How to ride an electric scooter? – Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

How to ride an electric scooter

After much research, you’ve bought your favorite electric scooter, and now you have that adrenaline inside you surging as you want to go for a ride.

You can’t contain the excitement you’ve kept inside for days, but before you start your scooter, you realize that you don’t even know how to ride one. Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered.

This article will shed light on how you can ride your electric scooter safely. All the tips, dos, and don’ts can be found in this article so let’s get right to it.

1. Wear Proper safety gear

This is the first and foremost step and should be done every time you ride your electric scooters. Just like bicycles, electric scooters are dangerous as well.

Must have security gear you should have while riding your electric scooters are helmet and paddings (knees or elbows). The majority of the users (about 80%) don’t wear a helmet and forgot this essential equipment, therefore, risking their safety.

Helmets secure your head from any injury that might result due to falling or tripping over. This is extremely important since the head is a critically important organ and must be secured.

Paddings help protect the knees and elbows from any blows. These must be worn as well to protect joints from jolts or injuries.

2. Review your manual

Reviewing your scooter manual is essential. Get to know your scooter better as each scooter has different specifications. Look at the maximum weight limit to ensure that you fall within the appropriate weight limit.

3. Know the laws put in place in your city

Every region has different laws regarding electric scooters; therefore, it is good to go through these before you take your scooter on the road. Like other vehicles, electric scooters are legally required to yield to pedestrians, follow the speed limit and stop at traffic signals.

You should look up the answer to the following questions before you start riding

  1. Do you require a driver’s license to drive?
  2. Can you ride in bike lanes?
  3. Can you ride on sidewalks?
  4. What is the speed limit for your electric scooter?

Knowing the rules before riding is essential as it averts the risk of getting fined.

4. Check the battery before riding

Every time you go out for a rife, ensure that your scooter’s battery is sufficiently charged. You’d never want yourself to be stuck in the middle of traffic with a depleted battery.

5. Check the tire pressure

Make this a habit. To ensure a smooth riding experience, ensure that tires are inflated. Deflated tires reduce the scooter’s speed and decrease the life of the tires.

6. Find an open area to practice before Hitting the road

You must’ve heard the phrase, “practice makes a man perfect.” It applies here too. Before hitting the road, ensure that you have a firm grip on the controls and know to ride correctly.

7. Kick-off from the ground

After you’re done with all the steps mentioned above, you’re finally ready to begin your ride.

All you have to do is push up that kickstand and begin your ride. When you’re set into motion, gently start revving the throttle to gain speed.

8. Position your feet comfortably.

While riding, choose a foot position that helps you gain control and is comfortable. You can position your feet in three ways:

  1. Conventional- This is the most popular riding position. Position your non-dominant foot in the front of the deck, and your dominant foot should be placed at the back.
  2. Goofy- This position is the same as the conventional; the only difference is that your dominant foot is in front.
  3. Side-by-side- Place both your feet on both sides while facing forward. This position is slightly more unstable than the other two.

After determining your comfort position, ensure that you don’t lean your body weight on the handlebars. Instead, slightly bend your knees downwards.

9. Accelerate and decelerate slowly

Whenever accelerating or decelerating, do it gradually. Every scooter has a different throttle. Moving gradually will help you get an idea of how fast your scooter picks up speed.

10. Lean-to turn at higher speeds

While moving your electric scooters at turns, don’t move the handlebars as much as you may think are required. Small wheels in electric scooters enable them to be moved even with small movements in handlebars, especially while riding at high speeds.

While riding at high speeds of eight km/h or faster, you need to slightly shift your weight to the side you want to turn your scooter in.

11. Use turn signals

While making turns, ensure that you use turn signals to give the driver behind you the idea about where you’re about to turn. This helps in preventing any accident that might occur due to confusion.

12. Shift your weight backward while braking

While you’re riding with your body leaned forward, the momentum is also shifted forward. While braking, to ensure your safety, bend your knees and squat slightly to shift the momentum backward.

This helps in stopping safely as it helps in avoiding any awkward movements that might occur.

13. Don’t get distracted.

Focusing on the road is essential regardless of the vehicle you’re driving. Multitasking while driving must be avoided as it distracts you.

  1. Leave your phone alone- using a mobile phone while driving or texting your friends is never a good idea. This makes you lose your focus and concentration and might result in accidents. If using your phone is urgent, stop and then use it to ensure a safe driving experience.
  2. Avoid wearing noise cancelation headphones- no matter how big a fan you’re of music, you have to control the urge to listen to music while driving. Music distracts you and should be avoided as you must focus on the road.
  3. Eyes on the road- always keep your eyes on the road. Looking sideways or getting distracted by surroundings can have negative consequences. Your mind should also be present to react to different situations that might come to your way, such as potholes or pedestrians.

14. Avoid riding on slippery surfaces.

Some scooter models can be compatible with slippery surfaces, but still, you should avoid riding on these. Puddles of water should be avoided as they may damage your scooter.

If a puddle comes your way and can’t be avoided, slow down and go over it smoothly to ensure safety.

15. Watch out for bad weather.

Although electric scooters are versatile vehicles and can be used in every weather, you should avoid driving in harsh weather conditions. Avoid riding in thunderstorms and rains as these decrease visibility, and the road grip of tires is reduced to some extent.

Some electric scooters are waterproof, but these might as well fail when heavy rain pours down. It is always good to drive slowly and cautiously in adverse weather conditions.

Moreover, you should make a habit of checking expected weather conditions before going out on a ride.

Final Thoughts

Follow all the tips mentioned above and suggestions, and you should be good to go. While driving, always remember to act as a responsible community member.

A great responsibility rests on your shoulders for your safety and the safety of others. Reckless driving must be avoided at all costs as it can be a cause of harm for you and others. Speed limit must be taken care of as well.

Always ride safely, as safety comes first.

Daniel Scott

Daniel Scott

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