Where to buy an electric scooter? – Online vs. Offline Marketplace

Where to buy an electric scooter

Can’t decide where to buy an Electric Scooter? I’ve got you. Electric scooters have significantly changed the modern transport world by introducing an environment-friendly, easy-to-use, and economical way of conveyance.

Moreover, unlike other vehicles used for transport, electric vehicles do not have an age limit for driving. Almost all age groups can use these according to their needs.

After much research, you’re excited to buy your new electric scooter, you’ve watched various videos regarding how it functions and how to ride one, and you’re ready to buy it.

But hold on a minute, do you know where to buy an electric scooter? If not, then don’t worry. I’ve done all the hassle for you and answered this question.

What to look for in an electric scooter?

First and foremost, you need to figure out the needs for which you need an electric scooter. This is very important for maximum returns on investment. Needs determine the electric scooter you require.

If you’re a parent searching for a scooter to help your child have fun, an average-budget scooter should be fine for you. These come in with limited features and a restricted maximum speed that should be enough for your child to have fun.

If you’re an adult or a teen searching for a scooter that’ll be your mode of transportation to your work or school, you should consider premium commuters.

These fall in the higher price range and offer a bigger motor, a bigger battery, and many more features. Generally, the higher the price, the better the features. 

Where to buy an electric scooter?

After sorting out your requirements, you’re ready to buy an electric scooter. There are two ways in which you can purchase an electric scooter, physically and online.

1. Offline MarketPlace

Firstly, look for a store in your area or city. Some well-known scooter brands are Unagi, Segway, Bird, and Razor, just to name a few. Look for their stores in your area and then visit these.

If none of these brands has a store in your area, look for wholesale shops selling scooters. These shops are very common, where a seller sells products from various brands all under one roof. This way, one can experience different varieties, thus making it easier to choose.

There’s no better way than physically going and surveying for the best choice amongst all. Moreover, you can also ask the shop owner to give you a test ride. By either riding the scooter or holding it, you can determine what the perfect scooter is for you.

Ensure that you survey 2 to 3 shops before making the final decision. One shop may be charging you a much higher price than its competitors; therefore, it is always a good idea to survey a good number of shops before making a decision.

2. Online MarketPlace

Another option is to buy an electric scooter online. Official websites of the brands mentioned above will deliver your desired scooter to your doorstep.

This step is easier and more convenient for the buyer since it doesn’t involve the hassle of going from shop to shop. You can search for the reviews of your scooter on the internet and on YouTube to learn about the pros and cons of the scooter you’re going to buy.

In addition to original stores of well-known brands, there are other websites as well that play the role of a middle man here. They sell a variety of scooters on a single site. Another option you can go for is to buy a used electric scooter.

Although this lacks authenticity and the scooter might be faulty, if you’re lucky, you might be successful at finding a scooter in good condition relatively cheaper than buying a new one.

The only drawback of online purchases is that it is too difficult to verify the authenticity of the product, especially when you are ordering from an unofficial website.

Since most sites require advance payment before delivering the product, there’s a high probability of being scammed. The delivered product might also not be the same as promised or depicted.

Therefore, you should stay cautious of scams while using purchasing online and only shop from authentic stores.

Additional Gears you should invest in

While buying your electric scooter, you should consider investing in some excellent resources.

1. Safety gear

A helmet and paddings are two very essential pieces of safety equipment that must be worn at all times while riding. This helps protect your head and joints from an injury that might occur due to you tripping over or having an accident. A must-have for sure!

2. Mounts for mobile phones

This is another worth-the-money investment. These hold your mobile phones in place while you navigate your way while driving. This helps as it prevents you from getting distracted.

3. First Aid Kits

Tripping over while driving can occur, so you should have a first aid kit for minor injuries. The best thing about these is that you can use these on your own. Not only yours, but these can also even help save someone else’s life in case of an accident

4. Maintenance extras

You should keep these accessories in your scooter as well in case your scooter breaks down while riding. These include accessories such as a puncture kit, oil, additives, and a cleaning kit.

Final Thoughts

I hope the above discussion answers your question. While buying, make sure that you make the right choice. Work with patience and look for the best choice for you or your loved one. And again, beware of scams.

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