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How Fast Are Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular with the advent of new models that reach high speeds. However, there is no definitive answer to the question of “how fast are electric scooters?”

This is due to a number of factors including battery power, motor, rider weight, terrain, tires, and wind speed.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the factors that affect speed and how they relate to the electric scooter. So, without further ado let’s jump straight to our main question.

How fast do electric scooters go?

Electric scooters vary in speed depending on their brands and make. Different types of scooters offer different speeds.  

With some high-speed electric scooters reaching a top speed of 70 mph, it is safe to say that electric scooters are much faster than most bicycles.

They’re also relatively easy to operate, requiring little more than a quick push of the pedal to get started. Plus, they have zero emissions, making them a great choice for environmentally conscious riders.

On average, a speed of 15-25 mph can be achieved by a commuter electric scooter. This speed is suitable for many riders since it is far better than traveling on foot and less tiring than traveling on a bike.

Five factors that impact Scooter speed

Since different models offer different speeds, you might be wondering what determines the speed these scooters can reach.

Here are five essential factors that play their role in determining the top speed of an electric scooter.

1. Battery Capacity

Electric scooters come with eco-friendly batteries, another reason for their popularity. These batteries are responsible for providing these scooters with speed since these scooters run on these rechargeable batteries.

No matter how expensive your scooter is or how robust your scooter’s motor is, a drained battery will stand between your scooter and that potential top speed it can reach. This can be noticed from the fact that your ride slows down as the battery drains.

2. Motor

A Motor plays a significant part in determining the speed an electric scooter can reach. The more powerful a motor is, the faster the ride is.

3. Rider’s Weight

A rider determines the max speed a scooter can achieve. The heavier a rider is, the greater the power required to achieve that max speed. Most scooters specify a maximum weight the scooter can bear.

The battery life of a scooter is also linked to the rider’s weight. Battery drainage is faster with a heavier rider since the scooter requires more power to propel forward. One should make sure to purchase a scooter with a maximum weight capacity above you’re a=own weight to ensure that you don’t have to face any problems later.

4. Terrain

It is convenient for scooters to achieve a higher speed on smooth and even surfaces like streets and roads. However, driving on rougher terrains might hinder the top seed your ride can achieve. Hills and rougher terrains require greater motor power hence not allowing scooters to reach that top speed.

5. Tires

Similar to riders, scooter tires also come in different sizes. Generally, tall and wider tires enable top speeds achievable. Tire pressure may also impact the max speed. Inflated tires offer much higher speeds than deflated tires.

How to Ride an Electric Scooter Fast Safely?

Undoubtedly, riding an electric scooter at top speed is a thrilling experience. It makes that adrenaline surge, thus making it an exhilarating experience. This, however, doesn’t mean that one should act carelessly, as it can have detrimental effects.

To avoid this from happening, it becomes imperative that one must follow maximum speed limit laws. Besides this, some other safety protocols are to be followed, which include:

1. Put on a helmet

I cannot emphasize this enough, but wearing a helmet while riding is compulsory regardless of the speed you’re riding at. A helmet saves you from a head injury and can be a lifesaver when riding at max speeds.

2. Practice before picking up the pace

I get it, riding a high-speed scooter makes you want to reach that high speed- but hold your horses.

It’s essential to practice before going for that top speed. Make sure to get the hang of it by practicing in an empty parking lot or someplace with less crowd to avoid getting into trouble on overcrowded streets.

3. Don’t risk it to achieve that top speed

We get it. That irresistible urge to achieve that top speed doesn’t let you slow down while driving your scooter. However, think about it for a moment, is it worth getting a major injury just for that thrill that only lasts a few seconds. No, not at all; what if the damage is irreversible?

This makes it essential to act intelligent and responsible and stay within that speed limit to ensure your safety.

Can I make my electric scooter go faster?

The majority of the scooters in the market come with built-in hidden speed limits that stop the rider from achieving the maximum speed limit for their own good.

However, if you still wish to go over that speed limit, all you have to do is to deactivate or remove the speed limiter, and you’re good to go.

It should, however, be noted that doing this puts you at a much greater risk of an accident or an injury. Not only this, higher speed can result in faster battery drainage, therefore, requiring the scooter to be charged more frequently than at normal speeds.

Other Ways to Increase Electric Scooter Speed

There are other ways that can help you achieve that maximum speed, these include

1. Replacing the battery

As mentioned before, these batteries are the primary driving force that helps these scooters run. These batteries lose their maximum performance capability over time, which means that your ride might not give you the same performance as before as its battery ages. If you’re using an old scooter, you might consider getting the battery replaced as it might improve your ride’s performance and overall speed.

However, replacing the battery doesn’t always solve this problem. In that case, you should try the other method of adding another battery.

2. Adding another battery

Some electric scooters allow the rider to attach an extra battery to help extend trips. Look for that extra battery spot in your scooter, and if your ride has that, you’re the lucky one. Please take full advantage of it and add another battery to achieve maximum performance capability.

Adding another battery allows the rider to achieve that maximum high speeds. However, an additional battery means a heavier scooter than before, making a scooter less portable. Moreover, charging time for your scooter also increases.

It should, however, be kept in mind to only purchase original batteries in both cases to ensure optimum performance.

Final Thoughts – Wrapping it up

Human minds have been designed in a way that they want to experience everything to the maximum possible level. The same applies here to driving Scooters as we want to achieve that maximum possible speed.

While going for that top speed, it should be kept in mind to abide by speed limit laws and stay within limits.

Achieving that maximum speed is an exhilarating experience but can prove to be costly; therefore, one should stay on the safe side and avoid overspeeding to ensure your safety and also the safety of others.

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