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Can You Bring Electric Skateboards On Planes?

As electric skateboards get famous day by day, people can’t get enough of this new mode of transportation. Due to this, they want to take their electric skateboards wherever they go. However, as airports have a long list of items that can’t be taken on planes, it is a common question, Can you bring electric skateboards on planes?

Well, this varies depending on many factors especially the airline you select or the country you are traveling to. Suppose you want to be well-informed before taking a flight and don’t want to explore the World without your transport buddy. In that case, we’ll provide you with all the information needed in this article.

Let’s begin!

International guidelines regarding Lithium-ion batteries

There are international guidelines about lithium-ion batteries in passenger baggage by the International Air Transportation Authority (IATA), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

All of the guidelines allow lithium-ion batteries under 100 watt-hours to be allowed for air travel.

Another thing necessary is that the lithium-ion batteries should have an Underwriters’ Laboratories certification. Most of the electric skateboards in the market have the proper certification required.

How do different airlines regulate it?

We’ll be discussing how the World’s major airlines regulate the transport of electric skateboards through planes.

1. Southwest Airlines

There are no specific rulings about this airline’s transport of electric skateboards.

You can put your electric skateboard under your seat with the wheels facing upwards. Another option is to store it in the overhead racks. The wheels should still face upwards, and you should cover the wheels so that they don’t damage anything.

2. United Airlines

This airline has no specific rules about motorized electronic skateboards. Still, as it doesn’t allow electric scooters or bicycles, it’s better to assume that it won’t allow electric skateboards.

Regular non-powered skateboards can be carried in luggage but not motorized skateboards.

3. American Airlines

 This airline bans any item powered by lithium-ion batteries. However, suppose your electric skateboard uses a battery other than lithium-ion ones. In that case, there’s no reason for them to not let you take your e-board on a plane.

Remember that the electric skateboard should have linear dimensions shorter than 126 inches and weigh less than 70 pounds. Any e-board above 50 pounds is charged.

4. Air Canada

According to this airline, electric skateboards are not allowed in any type of luggage.

Air Canada only allows those with total linear dimensions under 62 inches, but that is highly unlikely to get an electric skateboard with these details.

5. Delta Airlines

This airline bans electric skateboards but allows those that have linear dimensions under 115 inches. You can disassemble your board and then take it with you.

6. Ryan Air

Their policies are unclear, but they don’t ban electric skateboards. They specifically say that electric bicycles are banned, but there is no mention of electric skateboards.

You should check with them before traveling.

7. Easy Jet

There is no mention of banning the transport of electric skateboards. You can take your electric skateboard, but you should confirm first.

However, the airline bans hoverboards and segways.

How do Countries regulate it?

Here are the different authorities from different parts of the World and their policies regarding the regulation of bringing electric skateboards on planes.

1. Transport Security Administration

This administration is fine with regular skateboards but not with electric ones. It’s advised that you can try removing the battery and placing it in a separate bag or in a carry-on. However, people who have done this have still faced problems.

The battery should always be detached from the e-board, as bringing it onto a plane is difficult.

2. Canadian Air Transport security administration

Bringing an electric skateboard on a plane is allowed by this authority. Still, the battery is allowed only as checked luggage.

The battery should be less than 160wh for safer travel.

3. United Kingdom Department for transport

The battery should be transported separately from the rest of the electric skateboard in a carry-on.  You must ensure that there is no way for your electric skateboard to ride on a flight.

It’s better if you put the remote with the battery itself with the carry-on so that there remains no chance of starting your skateboard during travel.

4. European Commission

It’s up to different airports in different parts of Europe. The national security agencies are comfortable letting the airlines handle the regulations regarding taking an electric skateboard on a flight.

How to travel on planes with an electric skateboard?

Some guidelines are to be followed before going to the airport and reaching there if you want to take an electric skateboard.

Here are the guidelines:

Before leaving for the airport

  • Contact the airline beforehand and ask them about the regulations regarding electric skateboards on a flight.
  • Ensure that you have proof that you confirmed earlier that there will be no issue regarding this.
  • Read the regulations given by the transport authority linked to your region.
  • Remove the battery from the e-board.

At the Airport

  • Remember to check-in without the battery attached to your electric skateboard.
  • If your board is smaller, you can take it in a carry-on.
  • Follow the laws and the guidelines given to you by the authorities or the airport staff.

Check before buying an electric skateboard

Different companies are bringing changes in their manufacturing system. Keeping in mind the issue of taking electric skateboards on a plane, some companies make air-travel approved electric skateboards.

Before buying one for yourself, you should select that motorized skateboard approved for air travel.

Other ways to transport your electric skateboard on planes

Suppose the airline you’re traveling by, or the transport authority doesn’t allow taking electric skateboards on planes. In that case, there are alternative ways to take your e-board from one place to another.

1. By train or bus

If your destination isn’t too far away and you can cover the distance by traveling by bus or train, it is more suitable.

These modes of transport have fewer restrictions on taking electric skateboards with you, and you won’t even have to detach the battery and take it separately.

The overall expenses of traveling by train or bus are also less, which would be beneficial.

There aren’t any guidelines or rules regarding battery power or the size of your electric skateboard, which is also a plus.

2. Drive to your destination

I know this may sound weird but driving yourself is the best way to transport your motorized skateboard if the place you’re going to isn’t that far away.

This gives you complete freedom as there are no restrictions, and you can take your electric skateboard with you.

Another advantage is that you can stop at places you like, utilize cool riding spots, and practice a few moves with your electric skateboards during your travel. This isn’t possible in any other way of transport.

3. Rent an electric skateboard

If you’re unable to take your own e-board with yourself, renting one is also an option. Sometimes you just have to rent the battery as many airlines have issues taking such a massive battery on airplanes.

This is an easy option to have as you won’t have problems taking it back, but getting a good quality electric skateboard in an unfamiliar area can also be troublesome.

If the skateboard isn’t good enough or gets damaged, it adds up to the cost of your trip and becomes a stressful situation.

4. Use a courier company

Using a courier company is another excellent way without putting yourself under stress. If you stay for an extended period and return would take longer, this option is the best for you.

However, you should always take the safer pathway and have insurance for your electric skateboards, as there have been incidents where courier companies have damaged people’s property.

That is why you should select a trusted courier company and ensure that your skateboard will reach as it was given to them.

5. Purchase an electric skateboard

Now this way of taking an electric skateboard isn’t for most people. However, if you’re planning to stay in an area for a more extended time and there is no way that you will trust a courier company with your precious skateboard, purchasing an average motorized skateboard can suit you.

The benefit of this option is that you can resell it after using it for a while as soon as you decide to go back.

Final Words – Wrapping it up

Taking your electric skateboard by airplane may sound hectic because of all the procedures to follow; however, if you follow all the guidelines and contact the airline or authority beforehand.

As mentioned above, following all the rules and cooperating with the airport staff is necessary. As electric skateboards are getting popular, taking them through airplanes would get easier day by day.

If you’re unable to take your e-board by airplane, alternative sources are always available.

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