How to Ride an Electric Unicycle? – Beginner’s Guide

How to Ride an Electric Unicycle?

Electric unicycles are getting famous day by day, and these devices are now seen on various roads and streets with people flying on them to different places. How do they do this? How to ride an electric unicycle? The answer is pretty simple. With frequent practice and following the proper steps, you can easily manage to use this device as you want.

All it requires is just to balance yourself properly, and you can quickly learn to get on and off an electric unicycle while moving forwards or backward. Changing direction is also easy if you follow the guidelines we will provide you.

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Steps to have the perfect ride

These are the steps that you need to follow to have a perfect ride on your electric unicycle, and we’re going to discuss each of them in detail:

  • Getting started
  • Getting on
  • Getting off
  • Accelerating the unicycle
  • Applying brakes
  • Making turns

1. Getting started

Let’s suppose that it is your first time riding a device that requires you to stand on it while maintaining your balance. For this, it is suggested that you must install training wheels on the sides of your electric unicycle if you want to be extra careful.

It’s more important first to learn the balancing technique rather than making turns, and for this, training wheels are the perfect equipment.

This makes standing on the electric unicycle easier and reduces the risk of any severe injury by falling from the unicycle.

2. Getting on an electric unicycle

This is the first step you would take when starting your journey, so you want to make it perfect. You should follow the most basic technique while doing so: take the help of a friend’s hand or a wall.

When getting on, place one foot on one pedal and with one hand on the wheel of the unicycle and the other on the wall; make sure that you stand on the unicycle while keeping your body straight.

You have to then apply the pressure on the wheel, and this will make the wheel tilt or shake at the beginning, but if you try to keep your body in a particular position, it is easier to get on an electric unicycle.

Once you’ve learned how to get on an electric unicycle, it’s time to do the reverse and get off it.

3. Getting off an electric unicycle

You’ll always need to jump off an electric unicycle. This can occur while braking suddenly or obviously when you reach your desired destination.

The most efficient and common way to learn this is by first standing on an electric unicycle and then jumping or hopping off it. This way, you’ll learn to get off a stationary electric unicycle.

If the unicycle is moving, you would have to shift your weight backward. This way, the unicycle slows down, giving you time to make the perfect jump. If you don’t decrease the speed before, you can fall off an electric unicycle.

It’s also essential to increase the pressure on the pedals of the unicycle and move your body downwards to lower your center of gravity, resulting in quickly getting off the unicycle.

4. Accelerating the unicycle

Every moment on an electric unicycle is done by shifting the weight of your body or by tilting it. To move forwards, you have to lean forward.

Another way to do this is by applying force by your toes on the pedals of the unicycle. It would help if you keep your knees bent while doing so, as this will move your body into a more relaxed state, keeping you stable while you increase the speed.

Keep in mind that accelerating t higher speeds isn’t suitable, especially if you’re a beginner. You must learn to get on and off an electric unicycle, and then you can accelerate it.

5. Decelerating or applying brakes

Like moving your body while accelerating the unicycle, you must lean backward when you try to apply brakes or slow down your electric unicycle. This should be mastered because many situations can arise where you’d need to shift your weight backward quickly.

Experts believe that you can achieve this by changing your body position as sitting on an imaginary chair. You lower your gravity center and shift your weight without getting into an uncomfortable position.

It should be kept in mind that you should perform these actions on a surface that is not rough. Make sure that the surface is straight even to ease the process. If you decide to practice this on rugged terrain, practicing might get more challenging.

6. Making turns on an electric unicycle

If you’ve earned the steps mentioned above, it’s time to take turns, as your ride wouldn’t only be just straight. This is more difficult than just leaning forwards or backward.

Instead of leaning your whole body, you must do this by your feet. An excellent way to do this is by tilting your body with the help of your hips. As you tilt your body on the right, it will move to the right and vice versa.

It should be kept in mind that you must slow your electric unicycle while making turns as the tires offer more excellent resistance at higher speed. For this reason, it is advised that first start at a lower speed, and as you move forwards, increase the speed and start using your hips and shifting your weight.

This is the final step to your electric unicycle-riding journey, so you want to make sure that the previous steps are well-practiced.

Other tips to follow while riding

1. Wearing protective gear

One of the most important things to follow is to wear protective gear anytime you ride an electric unicycle. This includes a well-padded helmet and knee and elbow paddings.

Trust me, you would always want to avoid road rash, broken bones, and bruises. To do so, you must have protective gear on. These are readily available in the market, and many companies even have their own too with an electric unicycle.

2. Choosing the right area

This is as important as the other steps. If you ride or practice your riding technique on a rough surface, this extra hurdle might worsen. Select an obstacle-free area where you can forget about people and other things.

You can practice on grass so that you don’t get any severe injury if you fall.

3. Take a companion with you

For physical and moral support, it is advised to take a friend with you. This will help you enjoy this process, and your friend can guide you practically, too, if he knows the process.

4. Practice regularly

It is easier said than done, so you should practice often to make sure that you can easily ride your electric unicycle without any trouble.

Final thoughts

Riding an electric unicycle might seem complicated, but doing this on a field gets easier. You have to follow the guidelines given above, and then you’re good to go.

Just take your time and hold on to your excitement so that you don’t make any quick decisions. Be patient and adjust your body to this new method of transport.

Just make sure always to stay safe yourself and perform those safer actions for society.

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Anthony Payne

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