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How Much Do Electric Scooters Cost?

An electric scooter is something you must have rode or seen someone riding. The use of this traveling vehicle has been seen on the rise due to its convenience to users. Most of its usage is by children who have fun riding this vehicle or by teenagers who use this as a mode of a conveyance while riding to schools or colleges. This mode of traveling is pollution-free and comes as a massive advantage. A common thought that comes to mind while looking at this product is, “how much does it cost?” I’ll be answering this question for you. Let’s dive into it.

What to look for in an electric scooter?

With a wide range of vehicles being offered in the market, with each having different features, one might get confused about what they should look for while buying the scooter. First and foremost, filter out those electric scooters that have been reviewed well by users.

Moreover, another important aspect of looking for an electric scooter is its age and speed recommendation. Some scooters may not suit young riders as they go above the suitable speed. Therefore, it becomes essential that you look for an age-appropriate scooter according to the user.

Another factor that is important while considering buying a scooter is versatility. Questions like “Can the scooter be carried easily?” “Is it easy to store?” “Is it lightweight?” should be asked before making the right choice. You should choose a low-maintenance scooter that can be charged without the hassle and gives a battery life that lasts longer.

Lastly, consider a scooter that is cost-effective and suits your needs. A pre-teen has a different need, and hence a less expensive model will do the work, whereas better options need to be considered if the user is a high school or college student.

Is the cost worth it?

One might think that these scooters, just like motorbikes, require maintenance once in a while, but fortunately, that’s not the case. To add to the benefits, these do not require any upgrades.

These scooters provide efficient value for money by providing you with mobility. Some of these come with incredibly powerful engines, which help even if you want a ride for your school or work, enabling independence and efficient mobility.

All you need to save is for the charging these scooters need since these scooters have no additional costs besides these.

Categories of Electric Scooters

Electric scooters come in various price ranges and features. Given below are some categories:

Budget Electric Scooters (<$300)

Scooters below $300 can be considered low-budget scooters. Most kids’ scooters cost around $100, whereas adult scooters start at around $190. One should expect underpowered motors, low-capacity batteries, and sub*-par braking within this price tag.

Mid-Range Commuter ($600 – $900)

These scooters are a balance of performance, price, and features. These can cover long ranges and have significantly larger battery and mortar power than budget scooters.

However, the duel-motor variety feature can’t be availed at this price tag.

Premium Commuter ($600 – $1300+)

Although premium ones can be found for $700-$900, the best scooters fall in a price tag of around $1000. These provide you with various features, including bigger batteries, large motors, and great brakes. Moreover, these always come with suspension.

E-Scooter Features vs. Price

It makes sense that an expensive scooter will have more features, right? However, some features come at a higher price than others. Range, maximum weight, top speed, motor power, suspension, brakes, lighting, and IP rating are some factors that come into play while deciding what to purchase.


The range is an important figure since this deteriorates with time. Most scooters reach top speeds of 26mph and 25 miles per charge.


The lighter the scooter easier it is to carry

Max Weight

This is a measure of the maximum weight a scooter can withstand. The more expensive the scooter is, the more weight it can bear.

Top Speed

Most scooters cannot exceed the 30mph mark, whereas the expensive ones can exceed this limit.

Motor Power

It is rare for scooters above 500 watts to exist. However, the greater the power, the better the climb on inclined surfaces.


A suspension enhances ride comfort by smoothing out the cracks in the road.


Brakes enhance ride safety by increasing the security of the ride.


Lights are a necessity only if you’re traveling at night. Greater is the light range, safer is the ride.

IP rating

This rating determines the degree of protection against accidental water contact, dust, and intrusion.

Categories of electric scooters and their respective costs

Since electric scooters come in a wide range of prices, they satisfy differing needs in accordance with their prices.

Cost of electric scooters for adults

A great electric scooter for an adult can cost around $190-$370. These scooters come with the ability to carry higher loads since the users are adults. The higher the price, the more weight an electric scooter can bear.

The scooters being offered at the higher end of this price range are well equipped with better features than the lower ones. These features are LED lights, cruise control, and handlebar display screens, to name a few.

Cost of an electric scooter for kids

Since these scooters aren’t required to perform intensive tasks, they cost somewhere around $130-$350. These scooters focus primarily on safety, user-friendly, and portability, making them the perfect pick for your child.

If you move in the age range towards the teenage side, the price increases slightly. Scooters being offered in this price range are a bit faster. Moreover, these offer more outstanding mileage and much more notable features.

Cost of an electric scooter for commuting

Best electric scooters for commuting cost around $190-$400.

Electric commuter scooters are the best and stand out among the three types of scooters. Moreover, these provide the best mileage, thereby having the upper hand over the other two types.

These provide you with various intelligent features, such as some of them being USB-equipped, allowing you to charge your devices when they’re drained. Moreover, features like cruise control and LED lights also are a massive advantage.

Additional costs

Some additional investments that you can make to enhance your ultimate driving experience can be buying a helmet. Any electric scooter that exceeds a speed of 26mph requires that a helmet be bought with it to ensure safe riding.

One can also buy a repair kit along with their scooter. These kits are highly efficient as they prevent any hassle if things do not go according to plan.

Finally, a water bottle can also be an excellent investment to help you quench your thirst on hot days when you ride back home from work or school.

Final Words – Wrapping it Up

I believe that the information I’ve provided above should be sufficient to help you finalize your decision. These scooters are an excellent investment whether you’re looking for a product that won’t let your child get bored or looking for a mode of transportation that will offer you mobility and convenience at the best possible level. The scooter being user-friendly and cost-effective are factors that make this mode of conveyance stand out. Just buy a scooter that fulfills your need and do some research beforehand, and you’re good to go.

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