What is an Electric Skateboard? – Beginners Guide

What Is An Electric Skateboard?

Electric skateboards have become popular in recent times, and several people use them for their transport to move efficiently. You may have seen different people online using this gadget, and it seems pretty fun to ride.

When we look at these machines, the question arises: “What is an electric skateboard?” An electric skateboard, also known as an automatic skateboard, e-skate, or esk8, is a battery-operated skateboard used for traveling short distances.

If you’re curious to learn more about them. Let’s look at each of its aspects in detail!

Parts of an electric skateboard:

These battery-operated devices are far different from conventional skateboards, which are manually used.


The wheels have tiny motors that work on the energy supplied by the removable battery. It makes it easier to use than your legs to drive the skateboard forward.

Different automatic skateboards vary in the size and colors of the wheels. Larger wheels provide more grip, whereas smaller wheels are faster.


The decks offer support and are made from wood, plastic, or even both, with grip tape. The decks are either firm and stiff or flexible based on the traveling surface.

Sometimes, people make their decks themselves and use fiber-glass or carbon, making them lighter and more durable. The decks also come in different shapes and make an electric skateboard look better. The various deck shapes are:

  • Freeride
  • Cruiser
  • Downhill


It is a tape with one adhesive side and one with a sandpaper-type feeling. Attached on the electronic skateboard deck; this helps you carry out the movements required. This keeps the rider in position when turning or stopping.

Usually, it comes in black color but is available in others.


The battery is an essential part of an electric skateboard. These are usually lithium-ion ones and take up most of the region in an esk8.


Connected to the battery, motors are present inside the wheels of an automatic skateboard and drive the skateboard to the place required and make skateboarding so convenient.

Remote Control:

To control the movements of an automatic skateboard, remote controls are an essential part, and a person can use them to accelerate the board or apply brakes when required.

Electronic Speed Controller:

ESC, or electronic speed controller, acts as the brain of an electric skateboard. It’s connected to almost every part of the skateboard and also has a computer to process the signals and commands generated by the remote.

It collects signals from Bluetooth and transmits them to cause specific movements in the electronic skateboard, such as accelerating or applying brakes.


We have a Bluetooth receiver and transmitter inside it for wireless communication with the remote and the skateboard. Due to this, moving the skateboard becomes relatively easy.

Additional parts:

Some electronic skateboards have LED lights and tail ends installed to be more noticeable to other vehicles like the shred lights. Protective users may also get skateboards with nose and wheel guards on them.

All these parts are also used to beautify the automatic skateboards, which look pleasing to the eye and add an extra layer of protection. You can also make your own electric board from scratch if you have some knowledge and experience.

How to Use an Electric Skateboard:

The principle at which an automatic skateboard works is different. Instead of using your leg to move forward or applying brakes, as discussed above, all the movement is controlled by a remote.

Once you press the trigger on your remote, it generates Electromagnetic waves transmitted to the Electronic speed carrier.

The information is received through Bluetooth, and then the movement required takes place. It’s as simple as that with an electric skateboard.

This easy process with just a remote control makes the automatic skateboards so efficient. It makes it get the respect it deserves. For beginners we suggest going for a basic board like the Lycaon GR.

Automatic skateboard riding tips:

Suppose you’ve never used an electronic skateboard before and are excited to use one. In that case, there are some riding tips that you should follow:

  • If you’re starting, choose a free, flat, and obstacle-free area
  • Be careful while making turns or when traveling at a high speed
  • The takeoff moment is quite essential; hence it requires a lot of focus
  • When accelerating, make sure that your body is leaning forward
  • When applying brakes, your body should tilt backward as it prevents sudden movements and falling
  • Avoid riding in harsh weather or the rain as electronic systems can be risky
  • Be prepared to make quick turns and swerve around cars and people
  • It’s better if you don’t use headphones while riding as you wouldn’t be aware of your surroundings
  • Always wear a helmet for extra care.
  • Wearing protective gear on your elbows and knees is also beneficial if you are a beginner
  • First time skaters should also learn to fall properly in case of any accident.

If you follow these tips, it will help you to get the best experience out of your automatic skateboard safely. Practice often, and you’ll get used to this ride-able technology.

Benefits of having an electric skateboard:

Not only can you enjoy riding these devices, getting an automatic skateboard is a beneficial investment and has a lot of perks:

  • Avoiding traffic jams is not a problem when you have an electronic skateboard. Quickly swerve around vehicles and pedestrians without any interruption or delay.
  • Less effort, more enjoyment. E-skates make it easy for you to travel places without much effort. They work on a battery, so you can place it on charge and reuse it again.
  • No need to spend money and gas on repairs. These electronic skateboards are economical gadgets. Like car owners, you don’t have to constantly worry about paying for repairs or gas when you have an automatic skateboard.
  • Get yourself a free mini-workout. Riding an automatic skateboard is a source of a mini-workout as it requires one to remain focused and change body positions quite often by making turns and leaning both forwards and backward.
  • Control your movement with just a remote. The ESC in your board and the remote control in your hand allow you to increase or decrease your speed and apply the brakes.
  • Carry it wherever you want. As these e-skates are portable devices, it’s easy for you to take them and ride on any terrain you want.
  • Save the environment. Electronic skateboards don’t use fuel or gas and leave fewer carbon footprints than other automobiles. They can go on for a day or two without using much electricity.

All these benefits are the reason that makes electronic skateboards popular the way they are. You can get yourself an electronic skateboard and get all the perks mentioned above.

Well, this depends on different regions. Many European countries don’t have a problem with people using these gadgets. However, there is a speed limit.

In some regions, there are no laws regarding automatic skateboards. It’s better to look at the regulations associated with this type of transport before getting yourself an electronic skateboard. If you want to travel with your skateboard on planes you should check that airlines guide lines as well.

These facts and detailed information about these portable devices will help you get to know about electronic skateboards. Having one by your side with all the benefits mentioned is a good option and as the world is getting faster, reaching places quickly comes in handy.

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