great at such an affordable price. Talking about the overall ride quality the scooter offers, it’s great. 

The scooter works the best and gives the optimum riding experience on roads that are in good to average condition. Scooter’s rear tire comes with an internal honeycomb structure. 

This structure provides a much better and more comfortable ride than a typical solid rubber tire as the structure acts as springs and is better at shock absorption. 

The outer part of the tire is also flexible and offers a greater road grip, ensuring a smoother riding experience.

The scooter can be carried around and is very portable. It is quick and straightforward. All you need to do is that you simply rotate a safety plastic collar and then pull down on a lever. 

The bright LED display is a great feature. It displays to the rider all the necessary information such as speed, battery status, and Bluetooth packing information. 

This gives the rider a sense of easiness since they have all the information they need without any hassle. 

Undoubtedly, this is an excellent pick if you’re looking for an affordable scooter that can provide you with great features.

Hiboy S2 – Best for Budget

Hiboy S2


  • Strong acceleration
  • Effective dual braking system
  • Good power for size


  • Narrow honeycomb tires
Range20.4 km
Weight14 kg
Motor350 W
Size45*16*19 Inches
Warranty1 Year

Why We Recommend It:

Here comes another budget commuter that offers excellent features to its users. The scooter offers superb acceleration, speed, and a great range of 20.4km, considering that it has a massive 13kg size. 

The deck is made of rubber and is solid and powerful enough to bear heavy riders that weigh up to 120kgs. 

Moreover, the scooter is equipped with a rear disc brake and an electronic front brake. Both these brakes can be activated using the brake lever on the right handlebar. 

The brakes are strong and of exceptional quality. These work best if you’re in an active rider stance. 

This stance requires you to lean back hard and carry your weight to the rear of your scooter when braking. 

This is important because you might feel your rear wheel lock up if you don’t shift your weight rearward. With the scooter folded, it measures 114 cm long by 41 cm wide by 48 cm high. 

Carrying it is made easier thanks to the hook at the rear of the dashboard that latches to a clasp on the rear fender for carrying when folded. 

The portability’s great, and there’s minimal stem flex, thanks to the stem flexing mechanism the scooter is equipped with. When it comes to being user-friendly, this scooter is an absolute masterpiece. 

With rounded handgrips, a centered, easy-to-read display, and thumb controls on either side of the stem, the S2 features a straightforward, streamlined cockpit.

The right handlebar is equipped with a mechanical bell that provides an audible warning when you’re riding in traffic.

Summing it all up, the S2 is a great entry-level scooter for someone who’s riding an electric scooter for the first time. 

The scooter offers fantastic features and comes with exceptional power and speed.

The handlebar offers great thumb controls for beginners providing a smooth acceleration in braking at lower speeds. Overall, this is a great pick.

EMOVE Cruiser – Best Long Range

EMOVE Cruiser


  • Legendary range
  • Comfortable for long rides
  • Exceptional build quality and feature set


  • Folding handlebars aren’t of the best quality
Weight23 kg
Motor1000 W
Size47*10*46 Inches
Warranty1 Year

Why We Recommend It:

The range on this scooter is unbelievable. EMOVE cruiser offers a fantastic range of 45 km and that too, without any compromise on the speed thanks to the 1000 watt motor it comes equipped with.

This scooter is capable enough to satisfy all your needs. Be it comfort, speed, range, or durability; EMOVE cruiser is an absolute beast. 

The scooter is not only the best for riding on roads, but running up steeper hills is also not an issue for this masterpiece. Talking about the feature set on this scooter, it’s outstanding. 

It comes with semi hydraulic brakes, keyed ignition with a voltmeter, pneumatic tubeless tires, and a 1560-watt-hour battery made up of LG 21700 cells.

Concerned about how your scooter will perform in rainy weather or dusty terrain? Worry not. With an IPX6 water resistance rating, this scooter will absolutely rock in any climate you ride it in. 

this beast doesn’t care whether the weather is dry as a dessert or stormy as a live seaside. This will continue to give its top performance.

With a weight of 27kgs, it might feel like the scooter will cause portability issues, but here too, it doesn’t disappoint us. 

The cruiser offers great portability features, which include a telescoping stem, stem folding mechanism, and folding handlebars. 

Moreover, the scooter caters to riders with almost every weight thanks to its ability to carry a maximum weight of 160 kgs.

Cruiser offers an impressive acceleration of 0 to 32km/h in 6 seconds! 1000 Watt motor powers this beast and makes it possible to show such impressive results.

Talking about one of the most integral features of an electric scooter, its braking and EMOVE cruiser offers a redundant braking system in the form of dual Xtech 140mm semi-hydraulic disc brakes. 

The rear wheel is also equipped with electronic braking. This efficient braking system allows the scooter to go from 24km/h to 0km/h in just 3.1m.

Apollo Phantom – Best Value

Apollo Phantom


  • Gorgeous Unique Design
  • Standout Lighting Package
  • Top-of-the-Line Overall Ride Ergonomics
  • Next-Gen Display


  • No Bell or Front Turn Signals
Speed63.9 km/h
Range50.6 km
Weight34 kg
MotorDual 1200 W
Size51*27*49 Inches
Warranty1 Year

Why We Recommend It:

The scooter has been designed so that it can bear a high weight of up to 140 kgs and still not compromise on giving its best performance. 

It offers pneumatic tires, tall handlebars, and suspension making it convenient for people with bigger sizes to ride it.

Talking about the ride quality Apollo phantom offers, it’s, without doubt, one of the best ones out there. The scooter is unbeatable in this aspect. 

There’s no specific area in which the scooter’s good at; it’s its overall quality that makes it stand out. 

Features like ultra-ergonomic grip, improved thumb throttle, and a quad spring suspension perfectly fit in together to give the rider an exceptional ride quality. 

he cockpit on the scooter also deserves appreciation. The buttons and display make it look high-quality premium scooter. 

On the center of the handlebars lies a proprietary HEX display that gives a high-tech and futuristic look. Mechanical disc brakes on the scooters are great as well.

Shedding some light on the portability of this scooter, it is a bit heavy with a weight of 35kgs. The stem on this scooter is one of the best ones out there. 

The stem folding mechanism makes it easy to fold and carry, making it portable. The lighting on this scooter, like all other features, is great. 

Lighting is often ignored and taken for granted, but this is one of the most important features one should be looking for while buying any scooter, especially if you’re someone who rides at night. 

Apollo offers a built-in 1000 lumen headlight which is impressive.

ANYHILL UM-2 – Best for Heavy Riders



  • Ultra-Light Removable Battery
  • Best-in-Class Braking
  • High Rider Weight Limit
  • Ultra-Stable (Confidence-Inspiring Ride)


  • A Few Pounds Heavier Than Comparable Scooters
Speed28.8 km/h
Range27.4 km
Weight20 kg
Motor450 W
Size47*18*51 Inches
Warranty1 Year

Why We Recommend It:

One thing that I like most about this scooter is its braking. There’s no scooter in this class that offers braking like this scooter. 

The UM-2 delivers maximum braking power without worrying about going over the handlebars. 

What makes this scooter very fun to ride is that it inspires confidence in its rider. The spiral patterned grips and the grippy rubber deck instills confidence in the rider. 

The ride’s also very stable, thanks to the tubeless 25-centimeter air-filled tires that can absorb all the shocks.

The battery on the scooter is removable and weighs only 2 kilos. The battery can be swapped easily once your battery depletes. 

Therefore, there’s no need to worry about your battery running out midway. The scooter offers dual brakes. 

The regen brake lever gives skid-proof, strong braking at the rear wheel, whereas the right-side lever controls the brake at the front drum. 

Both of these are entirely independent of each other. Build quality on UM-2 is impressive as well. 

The color dashboard is cool and original. It has been equipped with three riding modes. Moreover, it also offers a headlight indicator and cruise control.

The scooter can also be controlled by using an app. This app allows you to control the headlight, lock the scooter, and give information about the scooter’s detailed stats.

Furthermore, the scooter has the lightest removable battery we’ve ever seen on a scooter. 

Safety is one of the most important aspects to consider while buying an electric scooter, and it’s safe to say that this scooter is one of the safest out there, thanks to its great braking capability and ultra-stable ride.

E-Twow GT SE – Best For Cruising



  • Considerable top speed
  • Excellent portability features
  • Durable, lightweight build


  • Small solid tires for a rougher ride
Speed37.7 km/h
Range24.5 km
Weight13 kg
Motor500 W
Size45*6*13 Inches
Warranty1 Year

Why We Recommend It:

This scooter offers outstanding portability and can be referred to as the king of ultraportables. 

There aren’t many electric scooters that can match the utility, convenience, and last-mile performance of the E-TWOW GT SE, thanks to its lightweight 13 kg design and small folded footprint.

This scooter will be a great pick for you if you’re looking for a scooter that gives you excellent speed, impressive portability, and can bear weights up to 120kgs.

The scooter is equipped with a one-step folding mechanism, making it significantly easier to fold. The scooter comes with a carrying handle which is less common in scooters these days. 

The scooter takes an impressive 5.4 seconds only to reach from 0 to 24km/h. there’s no need to worry, even if you have a bumpy hill ride on your way. 

The scooter remarkably sustains a 15.3 km/h speed up a 10% average incline. The dual shock absorbers ensure the ride stays comfortable by soaking up bumps on the relatively small, 20.3 solid tires.

The scooter comes with solid tires, a massive advantage as you don’t have to deal with any flats. 

Even though the standing room is narrow with only 51.3 widths of space, the scooter surprisingly handles well around corners. It jumps speed bumps and makes the ride fun for the rider.

The cockpit feels cohesive and organized. The small, color LCD features an odometer, speedometer, readouts, and ambient temperature. 

Moreover, an electric horn can be used by the cockpit’s button controls. It also has buttons for the fender-mounted taillight, high-mounted headlight, and power and display settings.

The scooter can be controlled by using the Bluetooth-enabled mobile app. The app allows you to control the security lock, lights, max speed (limiter), and speedometer style.

NAMI Burn-E 2 – Best Exotic Performance

NAMI Burn-E 2


  • Excellent Ride Quality Thanks to the Adjustable Shocks
  • Record-Setting Acceleration
  • Excellent IP rating
  • Great Lighting Profile


  • Dead Space in Throttle
Range77.3 km
Weight48 kg
MotorDual 1000W
Size53*27*26 Inches
Warranty2 Years

Why We Recommend It:

It won’t be an exaggeration to call this scooter “the Ferrari of the electric scooter world.” 

This beast is the second quickest production scooter that shoots from 0 to 48km/h in 3.7seconds. 

Talking about hill climbs, this scooter is an absolute king of the hills. It gives us a 6.3-second climb record at an impressive 64km/h speed. 

Shedding light onto the range and battery of the scooter, it also tops the charts here. This scooter’s outstanding feature is that it automatically drops into ECO mode when the battery percentage hits 25%. 

Since the scooter is one of the heaviest in this category, you’d never want it to run out of battery mid-way. 

This feature hence proves to be helpful here. Braking, just like all other features on this scooter, is outstanding. The scooter features 4-piston Logan brakes that come with 160mm discs. 

It only takes 3.9m to stop this scooter at 24.2km/h. This is how efficient its brakes are. The ride feels very premium and one of a kind. 

Straight out of the box, you’ll start appreciating the ride quality. The hydraulic shocks the scooter is equipped with are one of the best out there. 

Moreover, these are adjustable, which means you can dial in the resistance that suits your terrain, weight, and riding style. NAMI also offers a tool that can be used to adjust the suspension.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X – Best Offroad

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X


  • Best lighting for night riding
  • Excellent stability
  • Comfortable
  • Will fit into sedan trunk


  • Fragile side lights
Speed71.0 km/h
Weight71.0 km/h
MotorDual 1100 W
Size47*25*48 Inches
Warranty2 Years

Why We Recommend It:

This scooter is an absolute beast in almost every aspect you might want to consider about your electric scooter. Its signature element is its oil-damped, super stable dual-stem front end. 

But hold up, this doesn’t stop here; the scooter also features a bulletproof build, high ground clearance, and the world’s best scooter headlight that give the final touch to the complete package.

Talking about acceleration, this scooter has a higher top speed and is quicker than the Pro model. Not only is the acceleration on this model great, but the way it is delivered is remarkable.

Only a few scooters in the world feature sinewave controllers, and this is one of them. Sinewave controllers are known for offering a smoother throttle control and running efficiently and quietly.

You might expect a lower range since lesser weight means lesser range, but that’s not the case here. 

With its high battery capacity of 1680 WH and that too made from LG cells, Wolf-X has the 5th most extended range of all the 77 scooters we’ve put to the test.

The scooter is equipped with hydraulic brakes. The ride quality’s impressive as well.

Wolf Warrior X allows you to travel rapidly and comfortably the entire way thanks to their hydraulic dual-stem front suspension and spring/polyurethane rear suspension.

You might not be aware of an interesting fact about the stem on this scooter. The dual-stem structure of the Wolf makes for less wobble at fast speeds. 

Imagine an ice skater who has spread their arms widely. When they draw their arms in, they spin somewhat more slowly. 

A dual stem front end will naturally have less rotational wobble than a scooter with a single stem because the more weight that is farther from the pivot point, the more force it will need to rotate left and right. 

There is also no front-to-back wobble, thanks to the twin dual clamp collars.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Review

Dualtron Storm – Best Fast

Dualtron Storm


  • Excellent build quality
  • Third most extended range of any scooter I’ve ever tested
  • Adjustable rubber suspension


  • Abrupt throttle
Speed83.1 km/h
Range70.2 km
MotorDual 640 W
Size47*23*51 Inches
Warranty2 Year

Why We Recommend It:

This scooter is a complete premium package that comes with impressive specifications. 

These include the largest capacity removable battery, the ability to bear a max rider weight of 150 kgs, and an aggressive ride you’ll hear from far away.

The scooter offers an outstanding range and is undoubtedly one of the best. The scooters give an aesthetic, futuristic look that’ll make heads turn when you ride them on the streets. 

The build quality is excellent, and the scooter itself is very durable. This scooter is one of its kind, from the sleek cockpit to adjustable rubber suspension and sick lighting package.

The scooter ties with Apollo Phantom reaching a speed of 0 to 24km/h in just 2.1 seconds. 

The scooter features hydraulic dual brakes and dual elastomeric suspension, which makes it easy for the rider to control the scooter in case of an emergency stop.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best performance scooters out there.

Best Electric Scooters – Buyer’s Guide

Buying An Electric Scooter

Purchasing the right electric scooter that meets all your demands and requirements can be a challenging test due to the variety of options now available, both online and physically. 

Moreover, with a lot of factors to take into consideration, this task feels daunting. A good quality scooter can easily cost you somewhere between $500 to $2000. 

The guide below gives a complete range of how factors such as price, features, origin style, and even customer support play their part in making the right electric scooter.

Electric Scooter Categories

Budget Commuter ($300 To $600)

A subcategory of commuter electric scooters is an excellent choice for traveling shorter distances. These have a great build quality and offer a suitable range. 

These scooters can be used best if the path to travel is smooth and free from bumpy roads or steeper hills. These are portable and can be carried since they can be easily folded.

Performance Electric Scooters ($1200 To $1600)

These scooters either offer a significant speed or an extra-long range. Many of these scooters offer dual motors and sizable battery packs. 

At this price point, you’ll also be able to avail premium quality features such as tubeless pneumatic tires, powerful lights, turn signals, and hydraulic or semi-hydraulic brakes.

Extreme Performance Electric Scooters ($2500+)

Extreme scooters are top-of-the-line performers in every aspect except in portability. These are equipped with massive dual motors, which allow some to reach speeds above 64km/h. 

These come with extended range and battery life, hydraulically activated disc brakes, and top-notch suspension. 

These are great for off-roading, thanks to their massive-sized tires. These are the heaviest among all electric scooters categories; hence, portability is an issue here.

Electric Scooter Features

What are some other things that you should be aware of before making the final decision to buy an electric scooter? Now that we’ve discussed the types of scooters let’s shed some light on the features you should look for in your electric scooter.


A general rule is followed when discussing the price relation with quantity; quality increases as price increases. Of course, you won’t be able to buy an expert-level scooter at a price of $200.


The distance a scooter can travel before its battery runs out is called its range. The range depends on several factors such as motor power, rider’s weight, weather, mode, and average speed.

Sometimes the manufacturers tend to overestimate the range by 30% (proven by the 2018 electric scooter survey). 

Therefore, to stay on the safer side, a cautious rule of thumb is to divide whatever the manufacturer tells by two.

Like all other batteries, the performance of scooter batteries diminishes as time passes. This, in turn, affects the range your scooter will provide you with.

Most batteries will maintain their performance up to 300 to 500 charging cycles, with the top ones going around 1000, after which they start degrading. 

A tip you should know is that you can still kick to push it when your scooter runs out of battery, regardless of its size.


Weight can be a crucial aspect, especially if you must fold and carry your scooter regularly.

Most scooters with a range greater than 24 kilometers will weigh over 11kgs. Scooters that weigh above 14 kgs can be very difficult to carry for long durations. 

Having a shoulder or handlebar on your scooter can prove to be helpful as it’ll help the rider bear the weight.

However, if you’re someone who views the scooter as a means of recreational joyriding or beast mode off-roading and the weight of the scooter doesn’t concern you, the weight is not as important a factor as the top speed and build quality of the scooter.

 The weight should be considered if you’re looking for a commuter electric scooter that can solve the last mile problem on your regular route. 

For this, you should think about your commute and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will you need to walk upstairs?
  • Does your destination have an elevator?
  • Do you have permission and space to store your scooter inside (primarily in workplaces)?
  • Do you have alternate transportation when poor visibility and/or inclement weather occur?
  • Are you able to lift the scooter into a trunk?

Top Speed

Some riders do not consider their scooter’s top speed as necessary as long as the scooter reaches 24km/h. in fact, some municipalities have laws restricting riders from going above the 24km/h.

Motor Power

Adult electric scooters feature hub motors, which are brushless direct current (BLDC) electric motors that are reintegrated into the hub of the wheels. 

Powerful electric scooters come with dual motors, whereas some come with single motors.

These motors are rated based on the power they consume. This is expressed in units of watts; the more significant the motor’s power, the higher its wattage.

For adults, I do not recommend any motor with a wattage below 250 watts for commuting. 

If your commuting path has steeper hills, a 350 or 500 watts motor should be perfect for you. Even if your scooter has a motor of 500 watts, it still might slow down on medium-sized hills. 

Motors that are more powerful and consume more wattage are not only suitable for riding steeper hills but also aid when it comes to giving the scooter its top speed.

Best Electric Scooters – FAQs

Final Verdict – Wrapping It Up

Electric scooters are here to stay. They provide an efficient and convenient way to travel the final mile. Their energy usage is impressive, and they are also incredibly efficient. 

They have introduced a new and exciting way to travel short distances and considerably changed how humans travel. 

While buying an electric scooter for yourself or your loved one, ensure that you don’t waste money. Always look for what you are looking for in your scooter, and then purchase the scooter that is capable enough to fulfill your needs. And get proper protective gear, especially a helmet.

This way, you’ll save money and make a purchase that is worth the money and provides you with maximized return on investment.

Daniel Scott

Daniel Scott

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