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Meepo Voyager Review: The Boosted Board Alternative

Meepo Voyager Review

The Meepo Voyager Electric Skateboard is a Boosted-style electric skateboard that is taking the market by storm. This board comes in two variations – the Voyager S and the Voyager X – both of which offer unparalleled performance, style, and comfort. 

Let’s start with the basics – the Meepo Voyager is truly the king of the street. With its sleek design, impressive top speed of 37 mph, and range of 24-36 miles, this board is perfect for zipping around town with ease. 

But that’s not all – the Meepo Voyager is also incredibly comfortable to ride. Its flexy deck, made from a combination of bamboo and fiberglass, provides a smooth ride that is gentle on your joints. And at just 24 lbs, it’s light enough to carry around when you need to hop on the subway or climb some stairs.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, the Meepo Voyager is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an electric skateboard that delivers amazing performance, style, and comfort. So why wait? Let’s dive into the details and see what makes the Voyager such an amazing board!

Speed & Motor Performance

The Meepo Voyager Electric Skateboard delivers impressive top speed and acceleration, making it one of the most thrilling electric skateboards on the market. Let’s look at the details.

Alternative Boards:

Top Speed Test

The Meepo Voyager Electric Skateboard is built for speed, and it does not disappoint. With its dual 2775W 6358 belt motor system, this board packs a serious punch. The top speed is nothing short of incredible, with the board capable of reaching an insane top speed of 40 mph/64 kmh. This is not a speed to be taken lightly, and it is essential that riders take all necessary safety precautions before attempting to reach such high speeds.

The Meepo Voyager offers four different speed modes, ranging from Eco to Advanced. Each mode offers a different top speed, and riders can adjust the speed to suit their skills and comfort level. 

For example, the Eco mode offers a top speed of 18mph, which is perfect for beginners or riders who prefer a more leisurely pace. On the other hand, the Advanced mode is designed for experienced riders who crave speed and offers a top speed of 40mph.

Speed ModeTop Speed
Eco18 mph
Beginner25 mph
Intermediate32 mph
Advanced40 mph

It is important to note that the Meepo Voyager’s top speed is only limited by the rider’s skill and comfort level. It is not uncommon for experienced riders to exceed the board’s maximum speed. However, it is crucial that riders take all necessary safety precautions, such as wearing protective gear and following traffic laws.

Acceleration & Hill Climb Test

Meepo Voyager - Hill Climb Test

In addition to its impressive top speed, the Meepo Voyager also offers excellent acceleration and hill climb performance. The board’s belt drive system provides a smooth and powerful acceleration, which is especially impressive given the board’s relatively small size and weight.

During our acceleration and hill climb test, we found that the Meepo Voyager had the same acceleration at all speed levels. However, the top speed increased with each mode. The acceleration is punchy and powerful, and it is essential that new riders exercise caution and gradually build up their speed and confidence.

One of the most impressive features of the Meepo Voyager is its ability to handle steep inclines with ease. The board has a 46% hill climb rating, which means it can easily tackle steep hills without compromising on speed or power. This is a great feature for riders who live in hilly areas or who enjoy off-road riding.

Range & Battery Performance

Meepo Voyager - Range & Battery Performance

The Meepo Voyager Electric Skateboard boasts an impressive range and battery performance, making it ideal for long-distance cruising and commuting.

Range Test

With its high-capacity Samsung 40T cells, the board can travel for miles on a single charge. The Voyager S model comes equipped with a 12S2P 345.6 Wh battery that can last up to 24 miles (38km) per charge, while the Voyager X model has an even bigger battery of 12S3P 518 Wh and a longer maximum range of 36 miles (60km).

Of course, the actual range you get from the board depends on a number of factors, including your weight, riding style, and the terrain you’re traveling on. To get a better idea of the board’s range, we conducted a few with a rider who weighed 205 lbs (93 kg).

In our first test, we prioritized speed and rode the board at its maximum speed of 37 mph (60kmh) in speed mode 4. We managed to get a range of around 14 miles (22.5km) on the Voyager S and 21 miles (34km) on the Voyager X.

For our second test, we rode the board at a more moderate pace in regular mode. We were able to get a range of around 18 miles (29 km) on the Voyager S and 27 miles (43.5km) on the Voyager X.

Finally, we prioritized range and rode the board in range mode. With this mode, we were able to get the maximum range out of the board. We managed to get a range of around 24 miles (38km) on the Voyager S and 36 miles (60km) on the Voyager X.

When it comes to battery performance, the Meepo Voyager is also impressive. The board comes with a quick-charging M4 fast charger that can fully charge the battery in just a few hours. With proper care, the battery can last for years, and the Meepo Smart Battery Management System prevents overcharging and undercharging, which can help prolong the battery’s lifespan.

Board Design & Ride Experience

Meepo Voyager - Board Design

Experience the thrill of a Boosted board on steroids with Meepo Voyager’s impressive board design and ride experience.


Meepo has always been known for producing electric skateboards with excellent deck design, like the Meepo V5, Meepo Hurricane and the Voyager is no exception. The deck of the Voyager is made of a composite of bamboo and fiberglass, which makes it strong and flexible. The deck is designed to stretch under your weight, providing a comfortable and stable ride.

One notable feature of the Voyager deck is its appearance, which gives a classic Boosted vibe. The deck’s sleek design and finish make it look like a premium electric skateboard. The Voyager deck is still strong and can carry up to 330 lbs / 150 kg of weight, making it a suitable option for riders of all sizes.

However, unlike some other Meepo models, the Voyager deck does not have a rubber protective rim surrounding the bamboo deck. This means that the deck may be more susceptible to scratches and wear and tear over time. But overall, the Voyager’s deck design is comfortable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, making it a solid choice for riders who want a combination of style and performance.

Additionally, the flexible deck of the Voyager makes it a great board for cruising on rough terrain, as it helps to absorb any shocks and vibrations that may come with the ride. This is especially useful when riding on uneven pavement or rough roads, as it helps to prevent any jarring movements or discomfort.


Meepo Voyager - Wheels

The Meepo Voyager comes with 90mm polyurethane street wheels that offer a smooth and comfortable ride. These wheels are soft enough to absorb small bumps and cracks on the road while being sticky enough to provide good traction and grip. The softness of the wheels also helps to reduce vibration, making the ride more comfortable and enjoyable.

For riders who want to take their Meepo Voyager off-road, the board can also be fitted with 110mm rubber cyclone wheels. These wheels are available for an additional cost but offer several benefits, including improved performance on rough terrain. The 110mm wheels are classified as either mini all-terrain or hybrid wheels, depending on the specific model you choose.

Mini all-terrain wheels are designed to handle rough surfaces and provide a smoother ride on dirt roads, gravel paths, and grassy areas. They offer excellent traction and stability, making it easier to ride on uneven terrain. Hybrid wheels, on the other hand, are designed to be a mix between street and all-terrain wheels, providing a more versatile riding experience.

Trucks and Bushings

Meepo Voyager - Trucks and Bushings

The Meepo Voyager comes equipped with reverse kingpin (RKP) trucks, which are a popular choice among electric skateboard riders because they offer a great turn radius and stability at high speeds. 

The hinge of the truck design is angled at 50°, which is more than the other Meepo boards that have 45°. This extra angle contributes to better shock absorption, making for a smoother ride even on rougher surfaces.

However, the trucks on the Meepo Voyager come in really tight and may need to be loosened to suit the rider’s preferences. Additionally, some riders have reported that the board isn’t as fun to carve compared to other electric skateboards.

The Voyager’s bushings utilize 78A soft bushings, which are fairly standard for electric skateboards. While some riders may choose to swap out the bushings for harder or softer options to fine-tune their riding experience.

Overall, the truck and bushing setup on the Meepo Voyager offers a stable and comfortable ride, but may not be the best option for riders looking for a more agile or responsive board for carving and maneuvering.

Ride Experience

The Meepo Voyager offers an incredibly exhilarating ride experience that can be described as a Boosted board on steroids. The powerful acceleration and top speed make it an ideal choice for experienced riders who are seeking a thrilling ride.

However, it is important for new riders to be cautious with the throttle, as the board can reach high speeds quickly. It is recommended to start with the lower speed modes until you become more comfortable with the board.

The Meepo Voyager’s speed modes range from beginner-friendly to expert mode. The acceleration is punchy, allowing for quick bursts of speed when needed, and the regenerative braking system is strong, bringing the board to a smooth stop.

One downside to the Meepo Voyager’s ride experience is that it is not particularly suited for carving due to its tight trucks and soft bushings. However, the board excels in straight-line speed and stability, making it a great choice for commuting or cruising around town.

Remote and Charger

Meepo Voyager - Remote and Charger

The Meepo Voyager’s remote control, known as the M5s, is one of the few aspects of the board that could be improved upon. While it is more compact than previous models, some riders find it to be a bit plasticky and lacking in the premium feel.

However, the remote does have a few nice touches that help make up for its shortcomings. Firstly, the mango-colored design of the remote is certainly eye-catching and stands out from the crowd. 

Additionally, the trusty thumbwheel throttle on the remote provides a smooth and responsive acceleration that allows riders to easily adjust their speed as they ride. The remote also features two multifunctional buttons: one for power on/off and the other for cycling through the four speed modes.

Overall, while the M5s remote might not be the most impressive aspect of the Meepo Voyager, it still gets the job done and provides riders with the controls they need to enjoy a thrilling and powerful ride.

Final Verdict – Who Should Buy The Meepo Voyager?

When considering the purchase of the Meepo Voyager, it’s important to consider who it would be suitable for. Firstly, the Meepo Voyager is a great option for experienced riders who want a powerful and fast board that can handle various terrain types. 

The board’s features such as the powerful motor, durable wheels and strong deck make it ideal for advanced riders who want a thrilling ride.On the other hand, novice riders can also consider the Meepo Voyager, especially if they are looking to upgrade from beginner boards. 

Overall, the Meepo Voyager is a great option for those who want a powerful, reliable and versatile board that can handle different terrains. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a novice looking to upgrade, the Meepo Voyager is a great choice for those who want an enjoyable and thrilling ride.

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