How Far Can Electric Skateboards Go Without Recharging?

How Far Can Electric Skateboards Go?

Picking an electric skateboard that can travel long distances is the best. If an electric skateboard can only move short distances, getting one would not be productive. While there is no definitive answer to the question of how far electric skateboards can go, average model electric skateboards can travel up to 12-20 miles.

The range of a motorized skateboard is essential for its value and increases the benefits of an e-board if it has a high range. If you’re looking to find out “How far can electric skateboards go,” you will get all the information through this article.

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What are the ranges that electric skateboards can travel?

The average model of an electric skateboard can travel 12-20 miles without charging. Premium quality electric skateboards, on the other hand, can travel 50 miles.

The distance told in the advertisements is usually misleading because motorized skateboards go less than expected. The reason is that range of an electric skateboard is dependent on many factors that play a role in determining the final distance that it will cover.

Factors that determine the range of an electric skateboard:

The following factors play a crucial factor in an e-board’s range.

1. Battery of the electric skateboard

It would be fair to say that the battery installed in a motorized skateboard is the most essential factor when looking for an electric skateboard that can go far.

A bigger battery provides more power and lasting ability to the motorized skateboard and hence a bigger range.

Two things that should be considered about a battery itself are voltage and Ampere hours. A battery with high voltage and Ampere hours will drive an electric skateboard to long distances.

2. Weight of both the rider and skateboard

If you put a lot of weight on a motorized skateboard, the battery needs more power to exert the force required for moving forward. This drains the battery faster than expected and hence reduces the distance traveled.

If you have a weight above 90kgs; you should get a premium electric skateboard rather than a mid ranged one. This would help you to travel farther.

The weight of the rider is significant; the weight of an electric skateboard itself also impacts the range covered. Usually, advanced motorized skateboards with lots of additions on them increase in weight, decreasing the distance that an e-board can go.

3. Wheels

The wheels of an electric skateboard come in different sizes and types. Larger wheels are more favorable to having a strong grip on the road, while smaller wheels are used to have more torque supplied to the e-board. Due to their high friction, larger wheels are not recommended as they reduce the range of a motorized skateboard.

Types of wheels include road and all-terrain wheels. The ability to ride on all terrains makes the second type of wheels popular; however, these have less range.

4. Type of Motor

Hub and belt motors are usually installed within an electric skateboard. It has been noticed that hub motors are better when driving a motorized skateboard to more considerable distances.

The three types of motors that you can choose for your electric skateboard are single, dual, and Quadro. To increase the distance when riding an e-board, single motors are beneficial.

5. Terrain

Different types of terrain have different effects on how far an electric skateboard can go.

A muddy terrain or one with lots of hurdles will obviously decrease the speed of an electric skateboard and hence, reduce its range.

Likewise, moving uphill requires a lot of power from the battery. As a result, the battery runs out quickly, and the range covered becomes less.

6. Weather

Windy weather or when it’s raining can decrease the range of an electric skateboard. The extra resistance offered by the wind will reduce the range if you’re going against it.

7. Temperature

Lithium-ion batteries installed in most electric skateboards travel longer when they’re warm than cold. If you live in an area where the temperature is cold or is seasonal, your motorized skateboard will have more range when it’s warm and less when it’s cold.

Tips for making an electric skateboard go far

Here are some tips that you need to follow to increase the range of your motorized skateboard.

  • Use a battery with higher watt-hours. This will give the electric skateboard more power in an hour, and hence it will be able to travel much farther.
  • Install a single motor. This will decrease the speed of your e-board, but the range will increase because a single motor gives the battery a longer lifespan.
  • Larger wheels should be preferred. The reason is that they have more speed because of increased grip. However, they should not be extra-large. Otherwise, the friction with the road will decrease the range.
  • Manage your riding habits. The way you ride your electric skateboard also determines the range. Gradual acceleration, less speed, and kicks while speeding up to make the battery last longer, increasing the range.
  • Select an electric skateboard of less weight. An electric skateboard having less weight will travel much easier, going farther than expected.

These tips are favorable for having an electric skateboard that can go far.

Final Words – Wrapping it up

Having an electric skateboard with a larger range is desired by most people. Everybody wants to use an electric skateboard to its fullest. The factors and tips told above are essential to have an electric skateboard with a larger range.

If you want to have an electric skateboard that can travel more than the regular ones, following the tips above would help you.

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