Best Onewheel Electric Skateboards 2023 – Reviewed

Best Onewheel Electric Skateboards

Best Overall

Onewheel Pint X

Onewheel Pint X

Best For Budget

The Trotter

The Trotter

High Performance

Onewheel GT

Onewheel GT

You must have noticed people riding Onewheel hoverboards on roads and thought, how are they riding them? and now you want your own board to ride. This might be difficult as looking for different products online is a hectic job. But you can rely on us to provide you with all the information needed to get the Best Onewheel Electric Skateboard.

We’ll be telling each and everything about different one-wheel electric skateboards under their particular category, and these will range from expensive to even budget ones.

In this article, we’ve covered the best products in the onewheel category from brands that are experts in the business. Every detail is available, so you can sit back and go through the details and select what suits you the most.

Best OneWheel – Comparison Table

Onewheel Pint X
Onewheel Pint X

Best Overall

The Trotter
The Trotter

Best For Budget

Onewheel GT
Onewheel GT

Best High Performance

Onewheel+ XR
Onewheel+ XR

Best Smooth Ride

Unicool D2
Unicool D2

Best Value

SK8ONE Onewheel
SK8ONE Onewheel

Best For Beginners

Best Onewheel Electric Skateboards 2023

1. Best Overall: Onewheel Pint X

Onewheel Pint X


  • No remote control required
  • Simple stop technology
  • Magnetic handle available for easy transport
  • Can be modified as you like


  • Quite expensive
Speed16 MPH
Range18 miles
Weight27 lbs
Max Load275 lbs
Battery148 Wh
WarrantyOne Year


Controlling a one-wheel board by a remote control gets annoying sometimes as you have to focus on the remote in your hand and the road. This doesn’t happen when you’re on one wheel pint x. You just have to lean your body forwards or backward, and you can control the board’s movement. 

Similarly, braking isn’t difficult too. A unique mechanism installed in this board is known as simple stop technology. This makes dismounting from the board a lot easier. 

A magnetic handle is present, making the transport less worrying, and the board is always in your control.

The wheel pint x is an excellent board because the option to customize it gives the rider full authority over the board, and you can add or replace parts the way you like. 

In our opinion, one-wheel pint x is a board that deserves the price tag and respect it has. It’s easy to use, and you have control over the movements and the ability to modify the board.

2. Best For Budget: The Trotter

The Trotter


  • A good option for less budget
  • Rubber footpads for grip
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Less range and speed
Speed13 MPH
Range7 miles
Weight31 lbs
Max Load265 lbs
Battery211 Wh
WarrantyNo Info


The trotter is a board made in China and is supplied in bulk from Alibaba to the rest of the world. It’s an excellent board for beginners who just want to start riding on one wheel before getting anything serious. 

Some people might claim that the trotter might not be that comfortable, but the rubber footpads are present for grip, and with regular use of the board, the rider gets more comfortable on it, and the ride gets smoother on it. 

The best thing about this board is that it comes at a lower price than other boards, and so this way, a beginner with a low budget can use this and will have no trouble with its less range or speed as they don’t want them at the start.

This board is excellent for freshies as they want to spend little money to get one wheel at first. After getting some experience, they can look for something better in the market.

3. Best High Performance: Onewheel GT

Onewheel GT


  • Long-lasting one wheel
  • High torque along with speed and range
  • Large battery gives more performance
  • Wide terrain compatibility


  • Very expensive
Speed20 MPH
Range20-32 miles
Weight35 lbs
Max Load250 lbs
Battery525 Wh
WarrantyOne Year


Onewheel GT is termed one of the best one-wheel boards in the market. Its high range and speed make it the best board for traveling long distances. It’s one of the boards that are recommended by pro riders.

The high torque gives it the ability to make quick turns, increasing the board’s performance so that the rider can quickly change their direction. 

Its large battery makes it a beast in the market as it provides excellent power output to the motor and hence the board itself. All its features make it the perfect choice if you want to test the board on terrains other than streets or flat roads.

Yes, we can agree that this might be expensive for beginners, but it is a great device that makes it worth the money. 

In our opinion, you should select the board if you’re a pro and are looking for a board that will take you to long ranges without draining the battery quickly.

4. Best Smooth Ride: Onewheel+ XR

Onewheel+ XR


  • Highly durable product
  • Reputable brand
  • Requires less maintenance
  • High performance


  • A little bit expensive
Speed19 MPH 
Range12-18 miles
Weight27 lbs
Max Load275 lbs
Battery324 Wh
WarrantyOne Year


Onewheel XR is one of the best one-wheel electric skateboards available. The company is reputable and has a big name which tells that the customers are always satisfied with their product. 

The board gives high performance and provides the customer with value for money. The board requires less maintenance, and you only need to change a few parts, and you can use it for many years. This is a significant advantage as this makes the user worry less. 

Although the board may seem expensive, the price is justified as you can get the most durable product with a high range and speed. Its large size, and these specs, make it a suitable brand for different terrains so you can experience rides in various areas.

This board gives an unforgettable ride every time you jump on it and is fun with all the safety measures like LED lights installed on it, making the other drivers and riders careful around you.

In our opinion, this board is best for commute workers. If you decide to spend your money on something big, we can guarantee that by selecting this one wheel, you will feel that you made the right choice as overall, it’s an excellent value for money, giving such a high-quality performance.

5. Best Value: Unicool D2

Unicool D2


  • Durable board
  • Front and tail lights
  • Gyroscope attached
  • Not expensive


  • Less power and torque
Speed14 MPH
Range10 miles
Weight27 lbs
Max Load220 lbs
Battery211 Wh
WarrantyNo Info


The uncool D2 is a sleeker board and has metal frames that make it durable. This means that riders who don’t have much experience riding one wheel can use this one as this will last longer and can suffer any potential accidents. 

The lights on the front and back are great for safety, especially in areas where it’s dark or at night. These lights tell other vehicles about your presence to remain out of the danger zone. 

Another good thing about the board is that gyroscopes are attached, making the movement much more manageable. These devices are the main reason to maintain your balance on the board while moving it in different directions.

Although it may seem that the board supplies less power or torque, it has a lower price tag, so these specs are perfect for newbies that don’t want to make a significant investment. 

In our opinion, this board is excellent for freshers and trying to get some experience before buying an expensive one-wheel. You will have great specs available at a lower price.

6. Best For Beginners: SK8ONE Onewheel

SK8ONE Onewheel


  • Smart and sleek design
  • Led lights available
  • All-terrain one wheel board


  • Less durable
Speed12.5 MPH
Range12 miles
Weight22 lbs
Max LoadNo Info
BatteryNo Info
WarrantyNo Info


This board has been designed so that it has special sensors on it, which help the rider be more comfortable on top and have better control over the board.

Led lights are also available on the board, making it user-friendly, and the rider can also use it at night. This is also a safer option for beginners and tells other drivers about your presence; it also gives the board a unique design.

This board is great for amateurs that are looking for something to get their practice on. The best way to use this one wheel electric skateboard is to get enough practice on it and after you’ve done so, you can resell it for a great value. After you’ve practiced enough, a larger investment can be made which will have better specs.

A significant advantage of this board is that you can ride it on multiple terrains, so you don’t have to worry that this might only be for roads or streets. This all-terrain feature of the board justifies its high price as it makes it versatile.

In our opinion, this board is great for riding on different terrains and not only roads. It’s a must-have board for riders out there as it comes with great specs overall.

Best Onewheel Electric Skateboards – Buyer’s Guide

The products which are the best in the market are listed above. However, it’s not only these details that help you select the perfect onewheel electric skateboard.

This buyer’s guide will provide you with the general information, the necessary factors for buying your onewheel board, and reasons for buying.

Let’s jump right into the details!

Features to look for

1. Battery Life

This is one of the most important features if you want to cover a good range on your onewheel hoverboard. A good quality onewheel board has a battery that takes less time to recharge and has high ouatput.

For example, the Onewheel+XR can travel up to 12-18 miles when fully charged. The time taken to recharge it for another trip is only 40 minutes. This feature makes it one of the best on wheels on the market.

Many factors affect the battery life of a onewheel, like the weight of the rider, its charging level, and the direction of movement. If these factors are balanced, the battery life increases significantly.

The one wheels mentioned above have excellent battery life for traveling long distances. It is to be noted that the one wheels are excellent for riding uphill but this does put a strain on the board’s battery which is to be then compromised. This is why a larger battery is needed to help you in these situations.

2. Reputable And Safe

We understand that when you invest your money into something, you look for something reputable and safe. You should always select the best company that has been in the market for quite a time.

The onewheel hoverboards selected are all manufactured by reputable brands, which guarantees that the products are safe and durable. This gives you the freedom to enjoy your rides with ease as you don’t have to worry about maintaining your onewheel.

Many well-known companies also provide warranties with their products, showing their confidence in their product. It’s a great perk to have when buying your first onewheel. You should always prefer a product that has a warranty itself. 

3. Water And Dust Resistance

Riding a onewheel is fun until it starts to rain or harsh weather gets harsh. You only need to worry if you have a low-quality onewheel board.

This is different in the case of a premium onewheel electric skateboard. The companies that make them solve this issue by having water and dust-resistant seal to protect the critical vital parts of your transporter.

A onewheel’s water resistance can be checked by its IP rating. Many brands test their products before putting them on the market. However, this doesn’t mean that if a onewheel has no IP rating, it’s not water-resistant. It means that the company has not performed the test yet.

We have selected the products that offer this, so you don’t have to worry if you get into a situation with harsh weather conditions. 

4. Durability

The durability of a onewheel electric skateboard depends mainly on the material used to build it. The majority of the brands always try to manufacture their products to remain durable and to tolerate minor accidents.

Different variations are brought to onewheel, but the durability remains constant. The deck of a onewheel is made up of materials that give it a lighter weight but the strength to endure any potential mishaps.

Before selecting your onewheel, you should always look at the durability tests performed by many people online and even some of the brands that sell on wheels. The test results help the buyer in getting the best board.

The products mentioned above are durable, making them long-lasting, so your investment is for the future.

5. Weight And Weight Limit

Another essential feature to look for in a one-wheel is its weight and the weight limit that it can tolerate. It’s important to note that when you buy onewheel hoveboard, you want to carry it with you. You don’t want your onewheel to have such a weight that it is difficult for you to take it with you on trips.

Various airlines also have a weight limit, even if they allow onewheel on flights. You need to look at the weight of your board so that you don’t have any problems while boarding a plane.

Another thing that you must look at is the weight limit that the board can tolerate. Different types of onewheel can endure a maximum weight. If your weight exceeds that limit, you must look for another one as this might affect the performance of your board.

The majority of the boards can carry people with an average weight. However, if you think that your weight is above average consider reading the maximum load of a one wheel electric skateboard before buying one for yourself.

6. Customer Support

The support and guideline provided by a company aren’t only helpful until purchasing that product. It can also help you avoid problems with your board in the future, making customer support very important.

Reputable brands have 24/7 customer support available, which will guide you if you have a problem with your product. The people present for your help can also guide you in riding the onewheel.

Customer support also helps look for parts for your wheels if you want to modify your device or are looking to replace damaged parts.

When a company offers you customer support, it charges this by increasing the price of a product. This may seem like a disadvantage, but the rise isn’t too much, and you have a perk that is too good for your onewheel.

Things To Consider

1. Reason for buying

You must know the reason for which you’re buying a onewheel hoverboard. Various wheels are famous in different categories. The one that suits you will have a product which will give the best performance.

Your intent is necessary for the board to give a high performance. When you know what you want, selecting the right choice and even the things after that are more manageable.

For this reason, this is the same step that you should take. Ask yourself why you want a onewheel electric skateboard. You must have another purpose for your onewheel other than just having fun.

If you don’t know the reason for buying, this will probably be not a good decision as this feeling of having fun will eventually get finished as you won’t have any purpose left.

2. Budget

This is a significant factor, especially if you’re a new buyer. You don’t want to spend lots of money on something you don’t even know fully about. Selecting a product that is the right fit for you according to your budget is necessary as you can use the rest of your money on something more useful.

Value for money should always be kept in mind when looking at things in the market. It isn’t guaranteed that a product will be of premium quality because it has a high price tag.

This decision should be taken sensibly as money matters a lot, especially if you have a limited budget.  For this reason, we’ve provided you with 6 different one-wheel boards, which range from a high budget to a low budget, so that you have many options and whatever favors you can be available for selection.

3. Protective Gear

Safety should come in every aspect, and you never know when you may encounter a situation with a potential risk of getting an injury that may bother you for a lifetime. For this reason, to have some protection beforehand.

Brands that are the best in business have protective gear and their products to get extra protection and have no fear while taking your rides.

The essential protective gear includes a padded helmet and other knee and elbow paddings to protect your joints and save yourself from bruises or road rash.

Best Onewheel electric skateboards – FAQs

Final Verdict – Wrapping It Up

To conclude, it’s fair to say that wheels are a great device to have, and in this fast-paced society, you must have a personal transport device with you to avoid traffic and reach places on time.

In this guide and list of onewheel hoverboards, we’ve provided you with the different types of onewheels available. These include the best expensive ones and those too which are suitable for the budget. 

One wheel is fun to ride and provides the user with an unforgettable experience. When you’re riding one wheel, the only thing to remember is that you must always be wearing protective gear for your safety and the community.

David Shepherd

David Shepherd

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