Electric Unicycle vs Onewheel – Which One Should I Get?

Electric Unicycle Vs Onewheel

Electric unicycles and Onewheels offer quite a unique riding experience; both run on electric power and consist of a single wheel, both are self-balancing and fun to ride. But which one is the best: Electric unicycle vs Onewheel?

Although there are many key similarities between the two, both of them are totally unique in their own way and have their pros and cons, so it’s important to consider what you’re looking for before making a purchase.

To make your life easier, after hours of researching, I’ll be providing you with an in-depth comparison between Electric Unicycle (EUC) and Onewheel. Let’s get right to it.

What is a Onewheel?

Onewheel can be called a modern version of a skateboard. It is a skateboard that comes with high-tech features. Onewheel has a board on which a rider stands; this board helps keep the rider balanced with the support of internal gyroscopes in the gadget.

Like the EUC, the onewheel also has a rechargeable battery, and a motor supplies the power to the gadget.

Sure, the riding experience is different from other electric vehicles, but once you get the hang of things, you’d understand why onewheel stands out amongst its competitors.

What is a EUC?

An electric unicycle (EUC), as the word sounds, is a modern unicycle. Like a onewheel, it has a rechargeable battery, an electric motor on its rim, gyroscopes to help it keep balance, and pressure-sensitive pedals.

There’s no doubt that the transition from other e-rides to EUC would be challenging, but the practice is what makes a man perfect. Once you understand how the device works, you’ll enjoy it.

Electric Unicycle vs Onewheel – Ultimate Comparison

Electric unicycles and onewheels are two of the newest types of transportation to hit the market. Now that you have an insight into what a EUC and Onewheel are, let’s shed some light on the differences between the two.

Both machines have their strengths and weaknesses, but which is the best choice for you? The following six points will help you decide.

1. Speed

Talking about speed, a reasonably priced EUC is much faster than an overpriced Onewheel. The max speed you can reach on EUC is around 22-30mph which is higher than Onewheel’s maximum speed of 15-19mph.

Therefore, if you’re someone who has a need for speed, EUC should be your pick.

Winner: EUC

2. Safety

As both the gadgets are mechanical, it is inevitable not to have any issues. With that in mind, specific safety measures should be taken to prevent detrimental effects.

For a onewheel, pushback is the primary in-built safety measure. As you reach the point where the motor demands exceed the board’s ability to keep you upright, the nose is tilted up, perhaps resulting in a nosedive.

There are no other safety features on a onewheel. The EUC has audible alerts and a backup ability to help keep you upright if you exceed the speed. However, there are no such additional features in a onewheel.

This is a drawback of onewheel as this means that you could easily crash while riding at a higher speed, and the board would do nothing to stop that from happening.

On the other hand, EUCs have a few more in-built safety features. The most important among these is the tilt-back feature. It is similar to a pushback.

However, in a onewheel, the nose tilts upwards, whereas here, EUC signals that you’re cruising at a higher speed.

Even better, a EUC notifies you whenever you touch that high-speed limit mark. Therefore, while riding a EUC, falling occurs rarely. Single wheel balancing technology has its risks. However, EUC is safer than a onewheel.

Winner: EUC

3. Battery Life

There’s no doubt that a EUC has a better battery life than a onewheel. On average, Onewheels can only last about 8-18 miles, after which they require charging. EUC has a greater battery life and can last about 30-70 miles without recharging.

Winner: EUC

4. Learning Curve

This is an essential factor in determining which one is better amongst the two when it comes to learning. The majority would agree that it’s easier to learn riding a onewheel than riding a EUC.

This ease of learning has been a determining factor in the surge of Onewheel’s popularity.

However, many beginners drive recklessly and carelessly. They are overconfident and wiped out before even knowing what a nosedive is. As the EUC has a higher learning curve, the rider requires a greater understanding of how to steer correctly.

One gets to know the machine better, and respect for the machine develops. However, many feel the EUC is daunting and don’t try it due to the steeper learning curve of the device.

Winner: Onewheel

5. Portability

Most EUCs come with a trolley handle, this makes it so much easier to move it from point to point without hassle, considering the weight.

However, Onewheel doesn’t have any such handle, so you must carry it while moving around. And let me tell you, regardless of the distance, it is a drag.

Winner: EUC

6. Fun Factor

Although most buyers might be investing in their desired vehicle to use it as a way of mobility, some people use these vehicles for the fun it gives them. For these users, the fun factor plays an essential role.

Talking about Onewheel, there’s no doubt that it makes the heads turn towards you and catches the attention of people around you while you’re driving it on a sidewalk. Some people consider this fun.

Moreover, you experience surfing or snowboarding while riding a onewheel. Therefore, a onewheel can satisfy your urge to surf or snowboard.

I find the EUC to be even better. It gives you the feeling as if you’re controlling your personal rollercoaster. Thanks to the extended battery life, you don’t need to stop for a charge while riding, which makes the ride even more fun.

Another factor that plays its role here in improving the fun factor is the customization the gadget allows the user to make. Future Motors Inc. has designed onewheel in such a way that the users can customize it according to their preferences.

On a onewheel, you can change the footpads, rails, flight fins, or handles. The deck can also be modified according to your personal choice. Extra battery holders can also be attached.

Moreover, the app that onewheel offers its users allows them to customize their devices. The feeling of personalizing your ride according to your preference is something that can’t be put into words. Customizing your favorite ride is something at which onewheel is better.

Winner: Onewheel

Final Thoughts

The discussion above concludes that EUC is better than onewheel, be it range, safety, speed, portability, or price. However, the final choice lies in the hand of the buyer.

Some prefer onewheel over the EUC and consider it better. Some products cause strong emotional attachments with the user, which is the case with Onewheel. In the market, onewheel wins over the EUC. Public rates onewheel cooler and exciting to ride.

In the end, both are great options, and choosing between the two comes down to personal preference. It depends on the choice of the user and what they want.

I’d recommend you to go with what you want. Whatever it may be, have a safe and enjoyable ride.

Happy riding!

Anthony Payne

Anthony Payne

Anthony Payne is a unicycle enthusiast, reviewer, and author at Erides Hub. He has been passionate about unicycles for many years and has dedicated his life to understanding the nuances of this dynamic form of transportation.

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