EVOLV Tour XL-R Review: Does It Live Up to the Hype?

EVOLV Tour XL-R Review

We’ve tested this electric scooter over the past 2 months for about 120 miles. We’ve put it through several tests throughout this period to help us benchmark its performance. Now it’s time for us to give my hand on the review of the Tour XL-R. Let’s begin!

Since its introduction in the market, this scooter has increased in popularity and usage. This is a single-motor scooter, but I do not think it isn’t powerful enough. The scooter is powered by a 52 V 1000W rear hub wheel motor.

The XL-R comes with 10 inches wide pneumatic tires and dual and rear suspension to make the ride more comfortable for the rider.

The scooter weighs just above 50 pounds and can be easily folded at the stem and handlebars thanks to its convenient folding latch, which makes it easily fit into a trunk.

Enough with the bird’s eye view of the scooter; let’s see how it performs in our rigorous testing.

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Speed & Motor Performance

EVOLV Tour XL-R Speed

For most riders, speed is the most crucial factor when buying an electric scooter. According to the manufacturer, this scooter will give you a top speed of 31MPH. Let’s put this statement to the test using results from our tests.

1. Top Speed

We put the top speed of the scooter to test by using a pro-grade performance data logger (VBox Sport), and we were able to get a maximum speed of 31.3 MPH. This, without a doubt, makes the EVOLV XL-R one of the fastest single-motor scooters we’ve tested.

ModelAvg. Top Speed
EVOLV Tour XL-R31.3 MPH (50.4 kph)
Apollo Explore31.2 MPH (50.2 kph)
Zero 1029.9 MPH (48.1 kph)
Apollo Light23.6 MPH (38 kph)

2. Performance Retention

The difference became evident when we put the electric scooter to the performance retention test. It is inevitable to prevent a decrease in performance on electric scooters as the battery decreases.

Similar is the case here. However, an electric scooter with poor quality batteries will show lesser power retention, whereas the scooter with better batteries will show better performance retention.

Battery LevelTop Speed
100%31.3 MPH (50.4 kph)
80%30 MPH (48.3 kph)
60%28.9 MPH (46.5 kph)
40%26.3 MPH (42.3 kph)
20%24.5 MPH (39.4 kph)

 The results for the XL-R were good, thanks to the high-quality LG battery cells this scooter has.

3. Acceleration

Although the scooter comes with a single motor, it offers some of the fastest acceleration I’ve ever seen. I ran multiple tests and then calculated their average time to reach certain speeds.

SpeedAvg TimeBest Time
0-15 MPH4.34 s4.02 s
0-20 MPH6.85 s6.48 s
0-25 MPH10.17 s9.65 s
0-32 MPH20.90 s20.70 s

Looking at the full acceleration curve, it can be seen that it took me 20.9 seconds to reach the top speed of 31.3 MPH. Most scooters take 20-30 seconds to reach their top speed, so the XL-R had an advantage here.

4. Hill Climb Ability

The Evolv XL-R has enough power to pull itself on fairly steep inclines. It won’t outpace some of the best ones like Apollo Ghost but is still sufficient on terrains requiring extra motor power.

According to my tests, it can easily handle an incline of 15 to 20 degrees even when the battery is 20-30 percent.

Range & Battery Performance

The battery in the EVOLV XL-R comes with a 52 Volt 18.2 amp-hours battery. The battery has an adequate capacity of 946.4 watthours and uses reliable LG cells. According to Evol Rides, the scooter can provide a range of 25-31 miles per full charge.

Evolv Tour XL-R52V 18.2Ah Cells = 946.4 Wh$1.48/Wh
Apollo Explore52V 18.2Ah Cells = 946.4 Wh$1.37/Wh
Zero 1052V 18.2Ah Cells = 946.4 Wh$1.48/Wh
INOKIM Quick 452V 16Ah Cells = 832 Wh$1.83/Wh
Emove Cruiser52V 30Ah Cells = 1,560 Wh$0.83/Wh

 At this price point, 946 watthours are pretty impressive since it is the same range you get from the Apollo Explore and Zero 10.

1. Range Tests

Since battery efficiency and quality can vary between models, I like to test the actual range in the real world.

I range three range tests on the EVOLV XL-R to see how it performs.

Test (#)Avg SpeedRange
#1 (Speed Priority)23.1 MPH (37.2 kph)19.2 miles (31.8 km)
#2 (Regular)19.4 MPH (31.2 kph)23.3 miles (37.5 km)
#3 (Range Priority)14.5 MPH (23.3 kph)27.5 miles (44.3 km)

 The first was done at maximum throttle, while the second and third were done at average and conservative speeds, respectively.

Summing up the tests, I’m greatly satisfied with the 23.3 miles range on the normal speed test. This range is impressive, especially at this price point, and if you need those extra miles, you can ride conservatively.


EVOLV Tour XL-R Portability

It varies from user to user and depends on how one uses their electric scooter, but portability can be a demanding factor. Talking about portability, bigger batteries and beefy build make portability very hard.

The EVOLV Tour XL-R is an all-around performance scooter. It isn’t annoyingly hard to carry, thanks to the balance between its weight and power. The below table depicts the weight comparison between XL-R and its competitors.

ModelWeightin kg
EVOLV Tour XL-R50.7 lbs23 kg
Apollo Explore52 lbs23.6 kg
Zero 1052 lbs23.6 kg
Kaabo Mantis 850 lbs22.7 kg
Emove Cruiser53 lbs24 kg
INOKIM Quick 447 lbs21.3 kg
VSETT 9R51 lbs23.1 kg

 Ride Quality & Suspension

The XL-R comes with 10-inch pneumatic tires, a dual rear spring, and a front suspension that’ll keep you comfortable and absorb all the road vibrations that come your way. Overall, the setup is excellent.

I did feel that the suspension was a little too tight, but that depends on the rider’s weight and preference.

The deck space on the XL-R measures 21 by 6.1 inches. This is longer than Apollo Explore and Zero 10 but also a little narrower. The rounded edges on the deck are aesthetically pleasing, but the drawback is that they decrease the usable deck area.

I would’ve liked it if it came with a straight deck since it provides you an inch and a half more width. No doubt that the scooter does well on the overall ride quality, but it loses with its competitors when we talk about the deck’s quality

Build Quality and Safety

Build Quality and Safety

The XL-R does quite well when we talk about the build quality of the scooter. Solid waterproofing, sturdy components, and proper installation make a reliable ride in which you can be confident at higher speeds without worrying.

A small detail I appreciate is the usage of Loctite in most screws in the scooter. This means that there’ll be lesser maintenance when it comes to tightening screws when they loosen.

Hard plastic wraps the external cables leading to the handlebar, whereas an inferior cloth can be seen in its place on the Zero 10. The LG battery cells give exceptional performance and allow the scooter to beat its rivals easily.

1. Folding Mechanism

The folding mechanism also deserves some applause as it performs outstandingly. Like other scooters, the stem flex is minimal, including the Apollo Light.

The foldable handlebar design works well but cannot be tightened, so you’ll have a little wiggle room.

2. brakes

EVOLV Tour XL-R Brakes

The dual disc brake performance of this scooter is solid. Straight out of the box, they were tuned nicely to give the best performance possible to the rider. Although hydraulic ones are better than mechanical ones, they are pricey.

Summing it up, the braking performance is no different than the Apollo Explore and Zero 10.

3. Lighting

Talking about night rides, this scooter can boast that it is well-lit at night. There are three lights at the rear of the scooter. One is on the fender and one is on each side of the deck.

Two deck-mounted lights alongside a bigger headlight can be seen at the front of the scooter. The scooter also has a cool-looking acrylic tube with a red light that gives a very aesthetic look to the ride and will make heads turn when you ride it at night.

4. Weather resistance

Lastly, the EVOLV XL-R comes with an IP54 certification. This IP rating tells us how resistant a device is to dust and moisture. This rating means that all those essential scooter components are protected from dust or slight rain, making it easier for you and ensuring that your scooter has a long life.

Final Thoughts – Who should buy the EVOLV Tour XL-R?

The XL-R is a fantastic scooter and is the ideal scooter for someone who’s in search of an all-around performance electric scooter. Moreover, the scooter is widely available around the globe, which means there aren’t any availability issues for someone who wants to purchase it.

Daniel Scott

Daniel Scott

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