How much does a onewheel cost – Is it Worth the Price?

How much does a onewheel cost

The onewheel is a cool and unique mode of transportation that has gained massive popularity in recent years. But how much does a onewheel cost? and most importantly, Is it worth the hefty price?

The cost of a onewheel varies depending on the model you choose and the features it has. Generally speaking, the basic model starts at around $950, while more advanced models can cost up to a couple of grand.

So is the onewheel worth the price? That depends on your needs and budget. The onewheel is a great option for someone looking for an eco-friendly way to get around town, or for someone who wants a fun, new way to experience riding.

It’s also great for commuters who need to cover short distances quickly.

How does a onewheel work?

The whole machine runs on an electric motor that provides it with the energy to propel forward. Motor performs two essential functions.

Firstly, it makes the scooter move forward or backward by spinning. Secondly, it makes minor adjustments to ensure that you stay balanced on the onewheel.

You place one foot in front of the wheel and the other behind it. Under your back foot lies the motor, the main driving force for your onewheel.

A microprocessor lies beneath the front foot that makes the whole machine work. Moreover, two pressure-sensitive pads lie under your foot and detect when you’re standing on the board.

Three internal gyroscopes and accelerometers measure the board’s orientation the entire time you’re riding it.

How much does a onewheel cost?

Onewheel requires you to invest money and is an expensive vehicle. Its price ranges from around $950 to $1800+, depending on what kind of scooter model you use.

You can go for the Onewheel XR or Onewheel Pint. The pint is the cheaper one here than XR. The features between the two vary, causing the price tag difference. Pint is smaller, slower, has less range, and is lighter compared to XR.

Why is a onewheel so expensive?

There’s no doubt that the price being asked for the one wheel is a hefty one. Let’s look at all the reasons behind this price tag. Firstly, the product is unique in itself and offers excellent mobility. The portability and the user-friendly experience it provides are worth the cost.

Future motion Inc., the company that develops and produces these onewheels, has produced a unique product. A product that no other company is closer to providing at this time.

Secondly, the production and manufacturing costs that go into producing these onewheels are very high. Add up all that research, patent legal fees, and years of designing, and the price tag feels well deserved.

Is it worth the price?

If you’re someone who likes riding electric vehicles like scooters and skateboards, onewheel should be the perfect pick for you. The price is nothing compared to the unique experience of riding a onewheel provides you.

Since it only has a few moving parts, it requires less maintenance. Furthermore, there are several in-built safety features that ensure the safety of the rider. The ride itself is exhilarating and fun therefore making it worth the price.

Pros of buying a one wheel

There are several benefits that make this mode of transport stand out amongst the others. These advantages justify the price being charged for one wheel. These include:

1. Easier to weave your way around

One wheel offers an easier way to turn around over sharp turns, thanks to its simple onewheel design. Unlike skateboards and scooters with four wheels, one wheel comes with a single wheel, making it relatively easier to take a sharp turn without losing control.

Using a onewheel, you can keep your balance intact while making turns, giving it an upper hand over its competitors.

2. Can reach the location faster

First look at a onewheel might make you think that it’ll not be able to reach high speed, but that’s not true. It is swift and can travel up to 12 miles per hour.

3. You can update the board’s firmware

Having an app that can be used to customize your scooter is a massive advantage. The app enables you to update the board’s firmware wirelessly through Bluetooth.

You can update your board when the developers give you more customization features in the future. This update in the board’s firmware has enabled the scooter to hit the speed of 14 miles per hour which, previously was 12 miles per hour.

4. comes with an app that enables customization

The app enables you to customize your onewheel as you want. The app makes it really convenient for users to check battery life and enables them to fine-tune the feel of their ride according to their preferences.

5. Battery life and charging speed are excellent

One wheel provides you with remarkable battery life and allows you to ride 6-8 miles on the pint and 16-18 miles on the XR. The charging time is very minimal as well. But keep in mind the bigger the battery the heavier it is to carry.

Onewheel can be charged in only 20 minutes which means that you won’t have to wait hours for it to charge so that you can go for a ride. This also enables the riders to carry the charging cable and charge it whenever they want to cover some extra miles.

Cons of Buying a onewheel

1. Tire Size

The large size of the tire magnifies even the smallest bumps on the road, causing discomfort to the rider. This makes it challenging to ride the scooter compared to its other competitors, offering more than one wheel.

2. Hefty Price Tag

The hefty price tag is the biggest downside to buying a onewheel. The basic model costs close to $1,000, so it’s not an impulse buy for most people.

Additionally, there are no real secondhand markets for onewheels yet, so if you decide you don’t like it or it’s not the right fit for you, you’re stuck with a hefty piece of equipment that you can’t really sell.

Where can you buy a onewheel?

Have you made up your mind and are ready to buy a onewheel but don’t know where you can get one? Don’t worry; I got you covered. Onewheel can be purchased online from Onewheel’s official website or from other trusted websites on the internet like eBay, Amazon, or best buy, to name a few.

These websites will get your scooter delivered to your doorstep and would save you all that hassle of buying and transporting it yourself from a store. You can also look for authorized sellers of onewheel in your area and purchase it yourself.

Final Thoughts

I hope the above discussion not only answers your question about the price of a onewheel but also tells you about the pros and cons of buying this device.

Knowing what you’re spending money on is essential, and I hope this article makes it easier for you to get a deeper insight into what a onewheel is.

As an electric ride enthusiast, I will recommend buying a onewheel only if you are truly passionate about it and want to experience it first-hand. 

For people thinking about using it for daily commuting, you should look into more affordable options such as E-scooters or E-skateboards.

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