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Best Off-Road Electric Skateboards 2024 – Ultimate Guide

Best Off-Road Electric Skateboards

Off-roading is a thrilling way to get around, and electric skateboards are the best way to do it. Let’s have a look at the best ones.

Best Overall

WowGo AT2

WowGo AT2+

Best Value

Backfire Ranger X2

Backfire Ranger X2

Best Budget

Meepo Hurricane

Meepo Hurricane

Well, if you’re someone who craves all this, this is the perfect article for you. After hours of research, I’ll be providing information regarding the best Off-Road electric skateboards being offered in the market, and I’m sure that by the end of this article, you would’ve figured out what’s best for you. Let’s get right to it!

Best Off-Road Electric Skateboards 2024

1. WowGo AT2+

Check WowGo AT2


  • Smart Turn-On and Off
  • Use Any Wheels
  • Stable and comfortable deck


  • Not very good stock wheel setups
Max Load
Battery Size14Ah

Why We Recommend It:

The main reason behind the WowGo AT2+ being the best overall electric skateboard in this category is its excellent build quality. It has a great build. 

The deck shape, the material used to build it, the double kingpin trucks, pneumatic wheels, and shock-absorbing grip tape are some features that make it stand out amongst the others. 

The skateboard is all-terrain, meaning you can ride to school or work whenever you want and take a short trip into the woods or beach. Talking about one of the most important components of an electric skateboard, the deck, it’s impressive.

It is a composite of bamboo, Fiberglass, and Canadian maple. The unique mix of maple and bamboo gives the deck a perfect rigidity and bounce middle ground. 

This allows the deck to absorb any cracks and bumps that come in its way without making the rider feel any. The Fiberglass adds extra strength to the deck, making it strong so that it doesn’t snap while you’re riding it.

The wheels on the skateboard are 175mm pneumatic tires. Fortunately, you’re not limited to these two wheels. The skateboard is belt-driven, so you can customize your skateboard by replacing the default tires with whatever tires you want.

2. Backfire Ranger X2

Check Backfire Ranger X2


  • Most powerful hub motors on the market
  • Smart turn-on feature
  • Accent tail lights


  • No wheels swap possible
  • Pretty heavy
Range18.5 miles
Max Load
Battery Size50.4V 454 Wh
Warranty6 Months

Why We Recommend It:

Packed with a massive battery, this skateboard can handle any terrain you wish to ride it at. 

Talking about the wheels on this skateboard, one of the most essential components when it comes to skateboards, they’re airless, 6.5 inches and are made with special rubber offering a honeycomb structure. 

The rubber helps with shock absorption, offering the user a more comfortable riding experience.

Talking about the motor, the skateboard offers a dual-motor system that provides 2400 watts of power to run this beast. The battery is a 50.4V 454Wh battery. 

Together these two components provide the skateboard with an impressive range of 16-22 miles and a top speed of 22mph. 

One of the features of the skateboard that makes it exceptional is the fact that it is sealed, which means you will not have to stress about debris, sand, and dirt getting inside. 

Moreover, the board is dust and water-resistant. The Ranger X2 offers the rider a flexible, specially curved deck which is loved by those who ride the skateboard for the first time. 

This deck reduces vibrations, and shock absorption is also better, which helps in riding off the road. This skateboard is a bit pricy, but its features and quality at this price tag are justifiable.

3. Meepo Hurricane

Check Meepo Hurricane


  • Affordable
  • Great speed
  • Powerful motors


  • Powerful motors
Weight15.4 kgs
Max Load
Battery Size
Warranty1 Year

Why We Recommend It:

Shedding some light on the board’s deck quality, Meepo Hurricane uses the T700 Carbon Fiber double-drop deck. The deck comes with a built-in top access electronic compartment. 

This type of fiber is commonly used in drone cameras. The fiber is strong and reduces the probability of the deck getting cracked. Talking about the electronic compartment, it comes with a giant battery with a 12s4p configuration using Molicel P42A. 

This cell is considered one of the best in the market. Coming toward the tires, the skateboard makes use of LingYi ESC tires. A set of 3500w belt motors powers these. 

With these motors powering the skateboard, it can achieve an impressive top speed of 35mph, one of the fastest speeds any skateboard can reach. So if you’re someone who has a need for speed, you should definitely consider this option.

With great speed, the Meepo Hurricane offers excellent speed control. It offers 4 speed modes, which are intuitive and smooth, giving the rider a comfortable riding experience. 

For casual riding, modes 1 and 2 are better and should be used if you’re a beginner. On the other hand, modes 3 and 4 offer tremendous power. Another benefit of having 4 different driving modes is that you can choose between gentle and firm braking.

4. Maxfind FF-AT

Check Maxfind FF-AT


  • Quick-swap battery compartment
  • Huge rubber wheels reduce feet fatigue
  • Rubber grip tape and carry handle


Max Load
Battery Size12S3P 376Wh

Why We Recommend It:

The Maxfind FF-AT is an electric skateboard with excellent features that improve your riding experience. To name a few, these features include quick-swap battery, auto-start, and puncture-free tires. 

The skateboard’s great for riding as it offers impressive comfort to the rider and won’t cause any discomfort regardless of how uneven and imperfect your path might be. 

The tires are all-terrain, meaning they can be used as an all-purpose skateboard for commuting and off-roading. First and foremost, the deck is 42″ long and made of Fiberglass and Polyphenylene Sulfide, making it durable and flexy. 

Moreover, the deck is the component that serves as a protection unit for all those fragile components from any dust, debris, and dirt. The top of the deck offers a rubber grip which makes it great. 

Another excellent feature that deserves appreciation is the quick swap battery feature. All you need to do is that you turn up the latch, pull the plate up, and boom. 

Just like that, you can easily access the battery without any hassle. Change the battery and get that extended range you need for long trips. If you think that this board is a little extreme for you, you can check out the Maxfind FF Plus.




  • Airless AT wheels
  • You can use any wheels you want
  • The board starts automatically just by the push of a button


  • Wheels aren’t pneumatic
Range18.6 miles
Max Load
Battery Size14Ah 10S4P Sanyo

Why We Recommend It:

The deck on Radley V2 is a 35″ carbon fiber, fully enclosed, and is a unibody deck. The wheels on this skateboard are all-terrain rubber tires. 

These are available in 2 sizes, 165mm and 195mm. Here you will have to face a tradeoff while making a choice about the tires you go with. 

Smaller tires offer more torque but at the expense of decreased top speed. On the other hand, the larger tires offer a higher top speed and decreased torque. 

One feature about the tires that I’d like to discuss is that they are all-terrain, which means that one can ride them anywhere, be it paved roads, dirt, or grass. These won’t compromise the riding experience.

Radley V2 has dual 6368 belt-drive motors with a rated power output of 1500 W each and a hobby wing ESC with minor customization tweaks. 

One of the best features I liked the most about the ESC and the remote is its auto turn-on feature. 

This means that the board turns on automatically just by the push of your finger. All you have to do is turn the remote on and give the board a little push to start the ride automatically.

The acceleration on the skateboard is excellent. The curve is reliable and smooth.

6. Ownboard Bamboo AT

Check Ownboard Bamboo AT


  • Flexy deck and battery enclosure
  • Interchangeable wheels
  • Pneumatic and airless stock tire options
  • Great value-for-money


  • No shock-absorbing grip tape
Speed24 mph
Range19 miles
Max Load
Battery Size10S5P 522Wh

Why We Recommend It:

As always, talking about the deck, the Ownboard Bamboo AT used a flexible, broad deck made from bamboo, Fiberglass, and Canada maple that comes with an aggressive concave. 

Ownboard Bamboo AT features a double drop deck which lowers the ride height making the ride more comfortable, which is needed when riding off-road. 

There’s a flexible plastic enclosure below the deck which makes it durable enough to protect the board from any scratches. 

The wheels on this skateboard are both 6″ airless honeycomb wheels, and the 120 mm cloudwheels allows the skateboard to go off-road.

The two 6368, 170Kv, 1500 motors are powerful enough to be sufficient for most riders. The large wheels on the skateboard allow for a safer and smoother riding experience.

7. Evolve Bamboo GTR

Check Evolve Bamboo GTR


  • Precise and smooth carving
  • Big and super grippy
  • Feel awesome to carve


  • The board is heavy
Speed24 Mph
Range18-20 miles
Max Load
Battery Size14Ah
Warranty6 months

Why We Recommend It:

The Evolve Bamboo GTR All-Terrain model is a power warehouse and is the best for experienced riders who wish to upgrade to a better off-road skateboard. 

The skateboard offers 7inc all-terrain wheels, ceramic precision bearings, and a dual 1500-watt motor. 

The wheels do not need maintenance from time to time as they are pneumatic. However, this doesn’t mean the ride won’t be comfortable. 

The ride is very smooth and comfortable. The battery comes with a custom battery management system and is large at 14 Ah.

The board is constructed in a way that is durable, attractive, and appealing to the eyes. 

As the name suggests, the board has been made from 3-ply bamboo and 2-ply Fiberglass. The forged trucks are made for carving. 

The board is excellent for hill rides, and what makes this board special is its hill grade. In its GTR mode, it can easily handle hills with an impressive 30% gradient. 

Moreover, going up to steeper hills is further improved thanks to the battery redesign. Now the board won’t stop and go into ECO mode when it’s working hard.

8. ONSRA Black Carve AT 2

Check ONSRA Black Carve AT 2


  • Insanely fast
  • Long-range capabilities
  • Shock-absorbing grip tape
  • Interchangeable wheel


  • Low flexibility
Range32 miles
Max Load
Battery Size

Why We Recommend It:

Talking about the deck of this skateboard, it is about 100 cm long, which allows a more standing space and comfort for the rider. 

The shape of the concave is excellent as well. The wheels are offered in two sizes (150mm and 115mm 74A), both of which are pneumatic and comfortable. 

The battery on this skateboard is 648Wh, 21700 Samsung 50E, 12S3P, and 15Ah, which is more than enough for someone like me who doesn’t go on long rides. 

The battery charger offers 2.5A, and it charges from empty to full in about 7 hours, similar to other ones offered in the market. 

This board stands out amongst other boards offered in the market regarding aesthetics. The Original Black Carve’s enclosure looks nice, but I like the matte finish the most.

9. Halo Board Beast Gen 2

Check Halo Board Beast 2


  • Regenerative brakes
  • Tackles incline of up to 25 degrees
  • Fast charging


  • A little expensive
Max Load286lbs
Battery Size10.4Ah
Warranty6 months

Why We Recommend It:

For the Halo Board Beast Gen 2, You will have to buy a different wheelset to turn this all-terrain electric longboard into an all-terrain ride. The set comes with 8 bearings, 120 mm wheels, and 4 spacers. 

Once you have this wheelset, you’re good to go. Now you have a significant premium off-road skateboard that’ll provide you with optimum performance and a unique offroad experience while riding it. 

This skateboard offers a dual Direct-Drive brushless motor that supplies the skateboard with a massive 3200 watts of power. The Halo Board Beast is also impressive at 25 miles per charge, thanks to the 10.4Ah battery.

This range is impressive and is perfect for off-road rides, be it on the beach, forest, or wherever off-road you wish to cruise. The charging time is also exceptional; the battery can be charged from empty to full in just 4 to 5 hours. 

Moreover, the “fire-safe” battery feature offers a reliable and safe riding experience. The skateboard comes with a UL-certified charger along with the remote and T-tool.

The Halo Board Beast 2 is made from maple with a carbon fiber blend battery case, providing excellent durability. The case offers protection and keeps the battery safe on rough terrain. The long deck offers a smooth ride and helps with stability. 

10. Apsuboard GTRS

Check Apsuboard GTRS


  • Very powerful
  • Unique mountain board riding style
  • Very grippy AT wheels for traction
  • Dampening trucks to increase comfort


  • Heavy and cumbersome to move around
Range25 miles
Max Load150kgs
Battery SizeSamsung, 35E, 17.5Ah
Warranty3 months

Why We Recommend It:

The skateboard allows the rider to choose whichever mode they wish to ride the skateboard in. the skateboard offers 4 speed modes. 

Slow mode, being the first one, offers a maximum speed of 10miles/hour. Intermediate mode follows the slow mode and provides the rider with a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. 

This is followed by the fastest mode, which provides a maximum acceleration of 31.5 miles per hour. 

These modes allow the rider to better customize their riding experience according to their needs which is a great advantage.

Moreover, the skateboard comes with all-terrain rubber times, which are 8inches in size and are made of Aluminum Alloy Hub. 

Another great feature this skateboard offers is its regenerative braking which allows the scooter to generate power as you press the brakes. 

The skateboard is entirely waterproof, which means you won’t have to worry about any damage while riding in the rain.

Best Off-Road Electric Skateboards – Buyer’s Guide

What Are You Looking For?

The first question you must ask yourself before buying an off-road electric skateboard is what you are looking for in a skateboard and what you want it to deliver. 

Do you go on long-distance rides, or are you a regular commuter? Do you like to go off-road with your skateboard, or are you someone who has a need for speed and is looking for a skateboard that can quench your thirst if speed?

How tall are you, and what is your weight? Yes, these are the questions that you must find the answer to, and then look for an electric skateboard that suits all your needs.

Performance Specs 

You should look for these features in your skateboard before making the final choice.


Regarding speed, you need to look at both the acceleration power and the speed your skateboard can provide. 

If you’re looking for a skateboard for off-road riding, you should look for a skateboard with higher acceleration power over speed.

Top speed can be ignored here because you’ll hardly hit that top speed mark on rough and bumpy tracks.

You should consider speed if you have a need for speed and ride on roads where you can reach that top speed.


This is one of the most important aspects to consider while purchasing an electric skateboard. 

Of course, you’d want a skateboard that’ll provide you with a maximum range, so you don’t have to worry about your skateboard’s battery running out midway.

However, we’re limited to 30 miles of maximum range. Some exceptions offer a greater range than this but come at a high price tag. 



Talking about the deck, there are some other things you should consider when it comes to a skateboard deck. These include the shape, length, and flexibility of the deck.


Explaining what this means is a bit difficult, so I’ll go into the details on this one. Summarizing, the concave of the deck’s width and the convex length is referred to as the deck’s shape. 

I know you might be confused after hearing the above definition. Let’s get right to explaining it.

Your deck can have all types of structures. The three most common of these are concave, w-concave, and flat. 

Flat, as the name suggests, is entirely the same level across the deck.

A concave deck is when the edges are slightly raised above the center of the deck. The concave of the deck helps the rider feel locked into the deck. 

This provides more foot leverage to the rider and increases the ride’s stability. Talking about the last type of shape, W-concave is quite similar to the concave but has an added ridge in the middle of the deck. 

This allows for increased control of the deck and is designed in a way that helps mold the deck to the natural shape of your feet.

Generally, the more flexible a deck is, the more shock-absorbing properties it has.


There’s a wide variety of options available if you’re looking for wheels for your all-terrain skateboard. This has both an advantage and a disadvantage.

The disadvantage is that buyers are prone to confusion when there’s a wide variety of options available. 

On the other hand, this comes with an advantage because now you have greater options to choose from. You can choose whatever wheels suit your needs and requirement.

Pneumatic tires are the most popular tires when it comes to these skateboards. These tires come in sizes of 6″ or 8″. Moreover, these are rubber inflatable tires.

One benefit of these pneumatic tires is that you can fill them up according to the desired tire pressure that suits you.

The downside, however, is that these tires require some maintenance. For optimum results, you’d have to check tire pressure every time before you head out on a ride. 

A puncture repair kit is something you should also carry to avoid any hassle if your tire gets punctured.

The other type of tires popular for skateboards are rubber, airless tires. Each tire comes with a different design but simply stated, they create a structure of rubber that is just like the structure of compression of regular tires. 

These are great since you won’t have to worry about these getting punctured. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about the tire pressure, which makes it very convenient.

The downside of this tire type is that you won’t be able to amount of compression to change the riding style.

The last wheel type, although not all-terrain, still deserves mention. These are Cloud wheels. These are great for riding on-road and do a great job of absorbing road vibrations.


The bigger the battery, the longer the range your skateboard provides you. 

The main spec while looking for a battery is Watts/hours (Wh), which is the battery’s capacity and is linked directly to the skateboard’s range.


There are two commonly used motors in skateboards: belt-drive and hub motors. Hub wheels are in-wheel motors that directly turn the wheel. 

These are excellent at their job as they are quiet and don’t require any maintenance. However, these tend to have less performance than the belt motors.

Belt motors are powerful and outperform hub motors regarding top speed and acceleration. Moreover, belt motors allow you to customize your skateboard. 

You can change your gearing ratio and wheel with a small effort to give you a completely different riding experience.

Best Off-Road Electric Skateboards – FAQs

Final Verdict – Wrapping It Up

Previously, electric skateboards were considered a means to ride in urban environments. This, however, has changed now. With an all-terrain or off-road electric skateboard, you can now ride on rough terrain without worrying about the well-being of your skateboard.

I hope the above information makes it easier for you to decide which skateboard you should buy. Just ensure that you look for a skateboard according to your needs. As mentioned at the start of the buyer’s guide, put your money into something that meets your needs and requirements. 

Make the right choice to ensure that you receive maximized return on your investment. Whatever choice you make, ride safely. Happy Riding!

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