How much does Onewheel Weight? Too Heavy to Carry?

How Much Does Onewheel Weight?

Onewheel weight is a big concern for many potential buyers. How much does this strange new contraption actually weigh? Is it too heavy to carry around?

As the name suggests, these work on electricity and therefore are an excellent investment as they’re economical compared to other vehicles offered in the market.

Moreover, there is no age restriction when it comes to electric vehicles. A wider range of age groups can hence ride these vehicles making these a great mode of conveyance.

One such electric vehicle is the onewheel, which has been a high-selling vehicle globally due to the convenience it offers to the user. A question that comes to mind is how much does a wheel weigh?

In this article, I’ll be answering this question. Let’s dive right into it.

What is a onewheel?

There’s a high chance that you’re hearing this term for the first time and are confused. Don’t worry; I got you covered. As the name suggests, the onewheel is a vehicle that operates on a single wheel and is a highly efficient device.

y7u The device has an exceptional design and makes heads turn as you cruise through the streets. It has been designed so that it is not only a great mode of conveyance but also fun to ride, making it a great vehicle.

How much does a onewheel weigh?

Coming to the main purpose of this article, how much does a onewheel weigh? The weights vary according to the model you purchase, and the board’s weight is from 23 to 26lbs (10.4 to 11.8kg).

The lightest model being offered is the Onewheel Pint which weighs 23 lbs. followed by the bigger and more expensive Onewheel XR.

Onewheel XR is three pounds higher than the Pint. The difference isn’t much overall, but the pint version feels much lighter and easy to carry around than the XR.

Talking about the size of the two, Pint is a few inches shorter than the XR at 27 inches and comes with a thinner and smaller wheel. Another reason the Pint feels lighter compared to the XR is the handle to the side in the Pint, whereas, in the XR, you’re lifting it at the nose.

How much does a Onewheel GT weigh?

The Onewheel GT is a massive vehicle with a massive 35lbs. it comes with a giant wheel and a bigger battery. Summing up, everything is bigger here compared to the other models. Here, as you can see, there’s a 12-pound increase in weight than the Pint.

How much does a Onewheel Pint X weigh?

Coming in at the second spot in the list of heaviest onewheel models, we have the onewheel pint X that weighs 27lbs.

How much does a Onewheel + XR weigh?

This weighs the same as Pint X at 27lbs.

How much does a Onewheel Plus weigh?

Onewheel plus weighs around 25lbs, coming second last in the list of heaviest models.

How much does a Onewheel Pint weigh?

The lightest amongst all the options offered is the Onewheel Pint, which weighs around 23lbs. making it the lightest model on this list.

Onewheel Weights Listed By Model

  • GT: 35lbs (16kg)
  • Pint X: 27lbs (12.5kg)
  • Pint: 23lbs (10.4kg)
  • + XR: 27lbs (12.5kg)
  • Plus: 25lbs (11kg)
  • V1: 25lbs (11kg)

Tips for Carrying a Onewheel

The above discussion on onewheel weights suggests that onewheels are heavy. Being heavy, it can prove challenging to carry them around with you.

Walking long distances carrying these is a big no as it will drain you in no time. However, here are some tips that you can follow to help you with carrying your onewheel.

  • Use a carry strap- A single strap can prove to be great as it’ll help you carry around your onewheel without feeling exhausted.
  • Use the handle- if you use your onewheel’s side handle, it’ll get really easy and convenient. However, the onewheel XR doesn’t come with a handle; hence, you should purchase a handle online for your onewheel to make things easier for you.
  • Always watch your battery- before heading out on a ride on your onewheel, ensure that you have sufficient charge left in your onewheel’s battery to ensure that you aren’t left with a drained battery in the middle of your ride.
  • Carry your Onewheel’s charger with you while going for long rides- Having a drained battery and being unable to ride your onewheel is the last thing someone would want. Therefore, you should carry your onewheel’s charger while heading on long rides. This way, you won’t have to carry your Onewheel all the way back, and you can charge it to continue your ride, making it convenient.

Final Thoughts

I hope the above discussion helps clear any confusion that you might’ve had regarding the weight of a onewheel. Different models offer different weights, and thus you should buy according to your preference.

It would be best if you went for a onewheel that is lighter. However, the heavier a onewheel is, the better it performs. This is so because a heavier onewheel comes with a better and heavier motor and other parts, thus offering more speed, range, and other features.

Therefore, the choice lies in your hands, either go for a lighter onewheel that’ll be easier to carry around or one that’s heavy and performs better than other models.

Whatever you choose, ensure that you act as a responsible citizen and drive safely to ensure your safety and those around you. Happy Riding! may receive compensation for products recommended through affiliate links. Read our affiliate disclosure here.