Onewheel vs. Hoverboard – Who comes out on top?

Onewheel vs. Hoverboard

Onewheel vs. Hoverboard: two futuristic technologies that have taken the world by storm in recent years. Both devices have their own unique benefits and drawbacks, making it difficult to decide which is better. Here is a closer look at Onewheel vs. Hoverboard to help you make an informed decision.

Onewheel is a newer device that has recently hit the market. It is a single-wheeled device that you stand on and it uses sensors to keep you balanced.

Hoverboard, on the other hand, is a two-wheeled device that you stand on and it uses gyroscopes to keep you balanced. But these are not their only differences. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each to help you decide.

Onewheel vs. Hoverboard: A Detailed Comparison

Talking about the onewheel, it is a single-wheeled self-balancing electric vehicle that is widely popular amongst adults and young children.

Although a onewheel uses the same technology as Hoverboard, these two are significantly different. A onewheel’s driving experience is similar to that of a snowboard, and it can also perform on rough services. Moreover onewheel are more expensive compared to hoverboards.

Let’s shed some light on the differences between the two modes of transportation.

1. Length & Size

Onewheel is 27-30” Long While Hoverboard is 24-30” Wide

Size is one of the major differences between a onewheel and a hoverboard. The above heading states the sizes of the two competitors, but you must wonder why a onewheel is measured in length whereas Hoverboard is measured in width.

This is so because onewheels move in the perpendicular straight wheel direction, whereas hoverboards move in the shoulder width direction.

This gives an upper hand to the onewheel as it can take the rider into narrow places without any hassle, just like skateboards.

Therefore when it comes to convenience, onewheel takes the win here by being more convenient than HoverBoard.

Convenience Winner: Onewheel

2. Handling

Here, handling a onewheel is more challenging than a hoverboard. When riding a onewheel, the feet of the rider are placed perpendicularly, whereas feet are placed in a straight direction while riding a hoverboard.

The controls on these modes of conveyance are the same, but the only difference is how these are turned. For a hoverboard, the rider has to shift its weight from the toes to the bottom of its feet to make the vehicle turn.

In a onewheel, however, the rider shifts its weight to the left or right to make a turn.

Getting the hang of things is more challenging when riding a onewheel, but once you master it, it becomes fun.

Handling Winner: HoverBoard

3. Safety

This is one of the most critical aspects that one must consider while deciding what to buy. Getting straight to the point, Hover Boards are safer than onewheels.

One wheel relies on a single wheel which makes it less safe compared to its competitor, which has two wheels.

There are high chances of getting injured while riding One wheeled self-balancing vehicle, but these chances are fairly less when riding a hoverboard.

Therefore, I suggest that if you’re a beginner, go for a hoverboard, but if you’ve mastered the skill of riding, a onewheel should be your pick.

Safety Winner: HoverBoard

4. Speed

Speed is another crucial factor that plays a role in deciding what the best pick is for you. A hoverboard can cruise at a top speed of 12-15km/h, whereas a onewheel can go as high as 20-29km/h.

Speed also depends on the surface you’re riding your vehicle at. Rough surfaces tend to slow down your ride, whereas smoother surfaces provide a higher speed to your ride. Although service plays a role in speed, onewheel still has the upper hand and will provide the rider with a higher speed.

If you have a need for speed and are hungry for the thrill, go for a onewheel, as it will help quench your thirst for a high-speed ride.

Speed Winner: Onewheel

5. Range

The range is the distance a vehicle can cover on a single charge cycle. Onewheel here takes the upper hand by providing more range to a rider as compared to Hoverboard. On a single charge, onewheel can last up to 19-29km. On the other hand, hoverboards give a much lesser range by traveling only about 12-15km on a single charge.

The onewheel’s impressive range is its single motor and single wheel. A single wheel and motor consume less energy and power than two motors and two wheels. This is the reason why onewheels provide a much more range.

Range Winner: Onewheel

6. Beginner Friendly?

If you’re someone who has had the experience of riding a skateboard, you should go with a onewheel. Onewheel is the perfect pick if you’re an experienced rider because of the performance it provides to the rider.

 However, if you’re a kid or an adult who has just stepped into the world of these electric self-balancing vehicles, go for a hoverboard.

This decreases the high chances of injury that come with riding a onewheel, and you’ll be able to train at medium speed. This means you’re at less risk of an injury that might come as a result of cruising at high speeds.

Therefore, if you’re a beginner, you should use a hoverboard.

Best for Beginners: HoverBoard

7. Best for outside rides?

Before buying anything, you must consider what you want from your ride. Yes, the purpose of your purchase is the first and foremost thing you should consider.

If you’re looking for an electric vehicle for fun rides and for having a good time, Hoverboard will be the perfect pick.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a vehicle for your kid that is fun to ride and enjoyable, go for a hoverboard since it is easy to ride and is much safer than its competitors.

However, if you’re looking for a mode of conveyance that provides a good speed and exceptional range, you should go for a onewheel.

Furthermore, if you’ve mastered the skill of riding a hoverboard or a skateboard and are ready to face new challenges, go for a onewheel since it will give you tough competition when it comes to taking control of your ride.


In conclusion, the Onewheel provides a more unique, yet thrilling experience than the Hoverboard. It is perfect for anyone who wants to feel the wind in their hair as they ride. Although the Hoverboard is also a fun ride, it cannot compare to the Onewheel in terms of excitement and innovation.

Once again, I cannot emphasize this enough but ensure that whichever vehicle you use suits your needs and requirements. Of course, no one would want to invest in a ride that does not fulfill their requirements.

Anyways, whichever option you opt for, you will have to maintain and clean them properly. Also, always make sure to ride safely for your safety and the safety of your loved ones.

Happy Riding!

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