EVOLV City Review: The E-Scooter Taking Urban Travel by Storm

EVOLV City Review

Have you ever found yourself frustrated with the daily commute to work or school? Between traffic, parking, and the cost of gas, it can feel like getting to your destination is more trouble than it’s worth. That’s where the EVOLV City electric scooter comes in.

Designed specifically for urban commuters, EVOLV City is a game-changer when it comes to getting around town. With its sleek design and powerful motor, this scooter is perfect for zipping through crowded streets and narrow alleys. Plus, its compact size means you can easily store it in your apartment or office without taking up too much space.

Let’s dive right into this EVOLV City review and explore the impressive features that set it apart from other electric scooters in its class. We’ll take a detailed look at what makes this scooter such a great choice for urban commuters, and how it stacks up against other popular options on the market. 

So sit back, relax, and let’s get started! 

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Speed, Acceleration & Motor

The EVOLV City electric scooter is equipped with a 350W motor that has a peak power of 720W. While this may not be as powerful as some other electric scooters on the market, it is more than sufficient for getting around in the city. 

Top Speed

The top speed of the EVOLV City is 22 mph, which is slightly underpowered compared to some other models, but is more than enough for commuting purposes. Additionally, the scooter features three different riding modes: eco, standard, and sports, allowing you to adjust the speed and power output to suit your needs.

In eco mode, the top speed is limited to around 11-12 mph, which is perfect for conserving battery life and extending the range of the scooter. In standard mode, you can expect to reach a top speed of around 17-18 mph, which is more than enough for cruising around town. Finally, in sports mode, the scooter can reach its maximum speed of 22 mph.


The acceleration of the EVOLV City is smooth and responsive, but it is not the fastest in its class. It takes around 6 seconds to reach 15 mph, which may be a bit slow for some riders. However, the scooter compensates for this with its smooth and consistent acceleration, which makes for a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

In sports mode, the rate of acceleration is slightly better, but it’s still not as quick as some other models such as the ZERO 8. The eco and standard modes also have a slower rate of acceleration, but they are perfect for conserving battery life and extending the range of the scooter.

Hill Climb

EVOLV City is not the best option for hilly areas, as it struggles to climb steep hills. We tested the scooter on a 180ft, 7-8% grade hill with a 165 lb rider and found that it could only reach a speed of 10 mph in around 15 seconds. While this may be sufficient for some riders, it is not ideal for those who live in hilly areas.

Additionally, the battery drains quickly when climbing hills, which can be a major drawback if you have a long commute with steep inclines. If you live in a hilly area, it may be better to look for a scooter with a more powerful motor that can handle steeper grades and longer climbs.

The battery and range are two of the most critical factors to consider when buying an electric scooter. 

Battery & Range

The EVOLV City features a powerful 374.4Wh, 36V 10.4Ah LG Li-ion battery that delivers a smooth and efficient ride. The battery is located in the deck of the scooter, providing a low center of gravity that enhances stability and maneuverability.

The battery takes approximately 6 hours to fully charge, which is relatively quick compared to other electric scooters in its class. Additionally, the EVOLV City comes with a charger that plugs into any standard wall outlet, making it convenient and easy to charge. The battery is also removable, allowing for easy replacement or upgrading if needed.

The EVOLV City offers an impressive range of 20-22 miles on a single charge, making it ideal for daily commutes and errands. The range is more than enough for most people’s daily needs, and it eliminates the need for frequent charging.

Real-World Performance

During our test, the EVOLV City’s battery and range perform exceptionally well. The scooter provides a smooth and responsive ride, with plenty of power and torque even at low battery levels.

The battery and range of the EVOLV City make it an ideal choice for commuters who need a reliable and efficient mode of transportation. 

Suspension & Ride Quality

The EVOLV City offers a smooth and comfortable ride thanks to its combination of good traction tires and suspension system.


The EVOLV City features two types of tires: an 8.5-inch pneumatic front tire and an 8.5-inch solid rubber rear tire. The front tire provides excellent traction, while the rear tire offers durability and low maintenance. 

Pneumatic tires are more comfortable to ride on, as they absorb bumps and shocks, but they are also more prone to punctures and require regular maintenance. On the other hand, solid rubber tires are maintenance-free and more durable, but they don’t provide the same level of comfort as air-filled tires. 


The EVOLV City features a dual suspension system. The front suspension system consists of a single spring, while the rear suspension system has a double spring. The double spring at the rear tire helps to absorb shock and bumps, making up for the lack of comfort due to the solid rubber tire.

The suspension system on the EVOLV City is adjustable, allowing riders to customize the level of firmness or softness based on their preference.


Portability is an important factor to consider when choosing an electric scooter, especially for commuters who need to carry their scooter on public transportation or store it in a small space. The EVOLV City weighs 39 lbs, which is not the lightest electric scooter in its class, but it is still relatively portable.

The EVOLV City can be folded in one quick step, making the folding unfolding process quick. The compact size of the EVOLV City when folded makes it easy to store in a closet or under a desk, which is ideal for commuters who need to bring their scooter to work or school.

Safety and Reliability

Safety and reliability are key considerations when choosing an electric scooter. The EVOLV City is designed with both in mind, with features that prioritize rider safety and reliability.


The deck of the EVOLV City is solidly built with aluminum, and it has a sleek and aesthetic design. The deck is also long and spacious, providing ample space for riders to stand comfortably during long rides. The deck has a weight capacity of 265 lbs, which is sufficient for most riders. The spacious deck is ideal for riders who want to take longer rides and don’t want to feel cramped.


EVOLV City Cockpit

The cockpit of the EVOLV City features a finger-trigger throttle and a QS-S4 LCD throttle with a display. The display shows important information such as the speed, battery level, miles ridden, and mode. This allows riders to keep track of their riding performance and battery life. The finger-trigger throttle is easy to use and provides smooth acceleration, allowing riders to reach their desired speed quickly.

Handlebar & Stem

The handlebar of the EVOLV City is foldable, which makes it easy to store and transport. The rubber grips on the handlebar provide a good grip, even in wet conditions. The stem is also adjustable and can be extended from 30 to 40 inches in length. This allows riders to adjust the height of the handlebar to their preference and riding style.


EVOLV City Brakes

The braking system on the EVOLV City electric scooter consists of a rear drum brake only, which may be concerning for some users. While the rear brake is responsive and effectively stops the scooter, dual brakes have become the industry standard and the absence of a front brake may be a deal breaker for those seeking additional safety and control.


The EVOLV City features front and rear lights, which are good enough to let other drivers know of your presence. However, they may not be bright enough to light up the rider’s path at night. Riders should consider adding additional lighting if they plan to ride in low-light conditions.

Dust & Water Resistance

The EVOLV City does not have a dust or water resistance rating, so riders should avoid riding in wet conditions and should take care to keep the scooter clean and dry.

Warranty & Customer Support

The EVOLV City comes with a 14-day return policy and a 12-month warranty. The customer support team is responsive and helpful, which provides peace of mind for riders who may encounter issues with their scooter.

EVOLV City vs ZERO 8: Which one’s better?

While EVOLV City and ZERO 8 are very similar, there are some key differences that are worth exploring to determine which one is the better choice for you. 

Both models have a 500W motor, which provides a maximum speed of around 22 mph, and both have a range of 20-22 miles. Both models have a weight capacity of 265 pounds and a charging time of 4-6 hours. But the Zero 8 is slightly less expensive than the Evolv City model.

When it comes to choosing between the Evolv City and Zero 8 electric scooters, it really comes down to your personal preferences and priorities. The Evolv City offers slightly better performance, while the Zero 8 is a little more affordable.

Final Verdict – Wrapping it up

The EVOLV City electric scooter is a great option for those looking for a sleek and stylish mode of transportation. Its sturdy aluminum build quality ensures durability, and its top speed of up to 22 mph and range of around 20-22 miles makes it suitable for most urban commutes. 

However, it’s important to note that the lack of a dust and water resistance rating and only having a rear drum brake may be drawbacks for some users. Additionally, the scooter may not be the best choice for hills or off-road terrain due to its slightly underpowered motor. 

Overall, the EVOLV City is a solid electric scooter option for those looking for a reliable and stylish way to get around the city.

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