Best Electric Skateboards 2023 – Budget to Premium

Here's a list of the best electric skateboards and not just in general, but also placed under a specific category so you can choose the best.
Best Electric Skateboards

Best Overall

Skatebolt Tornado II

Skatebolt Tornado II

High Performance

Backfire Zealot S

Backfire Zealot S

Smooth Ride

Meepo NLS Pro

Meepo NLS Pro

You might be looking for the best electric skateboards online and we know that it gets a little annoying to see different specs and features and then select the best ones for each category. Don’t worry as we’ve made this easier for you.

We’ve made a list of the best electric skateboards and not just in general, we’ve also placed them under a specific category so you can choose the one you need.

Let’s have a look at them!

Electric Skateboards – Comparison Table

Skatebolt Tornado II
Skatebolt Tornado II

Best Overall

Backfire Zealot S
Backfire Zealot S

Best High Performance

Meepo NLS Pro
Meepo NLS Pro

Best Smooth Ride

Maxfind Max2 Pro
Maxfind Max2 Pro

Best For Commuting

Meepo V4 Shuffle
Meepo V4 Shuffle

Best For Budget

WowGo 3X
WowGo 3X

Best Value

Backfire G3
Backfire G3

Best For Beginners

Maxfind FF-AT
Maxfind FF-Belt

Best For Carving

WowGo AT2
WowGo AT2

Best For All Terrain

Raldey Carbon G3
Raldey Carbon G3

Best Designed

Best Electric Skateboards 2023

1. Best Overall: Skatebolt Tornado II

Skatebolt Tornado II


  • Extraordinary Range
  • Aesthetic Design
  • Impressive Speed
  • Great Performance


  • Not suitable for hard carving
Speed25 MPH
Range25 Miles
Weight19 lbs
Motor2x 250W (Hub)
Dimension38*11 Inches
Warranty6 Months


A worthy mention is the Skatebolt Tornado II motorized skateboard. It brings interesting features to the table, including cruise control and four different riding modes for added flexibility.

This motorized skateboard isn’t too pricy at all – in fact, you’re getting solid value for your money all the way around with this one!

A total of 700 watts of motor power gives the Tornado II a top speed of 22 miles per hour. The Lithium-ion battery on the Pro version has a 7.5Ah capacity which allows you to get a 22-mile range per charge – excellent!

The wireless remote control is a little more feature-packed than most. An LCD screen display shows your current speed and how much battery you have left. You also have a cruise control/LED button and a speed mode toggle.

In our opinion, the Skatebolt Tornado II is a fantastic skateboard. This board has got it all, whether the speed, Range Looks, Durability, control, or other features. This is provided at a fraction of the cost compared to its competitor.

2. Best High Performance: Backfire Zealot S

Backfire Zealot S


  • Flexible desk
  • Changeable wheels for different options
  • Great value-for-money
  • Durable and reputable brand
  • High-performance board


  • No option to kick-push
Range19-24 Miles
Weight18.7 lbs
Motor2×875W (Belt)
Dimension39*9.3 inches
Warranty6 months


Backfire Boards are one of the best brands in the market for electric skateboards.

Backfire Zealot S is their highest-performance electric skateboard and has top features.

With a flexible deck and raised edges, it’s very comfortable to ride this e-board. The option to modify the wheels is also a plus. The 2 875W batteries supply enough power for the board to cover a high range of almost 24 miles at 30MPH.

With the belt motor installed in it, you can achieve high speeds, and this type makes the different parts replaceable too.

In our opinion, it is perfect for enjoyment and for school and college students. All these features with almost perfect range and speed make it the best in the market.

 3. Best Smooth Ride: Meepo NLS Pro

Meepo NLS Pro


  • Extra comfort
  • Reputable brand
  • Flexible deck
  • Regenerative braking
  • You can kick-push
  • Comes with all the tools needed for maintenance


  • Fewer wheel options to have
Range20 miles
Weight18.7 lbs
Motor2×540W (Hub)
Dimension38*9 inches
Warranty6 months


This company has upgraded its electric skateboard to be the best in having high power and providing comfort.

A flexible deck is best against jumps and for absorbing vibrations. The 2 540W Hub motors are perfect for a fast ride without loud noise.

Such a high speed for such a comfortable board is what most electric skateboard enthusiasts crave.

There are only specific types of wheels that you can use with this board, but it requires low maintenance is a significant advantage.

The regenerative braking system preserves energy while slowing down and makes the battery last longer.

Overall it is an incredible electric skateboard for people that prefer a smooth ride with sufficient power to generate a high speed. It’s a board that can be used on different terrains.

4. Best For Commuting: Maxfind Max2 Pro

Maxfind Max2 Pro


  • Great value-for-money
  • Advanced remote control
  • Shock, dust, waterproof for safety
  • Strong but lighter in weight
  • Regenerative braking


  • Less range
Speed24 MPH
Range15-21 miles
Motor2×600W (Hub)
Dimension31*10.6 inches
Warranty6 months


Maxfind Max2 Pro is one of the lightest electric skateboards. The 2 large 600 W hub motors provide enough power to reach a high speed of 24mph.

It is an electric skateboard that is quiet, and its small size makes it look like a mini surfboard. With glass and carbon fibers used to construct the deck of this board, it weighs only 15lbs which makes it easier to carry between flights.

Maxfind Max 2 Pro’s remote control is ergonomic and has three different modes designed for beginners and experts.

Sometimes the board can give less range, but with the regenerative braking system, a highly advanced feature makes the battery last longer.

In our opinion, this is a perfect board for students who are always in a hurry and want to roam around the campus. It’s also great for people who want a budget-friendly board with all the good specs with a safe and fun ride every time you use it.

5. Best For Budget: Meepo V4 Shuffle

Meepo V4 Shuffle


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Strong motors attached
  • Faster charging
  • Smooth ride


  • Not very easy to carry
Speed29 MPH
Range11 miles
Weight17.1 lbs
Motor2×620 W (Hub)
Dimension38*13 inches
Warranty6 months


The two 650 W motors give a smooth ride with strong acceleration. The electric skateboard hardly feels any jumps or vibrations when accelerating or braking, making it great for first-time users.

The top speed is fast enough to enjoy your ride fully while remaining within safety limits for beginners. It has an average range, but its fast charging ability provides enough energy to reuse it again and again.

This electric skateboard has an excellent built quality, showing that the company has years of experience in the market. The board is durable and can tolerate falls which are more common in the case of new riders.

Although the board is hard to carry, it’s not the worst board when we come to portability. Just don’t forget your charger when you travel to different places.

Overall, in our opinion, it is an incredible electric skateboard and can be utilized to the maximum for newbies. Excellent build quality with a good speed and fast charging ability makes it one of the best budget motorized skateboards.

6. Best Value: WowGo 3X

WowGo 3X


  • Flexible deck
  • Excellent customer service
  • Extra-fast shipping
  • Belt-drive motors


  • Batteries recharge slowly
Speed24 MPH
Range14 miles
Weight17 lbs
Motor2x600W (Belt)
Dimension38*9 inches
Warranty6 months


The dual belt drives in this electric skateboard provide outstanding acceleration and speed. The remote control has different speed modes, which you can adjust to your liking.

The deck of this board is flexible as it is made of fiberglass and bamboo. This flexibility makes it easy for the riders when take turns and a comfortable ride.

Paris Trucks on the front of this board are considered the best in the market by the longboard community. With these wheels and the flexible deck, you won’t experience any jumps or jolts.

It takes a little longer to charge than other electric skateboards but provides the speed to cover desired range.

To cut short, this board is more pricey than others, but the added extra features make it the perfect board for high speed and balance at the same time. A superb electric skateboard with excellent specs.

7. Best For Beginners: Backfire G3

Backfire G3


  • Outstanding speed, especially with Turbo mode
  • High range
  • Comfortable riding experience
  • Bright integrated LED lights


  • Not the best braking system
Speed29 MPH
Range18 miles
Weight17.6 lbs
Motor2×450W (Hub)
Dimension39*9.3 inches
Warranty6 months


This electric skateboard offers 3-speed modes and includes a turbo mode for pros that can easily take this e-board to 29mph. You can activate it again and again.

Two hub motors used in this board give it an outstanding range, and with the turbo mode activated, it can be increased even longer.

Glass fibers and bamboo are used in the deck, enhancing its flexibility, and the larger wheels provide a comfortable ride.

It has a sleek and elegant design, making it more suitable for reaching higher speeds. The braking system isn’t as efficient as the speeding one, but if you use this board safely.

In our opinion, this is budget-friendly and one of the best performers among all the different electric skateboards that have hub motors. Its excellent built quality and top-speed reaching capability make it the best for beginners.

8. Best For Carving: Maxfind FF-Belt

Maxfind FF Belt


  • Best for carving and sliding
  • Strong acceleration and uphill movement
  • Wheels can be modified
  • High build quality


  • Can’t kick push
Speed28 MPH
Range25 miles
Weight31 lbs
Motor2×1500 W (Belt)
Dimension41*12 inches
Warranty9 months


This electric skateboard is a powerhouse with incredible speed. The deck of this board is made of carbon fibers that continually respond to precise movements, which means that you’ll always feel in control.

Forgoing uphill, belt motors are the perfect choice as they provide a lot of power and versatility. The large wheels give extra grip to the ground, and you’ll feel fully stable even at full speed.

 The option to modify the wheels makes it an excellent choice for people that want to ride it on different terrains or off-road.

Maxfind FF belt has excellent built quality, and the battery can be enclosed.

Overall, this is an excellent board with a fantastic battery set that makes it a beast. All the features make it perfect for going uphill or even regular use, like going out on weekends or commuting to work.

9. Best For All-Terrain: WowGo AT2

Wowgo AT2


  • Great value for money
  • Modify it as you want with lots of options
  • High Water resistance
  • Advanced remote controller


  • The board is heavy
Speed25 MPH
Range22 miles
Weight30 lbs
Motor2×1500 W (Belt)
Dimension38*9 inches
Warranty9 months


The speed of this electric skateboard with this range is exceptional, depending upon the rider’s weight. One prominent feature is that the voltage sag is very minimal, making the battery last longer. If all the external conditions are expected, it has a great range.

A vast range of modifications can be tried with this e-board, and you can use different types of wheels for different types of terrains. Its high performance within this price range is remarkable.

You can turn this motorized skateboard with your remote control, which makes your ride more comfortable. You don’t have to bend your body in various positions to make turns.

This board is thick and difficult to carry, but the facility of traveling at such a high speed with all the features makes the rider bear its weight.

In our opinion, this was and still is the best all-terrain electric skateboard. You can select the correct type of wheels and gears for your board and change it.

10. Best Designed: Raldey Carbon G3

Raldey Carbon G3


  • Comfortable riding experience
  • Airless, all-terrain, rubber tires
  • Easy to control through the remote


  • Smaller deck size
Speed28.5 MPH
Range18.6 miles
Weight15.6 lbs
Motor2 x 900W (Belt)
Dimension38.5*9 inches
Warranty6 months


A unique feature of this board is the airless rubber tires which make this board usable on different terrains. Another feature related to these wheels is that they are available in both small and large sizes, which provides the rider to play with the speed to torque ratio of the board.

The tread on the wheels is great for paved roads and helpful on grass or dirt tracks.

You can auto on the electric skateboard by the remote control itself. This feature might seem normal or not so big, but trust me, the effort to pick up the board and turn the button is sometimes annoying.

The deck of this electric skateboard is stiff, which means that there is little flexibility during rides. However, this is suitable for different terrains as it maintains your balance and gives you an even more comfortable ride.

This board’s acceleration and climbing ability are great, and the brakes are just as good. There is no jerking movement, and the acceleration is gradual, which means that you won’t feel any pushing movements while speeding up.

The board is small for people over 6 feet in height, but all the other features are great for normal use.

Overall, this is a well-designed electric skateboard that will give you a smooth ride and can be used on different terrains.

Best Electric Skateboards – Buyer’s Guide

Suppose you’re looking to buy your first electric skateboard. In that case, this buyer’s guide will help you look at all the various aspects of an e-board that you should look at before purchasing a new one.

The following things are the ones to look at and the different features of choosing the right type of electric skateboard for the right category.

How We Choose

These are the features that we consider while selecting the types of electric skateboard

1. Speed And Range

The two components that are always to look at are speed and range. A good electric skateboard has to have a good speed and range ratio to get benefit from your investment.

It depends on the reason for what you are buying that you will get an electric skateboard with a greater range or a greater speed.

We’ve mostly selected those boards with different speed modes varying from eco mode to turbo modes depending on the situation.

2. Build Quality

When you buy an electric skateboard, we understand that you put in effort and money. If the motorized skateboard isn’t built well, its lifespan decreases, and all this investment goes to waste.

For this reason, we’ve selected those electric skateboards that have an excellent build quality and can suffer falls. You get a lot of quality time with an e-board with excellent build quality.

This also has an impact on the performance of your board. High performance for a board is only guaranteed if it has a good build quality.

3. Price

The price or budget matters a lot. The most for beginners. If you’re starting your electric skateboard journey, you won’t have ample money to spend on your first purchase.

It’s also advised that you shouldn’t spend a huge amount of money on something that you’re not familiar with. You should select a board in the middle, and as you proceed with riding these e-boards, you can select those with more features at an increased price.

When you go for a not that expensive board, you don’t have to worry about money, and you can focus on the enjoyment part more.

We’ve included a particular category for beginners as the best for budget. Suppose you’re a pro and are looking to buy something without thinking of the money. In that case, some high-budget boards are also available in our selections.

4. Warranty

Brands offering products that have good build quality offer warranty on them so that the buyer is assured that the company will take care of this in case of any damage.

We consider this point as most buyers want some compensation in case of any problem with their product. This provides the buyers with peace of mind as they can easily enjoy their rides without the fear of paying a considerable amount of money if the electric skateboard has a fault.

We keep the warranty details transparent so the buyers can have a clear idea of the service that a specific company is offering.

A good warranty is almost 3 to 6 months long. If a company offers an extended warranty, they are more confident about their excellent product. It isn’t the measure of the build quality of an electric skateboard. Still, it surely is a good indicator of a trustable company.

5. Brand

The brand of an electric skateboard says a lot about the product. If you’re a beginner or a pro, you want the best source for your electric skateboard. Reputable brands put a lot of effort into making the best items for their customers.

We select those brands that are the best in business and have the best customer reviews. You should always go for that brands that always leave their customers satisfied.

Brands that have been in the electric skateboard industry for years offer special perks to their clients and make the best products.

Things To Consider

1. Reason For Buying

Yes, we all know that electric skateboards are a lot of fun to ride, but they also have different purposes. For this reason, a specific electric skateboard is best for its category.

When you know the reason for buying an e-board, choosing the right one gets more manageable.

For this reason, we’ve mentioned the best service that an electric skateboard will provide you to choose the e-board which is the best for you.

2. Budget

A significant factor for new buyers or even pros is the budget. You need to spend the right amount of money on the right thing to prevent you from constantly worrying about spending too much money.

You have to look at the value for money. A thing shouldn’t be just bought. It looks cool because it has a high price tag. There are different e-boards according to different price ranges, and the one that suits you well is the one you should select.

Using your budget for the right thing gives you a lot of choices to put your money on other things.

3. Protective Gear

The value of protective gear to be there with an electric skateboard is known by all-electric skateboard enthusiasts. Life is uncertain, and you never know when you may fall or get injured.

With protective gear on you, getting bruises, road rash, or broken bones decreases.

Having protective gear with you while riding your board is even more important to consider if you are a beginner.

Well-known brands include protective gear such as helmets and paddings, which you can get from their website.

Features To Look For

1. Battery Life

What you need to look at the most when buying a good electric skateboard is its battery. Battery life is crucial for long traveling and especially if you’re commuting.

Various new brands sell cheap electric skateboards, and they usually cut costs on batteries. It is the most expensive component of your electric skateboard.

The first thing you should do is look at how much you are planning to travel on your electric skateboard. A long-distance ride will obviously require more battery power. If you compromise on this, you might have to stop to recharge it, and this gets annoying most of the time.

The battery capacity is measured in Watt-hours. You can calculate by simply multiplying the battery voltage and amp-hours.

2. Water And Dust Resistance

Suppose you’re riding an electric skateboard of average quality, and it starts to rain, or the weather gets harsh. In that case, you pack up your board and probably go home or wait for it to stop.

The case is different if you’re spending too much on a premium quality electric skateboard. You want to protect the vital parts like the motor and the battery from being protected from rain and dust as they might disturb their proper functioning.

The reputable brands keep this in mind and have a water and dust-resistant seal to protect the crucial parts of your electric skateboard.

You can check your product before buying it whether it has weather resistance or not by the brand’s IP rating. You don’t need to worry if an electric skateboard has no IP rating. It’s just a test, so the board is weather resistant if it isn’t there. However, the company has not tested this scientifically yet.

3. Durability

The durability of an electric skateboard depends upon the build quality and the type of materials used to make it. Usually, well-known companies focus more on making the right piece of you that will tolerate minor accidents or falls.

Different companies use different materials in their deck, which increases the durability, and you can have the peace of mind to travel.

You should always select the durability level of a board before selecting the one you would buy. You can also look up on the internet where people test various brands for their durability.

Some companies even test their own boards through various tests and put up the results for the customers to see.

All the boards mentioned above are of high quality, which means that they are durable. Selecting the right company also tells you about the durability of an electric skateboard.

4. Weight And Weight Limit

Another important feature when buying an electric skateboard is its weight. Imagine a scenario where the battery of your electric skateboard dies out, or the weather conditions get too hard for riding an electric skateboard, and you have to pick up your e-board. You don’t want your board to be so heavy that you get tired of carrying it.

Another benefit of having an electric skateboard is when you travel to different places and decide you bring your board along. Now you want something portable. If your board is too heavy, it makes an extra worry to take it with you.

Several airlines also have a weight limit. If your board is heavier than that, you might not enjoy the riding experience you planned on a trip.

Likewise, the weight limit that your board can tolerate is also variable. An average electric skateboard can only carry people with a weight of 70kg. If you weigh higher than this, you need a good quality skateboard. Different companies tell you about the weight limit and weight of the board through their specs, and you should consider it when buying a board for you.

5. Customer Support

It’s essential to consider customer support when buying an electric skateboard. Customer support helps you deal with several problems and decide what is best for you.

E-boards are easy to manage most of the time, but they require maintenance just like every other item. For this purpose, customer support is necessary, and it helps you carry out these tasks reasonably easily.

Although the brands that have 24/7 customer support available charge a little more on their e-boards, this extra perk helps customers get out of situations they can’t handle. Getting extra parts for modification also gets easier when you have this help around.

6. Price

The price of electric skateboards can vary from unit to unit. If you have a clear idea of your budget and the price you’re going to spend, the way you spend your money will improve.

If you know what you want according to your budget, you can eliminate a lot of options and select what’s right for you. This will also save your time looking for $2000+ boards that you’re not even going to buy.

Most of the boards mentioned above vary from medium to high prices. This is done so that the new buyers, as well as the ones that have decided to make a bigger investment, are satisfied as well.

Best Electric Skateboards – FAQs

Below are the frequently asked questions that will increase your knowledge about electric skateboards and provide you with the best electric skateboarding experience.

Let’s begin!

Final Verdict – Wrapping It Up

This discussion brings us to our final verdict. The electric skateboard industry has grown in the past few years. Many brands have popped out, and we can’t say that a single one is now dominating the market.

We’ve provided the best skateboards above related to separate categories. The best overall electric skateboard this year, as mentioned above, is Skatebolt Tornado II.

However, there are other options available too. Electric skateboards are a great option to have with you, and they are an excellent source of transport.

In the end, always make sure that you must have protective gear on whenever you ride an electric skateboard. This greatly helps in having a safer ride that is beneficial for you and the community.

Enjoy your ride to the fullest!

Jason Mayfield

Jason Mayfield

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