How Much Do Electric Skateboards Cost? You May Be Surprised

How Much Do Electric Skateboards Cost?

How Much Do Electric Skateboards Cost? That’s a difficult question to answer, as prices vary depending on the board, the battery, and the brand. However, a good rule of thumb is that most mid-tier electric skateboards start around $500.

Everything has a price, and so does getting a new electric skateboard. You should have a budget of about $300-$500 to get a good quality electric skateboard.

There are motorized skateboards available for less than the price mentioned above, but you would have to compromise the quality. If you’re looking for a premium quality skateboard, it will cost around $2000. So damn expensive. But why? That is what you’ll get to know in this article.

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Why such a high price for an electric skateboard?

Switching from regular skateboards to electric skateboards or comparing the two prices can give you a shock. Electric skateboards are way more expensive than regular skateboards, and they deserve to be.

Firstly, they aren’t just wood and wheels. Motorized skateboards are batteries, wheels, motors, ESC, etc. They are totally different from the regular wooden ones.

Secondly, the labor costs also increase the price. Making your own electric skateboard is one heck of a job. Getting the right parts and then installing them properly requires effort.

This whole process gives them the price that they are available. Well, what are the factors that make these e-boards costly? These are discussed below

Cost-determining contents of an electric skateboard

 As mentioned above, an electric skateboard is a combination of several components. Those components increase its price.

1. Decks

The decks in an average electric skateboard are not simply made up of a layer of wood. Instead, 7-9 layers are combined together to form the deck of a motorized skateboard.

The material used is usually wood. However, many manufacturers are now using other materials too. The inner layer is made up of wood, with the outer layer made up of materials like carbon fiber and glass. The addition of these extra materials makes the electric skateboard durable and lighter.

The benefit of using wood as the sole material is that it can absorb more shock than the rest of the materials.

Wooden decks cost about $30-$200, whereas carbon decks come at $200-$500.

2. Motor

A significant component of an electric skateboard is the motor. Single motor cost about $50. On the other hand, expensive motors have a label of $300. There are basically 2 types of motors hub and belt. hub motors are usually cheaper than belt driven motors.

Motors are given VK ratings which tell about their quality. High KV means that the motor would provide more increased speed. Low VK delivers the electric skateboard high torque. The average KV of a good motor is between 170-270KV.

It is crucial to consider the VK of a motor when buying an electric skateboard or building your own.

3. Battery

Let’s look at all the parts of a motorized skateboard. The battery is the most valuable part of an electric skateboard. A large battery has even smaller batteries inside it, making this component even more expensive.

An electric skateboard with a stronger battery gives more durability and a longer lifespan. Most motorized skateboards have lithium-ion batteries. Lithium polymers batteries are another type that is now used in some electric skateboards.

Batteries drain quickly and therefore need replacement which also adds to the cost.

4. Additional parts

The rest of the parts of an electric skateboard are also expensive, and they have different ranges of prices given below:

  1. Wheels cost $30 to $250.
  2. An Electric Speed Controller (ESC), also known as the brain of an electric skateboard, is around $30-$280.
  3. The remote controller comes for $20-$200.
  4. Ball bearings in the wheels cost $30-$180.

These parts are necessary for making an electric skateboard and are essential for its proper functioning.

5. Customer service

Companies that sell electric skateboards provide their customers with 24/7 customer support. The people available for support are paid by these companies, which adds up to the cost of an electric skateboard altogether.

If you want to avail of this feature you have to pay a bit extra money. Some companies that do not give this service have electric skateboards of low cost.

6. Warranty

Nowadays, every product comes with a warranty. The customers are compensated in case of any damage or fault in the electric skateboard.

Having a warranty provides comfort to the buyer, but this means extra expenses for the company. Hence, it is then charged by the companies by increasing the electric skateboard price.

Companies are offering optional warranties, which suits the customers to a greater extent.

6. Location of the company

Depending upon where the company is located, taxes are added to the final product. Companies in Australia, the USA, and the UK have extra taxes.

7. The economy of Scale

As the electric skateboard market is relatively new and companies don’t make the product in bulk, it is in a limited amount. Being in such less amount makes the product to be more expensive.

If the market grows in the future, the price of electric skateboards may decrease.

Final Words – Wrapping it up

From the above discussion, it is evident that buying an electric skateboard requires a reasonable budget. Still, keeping the benefits in mind, it is an excellent investment.

As these motorized skateboards are becoming more popular and the market grows day by day, different companies are stepping in. This will eventually increase the number of electric skateboards produced and decrease its price.

Jason Mayfield

Jason Mayfield

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