Onewheel vs Electric Skateboard – Which One’s Right For you?

Onewheel Vs Electric Skateboard

Electric Rides are becoming more popular than ever before. They’re a great way to get around town, and they’re also a lot of fun to ride. But which is the better option – Onewheel vs Electric Skateboard?

When deciding what to buy between various products offered in the market, it is easy to fall prey to indecisiveness and confusion. If you’re stuck in such a situation like this, I’ll help solve this problem for you.

In this article, I’ll be making an in-depth comparison between Onewheel and Electric skateboards. Let’s get right to it.

Why should you buy an E-Skateboard?

If you’re someone who loves the thrill, has a need for speed, and is looking for a mode of conveyance in an area where road conditions are primarily ideal (without cracks and smooth), then you should go for buying an electric skateboard.

Make sure that if you’re looking for a speedy board, the route you take while riding is well-paved with fewer potholes and bumps.


  1. Lightweight & Easy to carry
  2. Easy to learn
  3. Versatile 
  4. It has a higher speed limit 
  5. Safer to use 
  6. It comes with a controller


  1. More expensive 

Why should you buy a Onewheel?

This mode of transport will not only help in transport but will give you an exhilarating experience. As the name suggests, it is a single-wheeled board that people use for recreational skateboarding or commuting.

Unlike electric skateboards, which involve motors and batteries, onewheels are different. You can accelerate this by simply leaning your body weight. Furthermore, no remote controls are required.

Deciding between these two options can be daunting. Both are excellent ways of transport and are fun to ride. After researching for hours, I have come up with some reasons to help you decide between the two.


  1. Better cruising experience 
  2. More durable deck
  3. Suitable for rough terrains
  4. Easy to maneuver
  5. Trains you for self-balancing


  1. Requires skill and practice
  2. Weighs more

Onewheel vs Electric Skateboard – Ultimate Comparision

The popularity of electric skateboards has made them a preferred mode of transportation for many. Onewheels, by contrast, are still relatively new on the market and have not yet been fully embraced by the public.

Instead of jumping to a conclusion based on personal liking, we took our time to analyze and compare different factors of each board.

1. Which one has the best price?

Price plays an essential part when we’re making a decision. When you’re investing, you’d want the maximum returns on investment. A high-quality, long-lasting electric skateboard should cost you around $1000.

When it comes to onewheel, a high-quality onewheel has a high market price of $1500. However, considering budget, an electric skateboard wins because it comes with various models and has different price tags.

Therefore, an electric skateboard leaves you with more choices, and you can select the one that fits your budget.

Budget-Friendly winner: Electric skateboard

2. Which One Has Better Range/Battery Life?

Battery life or range of the vehicle plays an essential role and is an important deciding factor. Initially, the onewheel was only able to give a range of about 6 miles, but with further improvements, this has improved to 18 miles on Onewheel XR.

Onewheel requires more energy than an electric skateboard as it consumes more energy to move and balance the board.

On the other hand, you can always use your electric skateboard as a regular one if the battery runs out on it. However, there is no such feature on a onewheel giving an electric skateboard an upper hand here.

Range/Battery winner: Electric Skateboard

3. Which one has more maximum speed?

Electric skateboards can travel at a speed of 25miles per hour. If you have a need for speed, the electric scooter would be better for you. Onewheel’s maximum speed limit is around 19miles per hour. However, it rarely exceeds 15 miles per hour. Therefore, if you’re looking for speed, you should go with an electric skateboard.

Top speed winner: Electric Skateboard

4. Brake and Safety: Which one provides better safety?

All board sports can injure you regardless of the gadget you opt for. You’re at an equal risk of an injury, be it electric skateboards or onewheels.

However, many claims that onewheels are more dangerous as users confuse them with electric skateboards.

Users hence fail to take the necessary precautions required for a onewheel, this carelessness results in injuries when they go for that top speed.

If a onewheel is overpowered, it shuts down. This causes the board to crash and might cause injury to the rider.

Electric skateboard also threatens safety as it causes voltage sags, which slows down the skateboard when it has a low battery. This voltage sag allows you to react and might help prevent an accident. Risk cannot be eliminated for both, but an electric skateboard is safer here.

Safety winner: Electric Skateboard

5. Which one is the most enjoyable?

We must highlight the fun factor since it plays a major part. Between these two, onewheel makes your ride unique. Riding onewheel makes the people around you turn their heads towards you, which, according to some users, contributes to the fun factor.

Onewheels may not be fast, but the experience they provide to users is exhilarating and hence are the winners here

Fun factor winner: Onewheel

6. Learning Curve

Electric skateboards are relatively straightforward in learning and getting the hang of new devices. These are just like regular skateboards; you use a controller instead of using your legs to propel forwards or backward.

Onewheel, however, requires skill and practice to ride safely and correctly. It may feel that you have the hang of things while initially driving a onewheel for some time but don’t let it fool you into a false sense of security.

You need to put in extra miles, time, and effort to master the skill of riding a onewheel. You also need experience in understanding how pushback works, making tight turns, floating in place, and navigating heavy traffic.

Just because something requires all the time and effort doesn’t mean that it is not worthwhile. Having a longer learning curve may make the ride more enjoyable and exhilarating in the long run.

Learning curve winner: Electric Skateboard

7. Which of the Two Offers Better Customization?

One wheel is preferable when it comes to customizing your ride according to your preferences. You can change the rails, bumper, footpads, bumper, flight fins, or handles.

The deck can also be modified. Moreover, you can also attach extra battery holders for modification.

The app that comes along with the onewheel also offers the extra customizing ability to the rider. Onewheels, therefore, offer more versatility in customization and changes.

Customization winner: Onewheel

Final Thoughts

After the discussion above, I believe that if you wish to travel faster and cover longer distances, you should opt for an electric skateboard. However, Onewheel is a better option if you wish to have more fun and daring ride.

There’s no definitive winner when it comes to the debate about which one is better between the two.

Both serve different purposes as they have different designs. Therefore, it is imperative that you search for your requirements and then buy the device that suits your needs.

Whatever you may select, drive safely and have a fun and enjoyable ride.

Happy riding!

David Shepherd

David Shepherd

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