How fast can electric skateboards go? – factors effecting Speed

How Fast Can Electric Skateboards Go?

Love the adrenaline rush when going at high speed? It’s a fantastic feeling when you ride on your electric skateboards, swerving around obstacles. So how fast can electric skateboards go? Surprisingly, they can go quite fast. We know how it feels to just reach a place ASAP, and an electric skateboard is far better than walking or even by cars in high traffic situations.

If you’re looking for an answer to this question, you’ve come to the right place.

The average speed of an electric skateboard

Regular skateboards have a speed of 15-30 miles per hour. Children’s skateboards are a little slower obviously because of safety. They can go at 15-21 miles per hour. The Guinness World Record for the highest speed an electric skateboard can go was 68 miles per hour.

Well, these are just numbers. Going at such a high speed is determined by a lot of factors. Let’s discuss!

Factors determining the top speed of an electric skateboard

Whether you have a regular electric skateboard or a premium one, some components regulate and help your motorized skateboard reach its top speed.

These different factors are:

1. Wheels of your electric skateboard

The wheels of your motorized skateboard contribute to a lot of factors. The torque of an e-board which is the rotational force supplied to your electric skateboard, depends on the size of the wheels. For this reason, manufacturers maintain a ratio between the speed and height of the wheels.

Larger wheels require more power to move or take turns but compared with smaller wheels at the same speed, the latter cover more distance.

It’s seen that wheels that are 10 to 20 mm wide increase the speed of an electric skateboard by 1 to 2 mph.

The different wheel types also determine how fast an electric skateboard will go. If you decide to ride off-road too, all-terrain wheels are more suitable than normal ones. However, all-terrain wheels decrease the speed of your motorized skateboard.

2. Weight of the rider

An increase in weight slows down things. The same is the case with electric skateboards. Regular skateboards can bear a person having a weight of 90kg. You should get a premium-quality electric skateboard.

 if you’re above that.

The decrease in speed is because more weight burns the battery quickly and further drops the speed of the e-board and the distance covered.

3. Road conditions

The type of terrain on which you ride also determines the speed of an electric skateboard. Having obstacles, an uphill road or a rough terrain dramatically decreases the speed.

Windy conditions also provide resistance against you and hence don’t let your electric skateboard at high speed.

4. Motor and power

Wheels rotate because of the motor running in the electric skateboard. There are two types of engines known as hub and belt motors. Different types also mean a difference in speed.

Hub motors are generally faster than belt motors. It’s more suitable to install or get an electric skateboard with a hub motor to reach maximum speed. An extra benefit of having a hub motor is that these are less maintenance.

There needs to be a good ratio between the power and speed of your electric skateboard. If your motorized skateboard travels at high speed but covers less distance or vice versa, it’s not beneficial.

Motor and power are linked because higher power in your motor will generate higher speeds. That is why the selection of high powered motor is necessary.

5. Battery of your electric skateboard

The functional parts of an electric skateboard are linked, and so is the battery. The size and quality of the battery effect the power supplied to the motor, which then moves the wheels.

A powerful motor with a low-quality battery is of no use. The power output of your battery and motor should match each other for maximum speed.

6. Remote controller

Believe it or not, the device in your hand is not limited to just applying brakes. The remote controller of an electric skateboard has the option to switch and activate different modes.

Eco mode and beginner modes are not favorable for riding at high speed. Other modes on your controller are pro and advanced modes, making your electric skateboard go at the highest pace you want.

7. Voltage efficiency

To put it into simpler words, the voltage decreases when your motor starts, or there is a short circuit. This reduces the speed of your electric skateboard remarkably. The same effect happened when the power supplied to your motorized skateboard decreases.

8. Tips for riding fast

If you decide to ride your electric skateboard at higher speeds, you should do it the right way. Here are some tips for that:

  1. Wear protective gear and shoes with a better grip
  2. Don’t speed in crowded places
  3. Follow the rules

Why shouldn’t you ride fast?

Safety comes first and then thrilled. Going 20-30mph on solid concrete or asphalt road can be dangerous, especially if you don’t have any protective gear. Several injuries can occur if you’re not careful, and human life isn’t the one to experiment on.

Final Words – Wrapping it up

Riding fast on your electric skateboard is fun, but it’s an activity that you should not perform often. Maintaining an average speed and keeping it under the speed limit is always suitable.

However, suppose you want to ride and look at how fast can an electric skateboard go. In that case, the information above is the complete guideline. It also helps if you’re making a DIY motorized skateboard. One piece of advice necessary is to be careful when you do so.

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